Review and Swatches: Essence Shape Your Face Ready, Set, Peach! Contouring Palette

For this year, Essence prepared a bunch of new interesting products that are already sold in some Müller stores in Slovenia (the last time I checked our Műller in Murska Sobota didn't have new products yet, but now it probably already has). Last month I came across a full stand Try It Love It trend edition collection, which is actually a preview of new products. The product that interested me the most is Shape Your Face contouring palette in Ready, Set, Peach! which actually looks a lot like Sleek's Face Form kit in Fair. First I'm going to review Essence contouring palette and then I'll show it side by side with Sleek's contouring palette and let you know which one I think is better.

Review: Essence Shape Your face contouring palette

Essence contouring palette is packed in a plastic packaging with a transparent lid, which is a standard for Essence. It looks cheap, but I think it's sturdy enough that it won't break quickly. The palette contains a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush. I paid 4,39 € for 14 g. 

The bronzer is my favourite in this palette. It's nicely pigmented and it's easy to work with it, but, on the other hand, the shade is not the best, because it's a brown with an orange undertone. It's matte, so it's perfect for contouring and I have to say that when I blend it, the orange undertone isn't that noticeable and it works great for my skin. Its texture is very silky and smooth.

The highlighter is nothing special. I wouldn't miss it if this palette would be without it. It's a beigy matte highlighter, quite dusty and with not that great colour payoff. All it does is mattifies the skin, because when I apply it on the highest point of my cheeks it doesn't give my skin any shine I expect from a highlighter. I'm far from being impressed by it.

The blush is a peachy shade with a lot of golden glitter. The blush is something that I have a love-hate relationship with, which is surprising because peachy shades are amazing shades for cheeks and I also like the glitter, but this combination in this blush just doesn't work the best for me. The colour payoff is medium, but the blush is buildable. The same as the highlighter is also dusty, but the main problem I have with it is that I find it harder to blend. I feel like the base itself blends okay, but the glitter sticks in one place and it doesn't want to move on the skin nicely. Maybe this is just my feeling because on photos it looks good, but I feel like in some places there is just too much glitter. And when I upgrade it, I just add more and more glitter. Don't get me wrong, I love shimmery blushes but I feel like the glitter in this blush is just a bit too much for me. I don't know maybe I'll change my mind in the summer when I'll be tanned because maybe the blush will look better on tanned skin, we'll see. It's just a personal preference. I'd rather see that blush would have a bit less glitter and the highlighter would have it a bit more because now highlighter is totally useless to me.

I applied all products in few layers for this swatch. I can not complain about the duration time, but have in mind that I like a lot of colour on my cheeks and I always apply few layers so that they look intense, which means that these products lasted quite a long time on my cheeks.

Comparison with Sleek Face For Kit in Fair
I haven't reviewed Sleek Face For Kit on my blog yet, and I don't know why because I love it since the first day I got it. Sleek has much fancier packaging than Essence. Sleek's packaging is a matte black plastic packaging, much sturdier and it has a mirror inside, which is always handy. When it comes to packaging, Sleek is definitely a winner.

The texture of products in both palettes in quite similar, but Sleek's palette is much better pigmented. There's also a difference in the shades. Sleek also has a matte brown bronzer, but it doesn't have such a strong orange undertone as Essence. The shades of highlighters are similar, maybe Essence one is a bit whither, but there's a difference in the texture. Sleek's highlighter has a metallic finish, which makes it look pretty on cheeks. Sleek's Face Form kit contains blush Rose Gold, which is a coral metallic blush with golden glitter. Unlike Essence's blush Sleek one is easier to blend on cheeks and the glitter is less overwhelming. Probably because Sleek's blush gives a golden metallic sheen to the cheeks and not just a lot of glitter as Essence blush. When it comes to duration time, I like to apply my products heavily on cheeks, so both of these lasted a long time.

I decided to compare bronzers from Sleek and Essence contouring palettes with bronzer from Catrice Prime and Fine contouring palette. I can say that the definite winner here is Catrice's bronzer because it has the most taupe undertone, which makes it the perfect shade for contouring even for paler girls. 

