Testing Trend It Up Brand

Almost every blogger in Slovenia is talking about Trend It Up brand that hit DM stores few weeks ago.  I think every cosmetics fan is excited that more and more brands are getting available in Slovenia. Things are changing in good direction. Trend It Up is a German brand sold in DM.

I didn’t have much time to check a whole assortment so I checked products that are usually the most interesting to me: nail polishes and matte lipsticks. Fall is already here, so I picked up two fall shades: metallic nail polish in shade 020 and dark purple matte lipsticks in shade 050. I have to say I really miss the names of products, numbers are so boring. 

Trend It Up Metallic Dust Nail Polish 020
This nail polish is a true gem to me. It has such an amazing formula that glides on nails easily and perfectly. It’s not too runny or thick, although I think I could use it for a stamping (but who has time for that with a small baby :P). Its type of a wide flat, rounded on the top brush is one of my favourite brushes. I used two coats for swatches. The polish dries very fast even without the usage of a top coat and it looks nicely glossy. It chipped on the second day on my nails, but I didn’t apply a top coat over it (also, have in mind that most of the polishes chips on my nails after two days). The shade is a gorgeous metallic blue shade that looks even duochrome under certain light, but I guess you have to be a true nail polish addict to notice these kinds of things. :P The square bottle contains 11 ml and I paid around 2,5 € for it. 

Trend It Up Everlasting Lipstick 050
The dark purple matte lipstick is a product I was really excited to try for two reasons: first, because it looks like a perfect fall shade, and second because it’s so hard to get true dark, vampy shades by us. Those lipsticks that look vampy in the packaging are usually much lighter on lips.
Well, I have to say I was pretty disappointed already when I first tried this lipstick. The long black matte packaging is more appropriate for a lip balm because the shape of a lipstick disables nice and even application on lips, so the usage of a lip brush is a must. The formula is a bit dry but that wouldn’t bother me if the lipstick wouldn’t emphasize every imperfection and dry part on lips. First I thought that maybe I have such dry lips so before next usage I first did a peeling on my lips and then I applied a lip balm, which I left for few minutes on my lips to nourish them but despite that the application of this lipstick looked the same. As you can see on my swatch lipstick looks horrible on my lips. The lipstick is nicely pigmented but despite that it applies a bit uneven, probably because of a bit drier formula.  I’m disappointed although the lipstick wasn’t expensive. I paid around 4 € (2 g).

Although I wasn't impressed by both products, I definitely plan to try more products in the future. They are really affordable and I also think that the choice of products isn't that bad for a drugstore brand. You can check the list of the products here

Have you tried Trend It Up products? Which ones did you like the most? Thank you for reading!

5 komentarjev

  1. I'm obsessed with nail polish, so I think this color is gorgeous!

  2. Ojoj, izbrala si najtežavnejša :D Meni se laki tudi odkrušijo v 1 dnevu, matte lipcream pa mi tudi ni všeč. Super so njihovi klasični glossi ker so lepo pigmentirani in pa kakšna maskara, lipliner. Teksture šmink imajo presuhe, čuti se cenovna razlika. Poizkusi raje kakšen lipliner v svetlejšem odtenku.

  3. Jaz sem tudi imela namen vzeti ta lak pa sem si potem premislila, ker imam ze polno goro modrih odtenkov in sem vzela rdecega z metallic dust linije. Mi pa tudi vec kot 2 dni ne zdrzi na nohtih, ampak mi tudi druge firme ne zdrzijo, so it's okej :D.
    Skoda za sminke ker imajo lepe barve, tudi ultra matte(vsaj mislim, da je tak) sminke majo probleme... Sprva zgledajo super, ko pa so ze en cajt na ustnicah pa zaidejo v gube. Ampak liplinerji so pa super :D

  4. Ta odtenek laka je pritegnil celo mojo pozornost v trgovini. Čeprav nisem vzela nobenega, ker nekako nisem verjela v kvaliteto. Odtenki so pa vsekakor všečni. Mene so najbolj navdušili blushi in lip gloss. Imam tudi mini kajal in enojno senčilo, ki tudi nista slaba. Odvisno kaj pričakuješ od izdelčkov. Se mi pa zdi nabor odtenkov svinčnikov za oči in ustnice pohvalen. Pa še poceni so za eksperimentiranje :).

    Ti vijolični odtenki šmink ti tako zelo pašejo :). Škoda, da formula ni dobra.

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