Random Sunday #54

I decided to bring Random Sunday series back since a lot of you said on Facebook that you like to read non-beauty related posts. I will probably post them every two or three weeks, and not every week like in the past because I doubt I'll have enough photo material to share it with you (since I discovered Instagram and Snapchat, I mostly take a camera in my hands when I'm taking photos for my blog). Today's post will be a mix of few bits I photographed during last three weeks. 

It's been forever since I last did a creative makeup. The other day I decided to take the brushes in my hands and try to create something unwearable. This abstract makeup was the result. Always when I edit my makeup photos, I notice what I could change and do better/different. Does that happen to you as well?

I bought a black wig for one special look I have in mind to create, but I discovered that is too small (or short) for my head because I have too much hair that I can hardly hide under the wig. But ignoring that, I think that the black wig looks kind of good on me. It definitely does match the makeup nicely. 

Our little doggie Ris. I always love taking photos of him, but he hates it so much. So photos like the first one (he looking straight into the camera) are rare like diamonds. 

I bought a new camera (Nikon D3200) and to test it I took some random photos. The most beautiful were sky photos. I always enjoyed taking photos of sky and sunsets, they usually end up being so beautiful. Plus, other photos were so random that I really didn't want to include them in this post (I mean who would enjoy watching my photos of stones and leaves).

What would a Random Sunday's be without food? My current obsession is kebab pizza. I could literally eat this every day (but, of course, I don't). My second obsession is ice cream, which I forgot to photograph (maybe next time). 

 And for the end, I have a photo of a firework I took on New Year's Eve.

That's it for today. I'll try to make next Random Sunday post more interesting for you. :) Thank you for reading!

Best Beauty Discoveries of 2015

We’re already so late in January and I still haven’t shared my favourite products of 2015, although I promised a long time, so today is finally time that I tell you which products convinced me the most in last year. My list was soo long, and I really didn’t want to mention 50 products, so I cut it down and I’m mentioning only products that really impressed and that I was using all the time last year. If you feel like some products are missing here, I suggest you check out the post about my favourite products of 2014, maybe any of them was mentioned there. 

Sleek Sunset palette
Sleek palettes are my all time favourite palettes. I mention some of them in my favourites every year and because last year I bought only Sunset palette, which I started immediately using like crazy, it’s the only palette I’m mentioning this year. For me, this is a summer/fall palette, because it has a combination of red, brown, burgundy and golden shades. The pigmentation is amazing, the longevity on my lids as well, while shades are completely my shades. A perfect palette for me.

Catrice Prime and Fine and NYX High Definition eyeshadow bases
I included two eyeshadow bases I bought last year, but to me, these work so similarly, if not the same, and I find both really amazing – they make eyeshadows looking more intense, blend easier and last longer. There is the difference in the price (Catrice costs a half less than NYX), but I really like both bases the same.

Toyoko 508
This kajal pencil is in my collection for longer period of time, but I was never a huge fan of black pencils, while I started to use them more often last year – because I discovered I need to use black pencil on my tight line to make eyeliner look better, especially in inner corner of my eye. I didn’t want to purchase new pencil, so I tried all the ones I had in my collection and Toyoko ended up being the best of them. It’s a true black pencil with amazing pigmentation and it’s soft enough to give amazing colour payoff with one swipe already, but it’s not really blendable, probably because it dries very fast once you apply it and it lasts forever.  No matter where I use it – waterline, tight line – it will last for hours. Not to mention that is so hard to remove that I need an oily eyeshadow remover to clean my eyes. This probably tells you that it won’t smudge easily. I’m really impressed by this pencil, but on the other hand, I’m sad that it isn’t available by us. I got it in a swap from Greece a while ago, so I’ll probably have to do another swap in the future.

Finding a good pencil eyeliner is hard, especially in our drugstores. I have to admit I didn’t expect much from Oriflame eyeliner when I got it, but I was so surprised. This eyeliner is amazing. It has a great pigmentation and even after a month of usage it gave such a nice colour payoff. The line was so easy to do with it and it lasted a whole day without smudging (except if I had teary eyes because it’s not waterproof).