I don't think that Essence palette is that bad, I read many positive reviews about it and some people adore it. However, there are some things that bother me and my first choice would always be Sleek Face Form kit in Fair. The complete palette works better for me. Sleek Face For Kit contains 20 g and it costs around  16 € (Lič, Moja drogerija).

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Two Colourful Makeup Looks

I'm slowly getting back into the makeup game. This week I created two colourful looks, which haven't been on my makeup menu a lot recently. But I feel like this week something in my motivation or inspiration opened and I have so many ideas for looks, for which I hope I'll be able to realize them as much as possible. 

Green Spring Makeup
Spring is just around the corner, and recently the weather was so sunny and warm that I felt inspired for wearing green and yellow on my lids. I started with brighter yellow in the inner corner and outer corner and then blended it in the crease, leaving the middle part of the lid empty. Then I applied yellow eyeshadow in the middle of the lid. I also thought about applying some orange in the outer part of the lid, but ended up not liking it there, so I tried to cover it with green and yellow, which I didn't do the most successfully because a tiny bit of orange is still visible in the first photo. On lower lash line I applied blue shade and then I finished the look with eyeliner, black pencil on the waterline, mascara and false lashes. 

Unfortunately, I only have one full face photo that succeeded. It was a bit windy when I was taking photos of this look and my eyes started to water like crazy, so my makeup smudged before I managed to take enough photos for a blog post (I knew I should use waterproof eyeliner and mascara). But I do like this photo. Some time ago I bought this flowery band in Tedi and I really like how it variegate smy makeup photos, so expect to see it more in the future on my blog. 

On my face, I didn't complicate much. I contoured my face, applied a nice nude blush and nude lipstick on my lips. After all, all the focus of this look was meant for eyes.

Products used: 
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
- Bourjois Radiance Reveal 01 Ivory
- Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette 
- Catrice Rose Royce blush
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- Sleek Curacao (Tequila Sunrise, Screwdriver, Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Martini)
- Sleek Acid (black eyeshadow)
- L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar Black
- Toyoko Longlasting Eyeliner 508
- L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Black mascara
- Lady Queen false lashes
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (for brows)

- Bourjois Nude-ist

Red Eyeliner
The other day I was browsing through my old looks and came across my Queen of Hearts look, by which I used red eyeliner. I knew I want to use red eyeliner again, but I didn't want to do a completely red look again. So in my head, I made a look in a yellow, orange and red combination, but when I actually started to do the look, I was adding other colours as well (pink and purple), so in the end eye makeup looked completely different as in my head. Now I'm thinking that maybe it would be better if I would just add a black eyeliner instead of a red one and I'd do another look with red eyeliner. 

Again, I didn't complicate much with makeup on my face. I contoured it, applied matte peachy blush and golden highlighter while I used a red matte lipstick on my lips. 

Products used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
- Bourjois Radiance Reveal 01 Ivory
- Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette 
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger
- Catrice Allround Contouring palette
- Catrice Mandy-rine

- Eyes
- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- NYX jumbo pencil Milk
- Sleek Curacao (Bloody Mary, Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Purple Haze, Singapore Sling, Screwdriver)
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 (Pillowtalk)
- Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof mascara
- Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara
- Imagic Profesional Cosmetics 12 Flash Colour palette
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (for brows)

- Bourjois Frambourjoise

Which look do you like better? I have to say I'm leaning to green. Thank you for reading!

Oriflame Skin Pro Cleansing System

Morda ste opazile, da so v zadnjem času zelo popularni aparati za čiščenje obraza, tudi med blogerkami, saj jih vedno več piše o njih. Priznam, da je trend zamikal tudi mene, saj me je zanimalo, zakaj taka popularnost, zakaj so tako posebni. Preizkušala sem Oriflame Skin Pro Cleansing System, ki me je prav pozitivno presenetil. Naj tej točki moram izpostaviti, da je to moj prvi aparat za čiščenje kože in ga ne morem primerjati z nobenim drugim, torej bodo moje izkušnje in ocena temeljile zgolj na preizkušanju tega izdelka. 

