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In my five years of blogging it's finally a time that I add a page About me, where I'll introduce myself a bit more. :)

My name is Tatjana and I live in a small village, called Turnišče, in Slovenia. I'm 27 years old and I studied History and Slovene language. In June 2014 I graduated and finished my studies.
I opened this blog on 1. 2. 2010 under the name Sanje so večne (Dreams are Eternal). It was meant to be a personal blog, where I would publish anything considering my life and thoughts. Soon I discovered beauty blogs. First beauty blog I read was Rainbow and Blues. Then I discovered Parokeets, Nihrida and some other Slovenian bloggers that don't blog anymore and I decided to start posting beauty stuff as well, especially because the same year my love for nail polishes started to grow. In July I started to post beauty stuff on my blog and soon I changed it from personal to beauty blog. 

My blog and I changed a lot during these five years. If you'll go read my old posts you'll see bad photos, strange nail polish shape, bad swatches ... I have to say my blog and I progress a lot during these few years. Soon the name Sanje so večne didn't suit the content of this blog anymore, so I changed it into Taya - My Little Beauty World and the name stayed till today. This blog is also the reason I felt in love with makeup so much. And not just makeup, also nail art, which is still my first love in beauty. Nail art and makeup posts are my favourite to write and create. Everything I learned I learned through blogging and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you.

I also started to write beauty reviews, but here I want to expose one thing. I write about my personal experience with products and that opinion can differ from yours. We are not the same, we have different skin type, taste etc., so if one product works magic for me that does mean it'll work for you, too. Or if I like one product very much that doesn't mean you'll love it, too. Or maybe you love a product that doesn't suit me. We have different expectations, we are different and that also means our experience won't be the same.

Skin type and tone: I have normal to dry skin and my skin is fair, although in summer I spend a lot of time in the sun and I get tanned.
Hair colour and type: I’m a brunette and my hair is straight.
Eyes: hazel
Camera I use for taking photos: Nikon  Coolpix S3300
Where I edit my photos: Gimp, PicMonkey
Favourite colour: green
Favourite makeup brand: Catrice

You can follow me on Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have any question, review suggestion and similar to contact me at  tgjerkes@gmail.com

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  1. First off you are so beautiful but I think it is amazing that blogging has brought together so many people around the world and we all have one great passion. Blogging! It is just mind blowing!