Top Makeup Products of 2016

Every blogger is writing about Valentine's day, showing you Valentine's day makeup and nails, recommending you gifts for the day of love, and I'm here, writing about makeup products that impressed me last year. Gosh, I'm late. This post won't be long. I'm just going to mention my favourite product for each category and reasons why I love them.

I love it because it's shade it very light, which means that it matches my skin during a whole year. It's also hydrating, easy to apply and blend and it lasts a whole day. I don't like heavy covering foundations on my skin, so this product is perfect for me. But unfortunately, they won't sell it in Slovenia anymore. :(

Top makeup base: BeYu Stay Matt Makeup Base
Its silky texture feels very light on the skin and the application of foundation is easier over it. 

Top concealer: Bourjois Radiance Reveal 01 Ivory
This is a medium coverage concealer that's perfect to use under eyes or to cover any redness I have on my skin. It's light, which means that it matches my skin tone during the winter when I'm pale, and it doesn't crease, which is its biggest plus. 

This is a nicely pigmented bronzer that I was using a lot for contouring my cheeks during the summer. I like it because it doesn't have too strong orange undertone and because it lasts a whole day on my cheeks. 

Top contouring product: L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt contouring palette 01 Light/Medium
In our drugstores is so hard to find a good cream product for contouring. L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt palette was a love at first try. The bronzer in it is amazing. A taupe brown looks good on the fair skin, it's nicely pigmented, but again not too much so you can build it up. It's easy to apply and blend. I also like concealer in it but the bronzer is the one that won me over.

Top blush: L'Oreal Blush Sculpt 102 Nude Beige
This is a trio blush that impressed me because it looks so natural on my cheeks. All three shades are actually hard to use on their own but that doesn't bother me because I really like how they look together. The blush has a nice colour payoff and lasts long on cheeks. 

Top eyeliner: L'Oreal Superliner Superstar Black
I have this eyeliner for around a year now and it still didn't dry. Do I have to say more? I love everything about it - it's a nice black shade with a great tip that enables an easy application and it's also easy to do a flick with it. 

Top mascara: Catrice Glam&Doll mascara
I was never a fan of Catrice mascaras but this one highly impressed me. It separates lashes nicely, gives them a beautiful volume and prolongs them. But it's not waterproof so it won't hold a curl for long. 

Top eyebrow eyeshadow: Artdeco Eye Brow Powder 3
Not too pigmented brown matte eyeshadow that's actually quite a nice match for my eyebrows.

These lipsticks have an amazingly creamy matte formula and a great colour payoff. They last for hours and cost only 3,90 €. I have three shades and love each one of them. 

Top nail polishes: Essence Colour&Care Strengthening nail polishes
This line provides pastel nail polishes with a great formula that's easy to apply (and we all know pastels can be difficult) and it's opaque in two to three coats (it depends on the shade). I have three shades I Care For You, Lean on Me and You Made My Day. These three shades were most worn polishes on my nails last year.

Top base coat: Alessandro base coat
I got this base coat in Alessandro's 2015 advent's calendar. I liked it a lot (I already used it because it was a small bottle of 5 ml). It dried very quickly on nails and the polishes were easy to apply over it. 

Have you tried any of these products?  Thank you for reading!

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