V čem je prednost uporabe teh aparatov? Aparati boljše očistijo nečistočo s kože, dobro očiščena koža pa je bolje pripravljena na izdelke za nego, ki jih nanesemo po čiščenju, saj se le-ti bolje vpijejo, aktivne učinkovine pa prodrejo globlje v kožo. Kako delujejo? Aparati za čiščenje so zelo nežni in učinkovito odstranjujejo ličila, odmrlo kožo in nečistoče, zasidrane v porah. kožo tudi masira in stimulira krvni obtok. Po nekajtedenski uporabi je koža bolj sijoča in tudi pore naj bi bile manj vidne. 

Skin Pro aparat je prispel na moj naslov zapakiran v kartonasto škatlo, v kateri so se poleg samega aparata nahajali še stojalo za aparat, vrečka za shranjevanje, baterije (kar je zelo priročno, še posebej, če nimaš doma nobenih dodatnih baterij v trenutku, ko prejmeš aparat) in navodila za uporabo. Po eni strani se mogoče nekomu ne zdi najbolj priročno, da je aparat na baterije in bi raje imeli polnilec, ampak meni je ljubše, ker to pomeni, da preprosto zamenjam baterije, ko so prazne in mi ga ni treba polniti (veselje izhaja predvsem iz tega, da moram po navadi telefon ali fotoaparat polniti ravno takrat, ko ju najbolj potrebujem #življenjelepotneblogerke).

Aparat je svetlo modre barve, na sebi pa ima ščetko oz. glavo, ki je snemljiva in za katero se priporoča, da se jo zamenja vsake tri mesece. Obstajata dve vrsti snemljive glave - ena je namenjena normalni in občutljivi koži, druga pa globinskemu čiščenju. Pred samo uporabo sem prebrala nekaj ocen svojih blogerskih kolegic in moram priznati, da so me njihove besede, kako zelo nežna je bila ščetka ob prvi uporabi, da je skorajda niso čutile, presenetile, saj se meni ni zdelo tako, ker sem ščetine ščetke prav lepo čutila že ob prvi uporabi. Ščetka nikakor ni groba, daleč od tega, ampak zdelo se mi je kot ena prav prijetna masaža obraza (ko že leta in leta uporabljaš samo roke, se zagotovo pozna razlika :D). Ker so trenutno moji hormoni v polnem delovanju in imam predvsem na licih precej občutljivo kožo, aparata nisem mogla uporabljati vsak dan, ker moji koži to ni ustrezalo, tako da ga sedaj uporabljam vsak drugi večer. Opažam, da res pomaga lepo očistiti obraz, saj se na ščetki takoj pozna, če ličil, predvsem tekoče podlage, nisem dobro odstranila. Aparat uporabljam tako, da nanesem gel za umivanje na obraz, zmočim ščetko, nato pa 60 sekund s krožnimi gibi masiram celoten obraz. Aparat ima dve hitrosti, normalno in višjo za globinsko čiščenje. Sama vedno uporabljam normalno, ki se vklopi preprosto tako, da stisnem gumb ON, ker mi je višja žal pregroba. Po eni minuti se aparat sam ugasne, saj naj bi bilo to dovolj za čiščenje celotnega obraza, je pa malce moteče, da aparat med tem časom ne opozori, kdaj je treba zamenjati predel čiščenja. Za vsako lice je predvidenih 10 sekund, za čelo in brado pa 20 sekund (kot prikazuje slika tukaj). Takoj po čiščenju se na mojih licih pojavi rdečica zaradi občutljivosti kože na tem predelu, vendar pa po nekaj minutah izgine. Moja koža je po nekaj mesecih uporabe videti lepša, bolj zdrava in sijoča.

Cena aparata za čiščenje obraza je 39,90 €, dve nadomestni glavi pa staneta 4,49 €. Sama sem z aparatom zadovoljna, saj moji koži ustreza in jo res bolje očisti kot samo umivanje z rokami, bi pa rada opozorila, da nekateri teh aparatov ne priporočajo puncam z aknami, saj se lahko zgodi, da jih na ta način prenesete po celotnem obrazu.