This blush was a part of my Hit the pan project, and I was really good at using it. Not just because of the project, but also because I adore coral shades. It’s that kind of blush that I can wear on a daily basis because it gives a nice corally colour to my cheeks while the shimmer in it is not overwhelming. I also combined it with many other, colourful looks and it really matched them nicely.

This pink shimmery blush was my most used blush during the summer. It coloured my cheeks into a nice pinkish shade while the glitter in it gave a very special glowy effect. I’m usually a bigger fan of matte blushes, but in the summer, I prefer shimmery blushes because of the glow they give to the cheeks.

Bloggers hate it or love it, and I personally belong to the latter group. Releasing a contour palette was one of the best steps Catrice did because we really needed a drugstore contour palette. While I mostly ever use highlighter, the bronzer ends up often on my face. I like it because it has a bit of grey in it while the pigmentation is nice as well and it can be upgraded. I also like to use it when I’m doing makeup for others, because it really looks good on pale people.

Essence really made a good job with these lip liners. The colour range is really beautiful, the creamy formula is just up my alley, and the duration time also isn’t bad.

Creamy, non-drying formula and amazing orange toned red shade are the reason I completely felt in love with this lipstick. It feels comfortable to wear even on a day when I have drier lips. For me, this lipstick is one of the best purchases I ever made.

The first disappointment because of the orange undertone quickly disappeared and this has become one of my favourite foundation, especially in the summer when I got tanned and this foundation, mixed with brighter shade, perfectly matched my skin. I really like its formula ad finish, while it also lasts quite long.

When it comes to drugstore foundations, Catrice is definitely one of the brands that make great foundations. I bought this product without any expectation and because it was very similar to my favourite drugstore foundation Catrice Nude Illusion, I quickly felt in love with it and used it quite often, also in a combination with Vichy Teint Ideal.

Bourjois Silk Editon Porcelain powder
Although I discovered few good powders last year, my favourite and most used was Bourjois Silk Edition in shade Porcelain. It’s the brightest shade in the range that is a perfect match for my skin tone (especially now in the winter and combined with Bourjois foundation), it mattifies the skin nicely, gives a bit of coverage and prolongs the duration of a foundation. Its only bad characteristic is that it can emphasize dry parts on the skin. But besides that everything about this powder is perfect and I love how natural it looks on my skin.

I’m really a huge fan of lightweight creamy concealers with light to medium coverage. I don’t have extremely dark circles, so they are usually enough for me to cover up the area under my eyes. MeMeMe concealer blends really well and I like that it doesn’t crease extremely fast.

These twos are one of the softest brushes in my collection. Nanshy powder brush applies the powder perfectly without making it look cakey while contour brush applies and blends bronzer in hollows of my cheeks really nicely. I also like the blush brush, but I have to admit that it didn’t win over Eco Tools blush brush, which is still my favourite, that’s why I haven’t mentioned it here.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
I use this brush to apply powder over the concealer on places that are hard to reach with big powder blush, for example around the nose and under my eyes because its size it's perfect for that.

Essence The Gel base and top coat
Essence The Gel base and top coat are probably the best discovery of the year for me. I have weak nails, which means that every polish, no matter the brand or the price, will chip in no time on them (like in a day), but in a combination with these two products my manicures lasted for two or even three days. Not to mention that to coat is a fast drying top coat, which means it’ll dry a manicure in few minutes.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Million Gloss Crystal Oil
At the beginning, I thought that this product doesn’t have any influence on my hair, but with time I discovered that this light oil for hair is really amazing because it makes my ends soft, silky and shiny. But I also have to mention that my hair is really healthy lately and I don’t need heavy oils to nourish my hair.

CD Deo Pump Spray Pomegranate
Many bloggers don’t like this deodorant, because it contains alcohol and this ingredient bothers me a bit as well (when I use deodorant right after shaving), but otherwise, I really like this deodorant, because it smells amazing and now in winter it works perfectly for me – the scent stays on for hours once I spray it.

It’s probably not just its great cleansing function but also a gel alike texture that made me fall in love with this cleanser. My skin really loves it and it was one of the best products I tried in 2015. 

Have you tried any of these products? How did you like them? Thank you for reading!

Catrice and Essence Spring/Summer Products - Wish List

Spring is approaching and that means Catrice and Essence will soon release new products. I’m always excited to see what’s new in their assortment because I’m a huge fan of these two brands. Instead to show you a preview of new products I decided to show you my wish list of products I’m the most interested in.

Catrice wish list
1. Allround Contouring Palette
Till now I was using mostly powdery products for contouring and I really want to try creamy products as well, and this one seems like a perfect product to start with. It contains two darker shades for hollows of the cheeks, two brighter shades (probably for concealing aka highlighting) and a very light highlighter.

2. Blush Artist Shading Palette in shades 010 BronzEclat and 020 CorAll I Need
Omg, trio blush palettes, yes, please. I’m a huge fan of palettes and I’m really excited to try those. I just hope they will be as pigmented as their blushes usually are.

3. HD Multitalent Powder and Makeup in shade 01 Light Beige
This is a product that can be applied with a brush as a powder or with a sponge as a foundation.  The concept sounds really interesting and I’m curious how this product will work.

4. Prime and Fine Brightening Eyeshadow Base
As a huge fan of current Prime and Fine eyeshadow base, I’m really curious to try the new white creamy base, especially because it should be especially appropriate for bright colours.

5. Denim Greys Eyeshadow Palette
I’m really happy that Catrice is releasing palette that isn’t on a nude side. I’m a huge fan of blue eyeshadows and this looks like a perfect palette for me. I just hope the quality will be okay and that shades won’t look too similar once you’ll blend them.

6. Prime and Shine Anti-Shine Blur Stick
This is a stick that promises that pores and fine lines will disappear if you’re going to use it. Definitely, a big promise and I am really curious to see if it’s going to fulfil it. 

I suggest you check out all new products on Catrice site while you can already find swatches on Ella Loves blog (here and here).

Essence wish list
1. 2in1 Lipstick and Liner
Catrice and Essence are releasing so many multipurpose products that I really wonder if they will work okay. 2in1 lipstick and lipliner sound like a high coverage product and I am definitely interested in trying it.

2. Velvet Stick Matt Colour and Glossy Stick Lip Colour
Jumbo lip pencils are very popular lately and Essence decided to release their own pencils. Although I’m more interested in Velvet Sticks, since I prefer matte products, I’ll definitely give a chance to one glossy shade to see how it will work on my lips.

3. Essence Lipsticks Tres Chic and Velvet Matt
Essence is releasing quite few new lipstick shades, but I’m the most interested in Tres Chic, which looks like a vampy red, and Velvet Matt, which looks like a vampy purple. I just hope these will look like that in person as well because we all know Essence promo photos can be really misleading.

4. Mosaic Blush Miss Floral Coral and All You Need is Pink
There will be four new Mosaic blushes, but I’m the most interested in two lightest shades. It doesn’t say if these are matte or shimmery, but I have a feeling they will contain a bit of shimmer for a special glow.

5. Shape Your Face Contouring Palette
I adore palettes with bronzer, blush and highlighter. I’ll probably get both palettes, to compare them, but I shall see if they will be special enough. The peachy blush looks more interesting than pinky one to me.

6. Keep it Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray
I won’t say that makeup fixing spray is a must product for me, but when Essence is following world’s trends I’m always curious to see if they did a good or a bad job and I really want to test this spray to share my opinion about it with my readers.

7. Rock ’n Doll mascara
Essence volume mascaras rarely disappoint me and this new mascara (besides Forbidden Volume mascaras) sounds very promising. I also like the brush, since is similar to the one peachy Lash Princess mascara has it.

You can check all new Essence products on their site.

As you can see there aren’t many eyes and nail products. Telling the truth nail products don’t really seem that interesting to me while I need to check eye products in person to see if I’m going to be interested in trying them or not. Because most of the shades are more on a natural or smokey side and there aren’t many colourful eyeshadows I always like to add to my collection because of my creative and colourful looks, I will have to check all eye products in person before I’ll decide if I’m going to buy anything or not. But I really can’t wait for products to come in stores.

Which new Catrice and Essence products did catch your eye? Thank you for reading!

Artistry Dusty Rose Lipliner Review + Giveaway

I noticed that I don’t review lip liners very often, although I do tend to buy them more often as it may seem. Today I want to talk about Artistry lipliner in shade Dusty Rose. I suggest you to read my review very well because in the end you’ll have a chance to win Artistry lipliner in shade Pink Nude.