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*PR izdelek

Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks

In January favourites, I talked about two matte Golden Rose lipsticks that I completely felt in love with and I wear them a lot ever since I've got them. On Beauty Bloggers conference in October, we got a coupon from sponsor Golden Rose which said that we can choose the lipstick by our choice in their shop, and back in December when my darling and I went to a short trip to Ljubljana I decided to use the coupon and get myself one of Golden Roses lipsticks. While I was there and swatched their matte lipsticks I was so amazed by the formula that I decided to get not one but three lipsticks. 

Golden Rose lipsticks come in a sleek burgundy packaging that is nicely sturdy. The lid closes well and it won't open in a bag if you'll carry the lipstick with you. At the bottom, each lipstick has the number, which marks the shade. I'm a bit sad that these don't have names because I bet they would sound amazing since they have some really gorgeous and unique shades. I think there's around 33 shades in this collection (you can check all swatches on Makeup Arena blog here, here and here). 

The formula of these lipsticks is very pleasant. It's a creamy formula with a matte finish. It applies smoothly and evenly, except by 28 (dark purple) which applies a bit unevenly and it needs to be layered to look nice. The colour payoff is beyond amazing, they cover the lip with one coat already. It doesn't dry the lips, although after few hours of wear my lips did start to feel dry (in winter I tend to have very dry lips) and they can emphasize any dry patches on the lips. They last for hours on lips and fade away evenly, while they do transfer on a cup while drinking, especially right after the application. But when I eat they kind of disappear in the inner part of the lips (then I just reapply them). 

Velvet Matte 14 is a mauvy rose shade. It's a nude, but more noticeable nude shade. It has quickly become one of my favourite shades because I can combine it with any look I can (bolder or neutral), and beside that I'm a big fan of more noticeable nude shades, not to mention that the shade totally suits me.

Velvet Matte 24 is a coral shade. On me, it has a slight orange undertone that's more visible in person than on photos (but the orange undertone depends on the skin tone because I saw swatches where it looks completely coral on people). I like the shade, but I haven't worn it as much as other two. I guess I'll wear it more often in upcoming months when it'll get warmer.

Velvet Matte 28 is a darker purple shade with slightly blue undertone. It's a bold lipstick, not appropriate for every day for most of the people and I also think not everyone will like it, but I adore it. I got it because in my purple lipstick collection there wasn't any unique shade that this one definitely is. Although people look at me like I went crazy when I wear it, I don't care because it's so special. I have a feeling it will be used often by my creative look. 

Golden Rose lipsticks contain 4,2 g and cost 3,90 €. You can get them in Golden Rose shops in Ljubljana and Koper. I'm really satisfied with these lipsticks, they have very pleasant matte formula and I definitely plan to get few more shades in the future. I just hope Golden Rose will expand in other cities as well and they will come closer to us in the future (because I doubt GR will be ever available in Murska Sobota, it would be nice if they would open a shop in Maribor). 

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FOTD: Valentine's Day Makeup

Wow, it's been almost two months since my last FOTD post. A lot of you said under my 6th blogiversary giveaway that you really enjoy my makeup looks, so I'll try to post them more often in the future. This time, I decided to do something for Valentine's day - in my mind it looked red and crazy, but when I started to do the makeup, unfortunately, not every element looked like in my head, so, in the end, the look came out a bit less creative than I planned. 

On my eyes, I started with red eyeshadow all over the eye and then I applied black in outer V. I used striping tape to achieve cleaner line. On my lower lash line, I first applied black eyeshadow and then red in the middle. I applied red in te shape of a triangle, so that it would be a base for pink glitter. I would use red, but I don't have any red glitter. A thicker eyeliner line was, of course, a must for this look. I concluded the look with false eyelashes.

I decided to contour my face with Sleek's plum shade Pomegranate. This shade contains a tiny shimmer, and I thought this blush will give my face that special glow that matte blush can't provide, plus it's a nice contrast to matte eyes and lips. On the top of my cheeks, I added a bit of peachy blush with golden glitter from new Essence contour palette to add a bit more shine to my cheeks. To spice up the look a bit I glued a white pearly heart on the top of the both cheeks. For the lips, I used darker lip liner in the outer part of the lips and brighter lipstick in the inner part. To deepen outer part of lips, I outlined my lips with the black pencil and blended it into red. 