Artistry has a very elegant and chic packaging. Their products usually come with a packaging (here with a lipliner holder) and fillers. I find this as a great concept for more expensive brands, because that way you don’t need to repurchase a whole product, you can buy only a filler, which costs much less than a whole product. The lipliner holder is black with golden writing, and it’s very sturdy and fancy. On one side it has a lipliner and on a second lip brush. Although I usually don’t use brushes with lipliners, the brush comes very handily when using a lipstick. This lip brush has a very good quality - its dense bristles enable easy application of a product. It’s also easy to outline lips with it, without going over the edges of the lips.

Artistry lipliner comes in three shades: Pink Nude, Dusty Rose and Spiced Wine. I received first two shades and decided to keep Dusty Rose for myself while giving Pink Nude to one of my readers. The formula of this lipliner is very nice, creamy and soft - it actually reminds me a lot of formula of Essence Longlasting lipliners, just that is a tiny bit less soft. It has a twist up system, which is very handy because you don’t need to sharpen the liner.

It applies really easily because it won’t cause you any problem when you’re going to outline your lips. It’s also easy to fill up the lips with it while you can use it only to outline your lips and fill them with matching lipstick, or as a base for lipstick or a gloss. Right after application it gives a sticky feeling to the lips, but once it sets the sticky feeling disappears. The pigmentation of a lip liner is very good, since it covers the lips with one swipe, and it looks matte on lips. That also means that it emphasises dry parts on lips big time, which is, unfortunately, a problem I seem to hardly get rid of now in winter. I didn’t really pay attention how many hours did it last on my lips, but I did notice that if I drank or ate it faded away faster (because it transfers on a glass and service).

About the shade – as the name suggest, this is a dusty rosy shade that can be actually combined with any look you want. If you’re going to combine it with natural eyes, it will pop out your lips because of its amazing pigmentation, but if you will use it with smoky or colourful eyes, it will look subtle enough that the whole look won’t achieve a mark “too much”.

Since I’m a big fan of Essence Longlasting lipliners, there wasn’t even a doubt I’ll like this one when I discovered it’s very similar to those. Of course, the price is much much higher, but the shade itself is luckily not a dupe for any of the lipliners I own, which makes me like it even more. The price for the holder is 11,09 € and the filler (lipliner) is 13,14 € (as I said, pretty pretty high, unfortunately not everyone can afford it - Essence anyone?).

Have you tried Artistry lipliners before? How do you like this shade? If you like this post, you're welcome to share it with your followers on social media. Thank you for reading!


Drage moje, ena izmed vas ima priložnost osvojiti Artistry svinčnik za ustnice v odtenku Pink Nude. Vaša naloga je, da odgovorite na naslednje vprašanje:

V katerih odtenkih je na voljo polnilo Artistry svinčnika za ustnice?

Če ste mojo objavo pozorno prebrale, potem že veste odgovor. Izpolnite obrazec Rafflecopter, kjer pustite tudi svoj elektronski naslov, na katerega vam lahko sporočim, če ste srečna nagrajenka. Nagradna igra traja do 21. januarja, odprta pa je samo za bralce iz Slovenije. Vso srečo vsem!

New In (December 2015)

New In posts are back. Last year I stopped doing them from various reasons, but since always when I ask what you want to read on my blog the answer is New In posts, I decided to bring them back. But this is not the only category that will return on my blog. I'll also start posting Monthly Favourites and Random Sundays again. Favourite beauty products of the month were something I stopped posting because I thought I'll only use products I wanted to use up or hit the pan, but the story was totally different and last year I discovered so many great products I regret not mentioning in favourites that I decided to finally bring this category back. Now let's see what I got/bought in December.

At the beginning of the month I thought I won't have anything interesting to show you, because I decided not to spend too much money on cosmetics in December, but for St. Nicholas day I got an amazing surprise package from Click2Chic. In the package there were Yummy Vanity Boost shower gel, Monoi conditioner for extra shiny hair and Jordana Matte 47 Nude lipstick. I do plan to talk about all three products in the future on my blog, but first I have to use up few opened products before I give a try to new ones (I really don't want to have too many products opened at once anymore). 

I'm really bad at saying no to lip products. Propiar sent me Artistry lip liner in shade Dusty Rose. I have to say I really like its creamy formula, it reminds me a lot on Essence lip liners. You can expect a review soon with a giveaway, because I got one extra lip liner just for you. 

Natalija from Slovenian Dominur team surprised me with few Catrice and Essence products from upcoming collections. First are blush Structured Shapes and palette Linear Lines from Catrice Graphic Grace limited edition collection.

From Essence I got two products from Valentine - Who Cares? TE. I got smokey eyeshadow stick in shade Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! (sometimes they really give their products long names) and face and body tattoo stamp. Because we usually can't tell our opining about LE products we get before they hit the store you'll have to wait for my opinion till Februar. 

On BBMU we got a special coupon from Golden Rose for a lipstick of our choice. Because I rarely go to Ljubljana, I had to get more than only one lipstick (considering that my blogging friends praise them a lot). I got three shades from matte collection: 14, 24 and 28.

The last surprise package came from Dvorec Trebnik. I got Massage Oil Vanilla, which smells amazing, Juicy Orange shower gel, which I tried before and loved it, and Argan Ointment.

I also want to mention few products I forgot to photograph. From Oriflame I received a little gift for Christmas - Tender Care Protecting Balm. Two more things I purchased in December are Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes and my holy grail product Balea Aqua Serum.

December was such an interesting month, I got so many surprise packages I didn't expect. But on the other hand I got many interesting products I'll be happy to test. During December I was opening two advent calendars (Alessandro&Balea), but since I bought both before December I decided to not include them into this post.

What did you get in December? Do you see any interesting product you want me to review as soon as possible? If you like this post you're welcome to share it with your followers. Thank you for reading!

Balea's Advent's Calendar + Giveaway

Today I have for you a preview of Balea’s advent’s calendar I was opening this December. I haven’t tried any products yet, because I have opened other products I need to use up first, so there won’t be any reviews, but I’ll tell my general opinion about it. I bought Balea’s calendar in DM for 15 €, which I think it’s quite inexpensive for a calendar with 24 products. Most of them are testers, but still big enough that you can tell if products impress you or not. For the end I decided to give away few products I know I won’t use – just to make you, my readers, happy and to say thank you for reading my blog. All products are from regular assortment and can be bought at DM. I’m really happy with the calendar and I don’t regret buying it. But I think it would be even more amazing, if Balea would release a calendar with limited edition products in it, those are always more interesting and fun to open.

 Body products
I’m going to start with some body products. There were two shower gels in the calendar, which is little for me, who’s a shower gel addicts and likes to try new scents all the time, not to mention Balea has great shower gels, but I guess some people didn’t mind that. The scents were Vanilla&Coconut and Lime&Aloe Vera. There was also a body milk for dry skin inside together with a perfume Sense of Magic that smells nicely, two bath bombs and a soap. Since I’m not that huge fan of bath bombs, I’d prefer another shower gel instead. 

Hair products
I was surprised how many hair products there was in the calendar. There were three shampoos and three hair masks that match shampoos. As far as I can tell all shampoos were created for dry and damaged hair, since they provide moisture (Peach&Coconut shampoo and mask), repair (Professional Repair+Pflege shampoo and Oil Repair mask) and intensive hair care (Vanilla&Almond Oil shampoo). Balea Beautiful Long mask should also repair and strengthen your hair. I’m really curious how these products will work for me, since I’m currently having very healthy hair, with the exception of split ends. 

Face, lips and leg products
I could actually include leg product to body products, I don’t know why I added them to the last group, but however, there were After Shave gel and a cream for feet inside the calendar. There was only one product for lips – a Sensitive lip balm. I do wish they would include a lip balm or two more, I enjoyed few of those I tried (although not all). Together with hair products the most represented group of products are face products. In calendar there were: Q10 day and night cream, cleansing gel for normal and mixed skin (which I tried before and liked), Milk&Honey mask, cleansing mask, Ultra Sensitive Cream and cream for face and body. There was also one hand cream inside with the scent of camomile. 