Products used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 51 Light Vanilla
- Bourjois Radiance Reveal  01 Ivory concealer
- Bourjois Silk Edition powder 51 Porcelain
- Sleek Pomegranate
- Essence Shape Your Face contouring palette Ready, Set, Peach!
- Tedi pearly studs

- Catrice Prime and Fine Brightening eyeshadow base
- Miyo 13
- Sleek Ultra Matts V2 Darks palette
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes for Brows, Lift Me Up! as highlighter)
- L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar Black
- L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Black mascara
- Essence glitter
- Toyoko Longlasting Eyeliner 508
- Lady Queen false eyelashes

- Look by Bipa Cherry lipliner
- Bourjois Frambourjoise
- Toyoko Longlasting Eyeliner 508

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Models Own Nail Polish Heaven (Swatches)

In January, I received a surprise package from Slovenian online store Click2Chic with 5 Models Own polishes. I'm a big fan of this nail polish brand because usually they have a very nice formula that applies nicely and the colour selection also isn't bad. I received polishes from different collections. Usually, their polishes have a bit thicker formula that is perfect for stamping, but on the other hand, it's not too thick to disable an easy application. An easy application also enables wider flat brush, which works perfectly for my nails. I was the biggest fan of Models Own's Polish For Tans neon collection, those are still one of my favourite polishes to use.

Turquoise Sea is a polish from Polish for Tans 2015 collection. It's a turquoise cream polish and it's definitely my favourite of the bunch. I wore it so much in January that it ended up in my monthly favourites. It's has a very lovely opaque formula that glides on nails easily and I used two coats for these swatches. 

Everyday Grey is a polish from Hyper Gel collection. I have to say I didn't notice a huge difference in a formula of this and turquoise polish. This one is a grey cream shade with a nice formula that applies evenly on nails and I used two coats for these swatches. 

Crystal Pink has a sheer pink base with a lot of pink and silver flakes. It's one of those glittery polishes that applies nicely and evenly on nails. I layered one coat of this polish over Chrome Pearl. 

Chrome Turquoise is a blue shade with chrome finish. By this finish brush strokes can be quickly visible, so I suggest thinner coats. I applied two thicker coats for this swatch, so you can notice brush strokes on my swatches. What I love by this collection is that these polishes dry quite fast even without a top coat. I already reviewed two polishes from Colour Chrome collection (Silver and Cerise) and since these are practically the same I suggest you read that review for more information. 

Chrome Pearl comes in such a cute multichrome lilac bottle that I expected the shade will look the same, but was pretty disappointed because inside it's just a regular light silver shade. I mean, I do like silver, but if the shade would have multichrome effect as the bottle suggest this polish would be far more interesting. I used two coats for the swatches. 

Models Own polishes are available on Click2Chic for 5,95 €. Some polishes contain 14 ml while polishes from Colour Chrome collection contain 11 ml. All polishes I mentioned today are new arrivals in Slovenian online store Click2Chic. I would highly suggest you to try Models Own polishes with a cream finish from any of the collection. I can not guarantee how long they will last on your nails because I have quite weak nails and usually polishes chip fast on me, but I have to mention that I did wore Turquoise Sea for three days before it started to chip, so I'm not sure if this polish is so great or my nails are getting stronger. 

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*PR products


Januarja me je presenetil paket petih novih Models Own odtenkov s slovenske spletne trgovine Cick2Chic. Sama sem zelo zadovoljna uporabnica njihovih lakov, saj me formula, nanos in odtenki vedno znova navdušujejo. Laki, ki sem jih prejela, so iz različnih kolekcij in z različnimi finiši. Po navadi so njihove formula malce gostejše, kar jih naredi popolne za štempljanje, po drugi strani pa niso preveč goste, da bi onemogočale lahek nanos. Zelo všeč mi je tudi njihov širši čopič, s katerim dosti lažje nanesem lak kot z ožjim. Moja najljubša kolekcija pa je bila zagotovo neonska Polish for Tans, saj tri odtenke iz te kolekcije še vedno najraje uporabljam. 

Iz kolekcije Polish for Tans, ki je izšla leta 2015, je tudi odtenek Turquoise Sea, ki je prekrasen turkizen odtenek z modrim podtonom. Gre za moj najljubši odtenek iz peterice, pristal pa je tudi med mojimi januarskimi favoriti, saj sem ga januarja imela stalno na nohtih. Ima prekrasno prekrivno krem formulo, saj bi za popolno prekrivnost zadostoval že en sloj, vendar sama vedno uporabim dva.
Iz Hyper Gel kolekcije (ki naj bi imela zelo pigmentirano formulo lakov s sijočim finišem) sem prejela lak Everday Grey, ki je siv krem odtenek. Tudi njegova formula se zelo preprosto nanaša, čeprav moram priznati, da neke razlike s formulo turkiznega odtenka (v pigmentaciji in končnem sijaju) nisem opazila. Za swatch sem uporabila dva sloja. Crystal Pink vsebuje prozorno roza podlago z roza in srebrnimi breščicami, ki se nanašajo zelo enakomerno in prekrijejo noht že z enim potegom čopiča. Slojila sem ga čez odtenek Chrome Pearl. Iz kolekcije Colour Chrome sta se pri meni znašla dva nova odtenka Chrome Turquoise in Chrome Pearl. Kovinski finiš je eden izmed tistih finišev, ki ne prepriča vsakega, predvsem zaradi malce težjega nanosa in ker lahko hitro poudari nepravilnosti na nohtu, vendar sem sama navdušena nad njim. Razlog ni toliko v samem finišu kot v prekrasni gosti formuli, ki je naravnost popolna za štempljanje. Lake s kovinskim finišem je boljše nanašati v tankih slojih, saj so drugače lahko hitro vidne sledi čopiča (kar se vidi pri meni, ki sem nanašala debelejše sloje). Chrome Turquoise je moder kovinski odtenek, Chrome Pearl pa srebrn. Za swatche obeh sem uporabila dva sloja. Chrome Pearl ima prekrasno multichrome stekleničko in sama sem pričakovala, da bo tudi odtenek tak, vendar na žalost ni, kar je velika škoda, saj bi ga multichrome efekt naredil dosti bolj posebnega. 

Models Own laki so na voljo na Click2Chic za 5,95 €. Večina vsebuje 14 ml, laki iz Colour Chrome kolekcije pa 11 ml. Toplo priporočam lake predvsem s krem finišem, ker se res super nanašajo in tudi sama izbira odtenkov je velika. Verjetno se vse zavedamo, da obstojnost laka ni odvisna samo od same kvalitete laka, ampak tudi od tega, kako zdravi so vaši nohti. Naj povem, da je bil turkizen odtenek na mojih šibkih nohtih, na katerih se veliko lakov hitro okrušil, obstojen kar tri dni brez krušenja.

Ste že prezkusile Models Own lake? Kako so vam več? Hvala za pozornost!

In January I Loved

Dear ladies, as I promised monthly favourites are back. I decided to title them differently as in the past and I hope you won't mind the new title. I'm planning monthly favourites as a regular series from now on because I know you like to read this kind of posts and I really enjoy sharing products I loved with you. 

Alessandro Nail Spa base coat
I got this one in an Alessandro calendar in December and I'm using it ever since on my nails. It has a very lovely formula that applies smoothly on nails, it dries shiny and fast. Nail polish is very easy to apply over it. It works great with every nail polish brand and I'm not sure if it's because of this top coat, but lately my manicures last quite some time (meaning, they don't chip after a day, which is a win for me). 

Models Own Turquoise Sea
This creamy turquoise nail polish with the most amazing formula stole my heart immediately after I first applied it on my nails. In January I wore it constantly. It applies like a dream and it also lasted for three days, so I didn't need to change my manicure that quickly. I already have prepared swatches, so you can expect them in a day or two on my blog. The shade itself is not that unique and I probably have some dupes in my collection, but the formula it's just amazing. 