Giveaway (Slovenian readers only)
Za slovenske bralke sem pripravile še nagradno igro, v kateri bosta dve izmed bralk prejeli manjšo pozornost. Prva nagrada je sestavljena iz kreme za roke z vonjem kamilice, maske za obraz z vonjem mleka in medu ter mila v obliki božičnega drevesa. Druga nagrada je sestavljena iz mleka za telo za suho kožo, univerzalne kreme za obraz in telo ter kopalne zvezde z vonjem pečenih jabolk. Za sodelovanje v nagradni igri v aplikaciji Rafflecopter pustite svoj elektronski naslov, kamor vas lahko kontaktiram, če boste izžrebane, nagradna igra pa je odprta do 10. 1. 2016. Vso srečo vsem!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you open your advent's calendar in December? Hod do you like Balea's calendar? If you like this post, you're welcome to share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!

Year 2015 on Taya My Little Beauty World

While I'm writing my fourth annual preview I have in mind how amazing year 2015 was and how my life in year 2016 will change – there will be some changes on my blog and there will also be a huge change in my personal life, but I don’t want to talk about it yet.  Year 2015 brought many new collaborations with brands and bloggers, many new acquaintances and many new friends. I’m really happy with many things that happened this year and I hope year 2016 will be even more successful. Now let's see what was happening in 2015 on my blog.

Favourite nail polishes in 2015
Although I mainly started to focus on makeup, nail polishes are still a huge love of mine and this year my collection did nothing but grew. I’ll have to go through it and give away some polishes that don’t get enough love, because my collection is still huge. As you can see this year I was mostly crazy about purple, blue and nude shades. 

Bourjois Beach Violet, Essence Amazed by You, Essence Pink&Perfect, Models Own Cerise, Essence Electriiiiiic, Essence I Love My Blue JeansEssence Oh Captain My Captain, Essence Indian SummerEssence Crew First, Deborah Milano Pink Pulse, Essence I Nude ItEssence Love is in the Air.

Favourite nail art manicures of 2015
In the first half of the year I was still posting quite a lot of nail art manicures, but then suddenly there was less and less of them, because I was mostly posting them on Instagram. However, there are some manicures that belong in my favourites and I’ll definitely recreate them in the future. You can find all my nail art manicures here.

Challenges in 2015
I have a feeling that challenges aren’t as interesting as they were at the beginning when I started to blog. This year I joined two challenges, and I was the most proud on 31 day challenge, because this year I really did well with my nail art. I couldn’t decide which are my top 10 manicures, so I choose a half of manicures I did for the challenge as my favourites.

Favourite makeup looks of 2015
This is the area where I made the biggest progress in my work. I continued with colourful and bold looks, but somewhere in the middle of the year I decided that is finally a time that I try more creative looks. I’m really happy that I did, because I made few very pretty makeup looks I’m proud of. My goal for 2016 is to post even more creative looks on my blog and to start working on body painting. 

Most read blogposts in 2015:

My favourite posts in 2015:

Highlight of the year 2015
There were many things I could mention as highlights of last year, but 1. Bloggers conference is definitely the one I need to mention here. It was organized by Slovenian blogger Nika Veger, and it was full of new acquaintances and knowledge about blogging. I’m really happy that I attended this conference, because I learned a lot of new things and I met a lot of new friends. I have a feeling that this year our blogging community got even more connected and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

There are two other amazing things that happened to me last year and I need to mention them here as well. First is article about my blog on Etiketa Magazin, which was posted in October. Thank you so much, Ajda. And second one is that Maybelline choose me as one of three bloggers who created makeup looks for their contest on Facebook. Thank you so much, Maybelline, it was an amazing experience.

Favourite blog discovery of 2015
This is a new category of my annual post, but I really have to give a shout out to one special blogger who made me fall in love with her blog immediately when I found it. I’m talking about Vesna from Chunky Cheeks. Her makeup skills are amazing and I’m really happy our community joined another blogger who posts makeup looks and not just reviews and other beauty related stuff. I mean, I love to read those posts too, but makeup is my special passion and I really enjoy in work of fellow Slovenian talented ladies. 

I think I mentioned everything I wanted. I’ll talk about my favourite brand discoveries and beauty products of 2015 in few days, but till then I want to thank to you for all of your support, messages and nice comments. I’ll do my best to make content of my blog in 2016 even better and more interesting to you. Happy new year!