Balea Aqua Serum
This serum is in my essential bag for ages and I still love it as at the beginning. Its lightweight formula sinks into the skin quickly and provides an additional moisture my skin needs now during winter. No matter which serum I try I always return to this one, because for 3 € I get everything I need from it.

One of most used lip products in January was Artistry lipliner in Dusty Rose. Beside the lovely shade I really like its creamy formula that doesn't dry out  my lips. I often combined it with Golden Rose 14 lipstick, because togehter they look very pretty on lips and the combination lasts longer than lipliner on its own. You can read a whole review here

This is a very gentle cleansing gel that does its job perfectly. Because it's so gentle it's perfect for sensitive skin (my skin is lately experiencing big changes). It doesn't dry the skin and it doesn't irritate it. It has a very pleasant natural scent, which I love because I'm not a big fan of strong natural scents. You can read a whole review here (in Slovene).

Golden Rose Velvet Matte 14 and 28
Golden Rose matte lipstick have very pleasant creamy lightweight formula that doesn't feel very drying on lips. Of course, they do emphasise dry parts on lips a bit, but despite that I wore them constantly in January. Shade 14 is an interesting rosy nude lipstick, but still very noticeable on lips. 28 is the most beautiful purple lipstick I've seen. It's quite dary lipstick to wear, but I really love it. 

I never believed that combing hair is easier with Tangle Teezer than other brushes until I haven't tried it myself. It's such an amazing comb that brushes to the hair quickly and easy, even if the hair is knotted. And I also have to mention that I adore orange-yellow neon combination, it just screams my name. More here (in Slovene). 

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Review and Swatches: Catrice Graphic Grace LE

The latest Catrice limited edition collection is called Graphic Grace, and for the past month, I've been testing two products from this collection - a blush and an eyeshadow palette. The whole collection looked very lovely, especially lipsticks, but I guess I must be overwhelmed with products or something because I didn't get anything else, although I did find an untouched stand in Müller.

Quattro Palette 01 Linear Lines
The eyeshadow palette is a standard Catrice quattro palette in plastic transparent packaging with an interesting graphic design on the lid. It contains four eyeshadows - three of them are nudes and one is pink. All shades look matte in the packaging, but when I swatched them I noticed that two lightest shades contain tiny glitter. Eyeshadows are really nicely pigmented and blendable, but they do dust a bit. I didn't have any problem with creasing on my normal lids, but I did notice that after few hours they faded a bit. The texture of these eyeshadows is nicely buttery, but I find this palette the most appropriate for beginners in makeup. What I don't understand by this palette is pink eyeshadow. It's true that it's a subtle pink and appropriate for "touch of colour" make up, but not many people would wear pink on eyes on a daily basis, especially not people who normally wear natural look. I personally don't mind wearing pink on my lids, but I normally combine it with other, more colourful shades. Smaller eyeshadows contain 1,5 g and bigger 2, 5 g of products (which is 8 g in total). The price is 4,69 €

Blush Structured Shapes
The blush Structured Shapes comes in a plastic transparent square packaging. The design is very interesting, it has pink and coral stripes. Mixed together the blush gives a nice coral colour to cheeks. The pigmentation is beyond amazing. This is definitely one of the best pigmented Catrice blushes I've tried and it needs to be applied lightly because one can quickly apply it too much. I have a feeling that not everyone is going to like this blush because if you have a heavy hand like me, you can quickly end up looking like a clown. And no one wants that. Its texture is very silky and it contains no shimmer. For the swatch, I applied it heavier on my cheeks because I wanted to show you how pretty it looks, but I usually apply it more lightly. It blends really nicely. The duration time is amazing because on me it lasts a whole day (that means at least 10 hours) with minimal fading away. I'm really in love with this blush. You get 8,2 g for 4,29 €.

I'm really impressed by the blush and I would recommend it while I don't find the palette that special. Its quality is nice, but the shades are not something I would be over the moon about. I find the palette perfect for beginners in makeup, but if your collection of nude eyeshadows is big this palette won't offer you something new.

This collection is already available in Müller and it will also come in DM if it hasn't yet.

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