Sleek Mystic (Review and Swatches)

Sleek is a drugstore brand with great quality. Until recently, it was only available online by us, but this month Müller started to sell Sleek products. Of course, the selection isn't as big as online but you can get some of their most popular products. I have to admit that I haven't tried a Sleek product that would disappoint me. Their eyeshadows palettes and blushes are my favourite. 

I checked their assortment in Müller but most of the products that interested me are already in my stash so I decided to test one of their matte True Colour lipsticks. The most interesting was Mystic, which I bought and now is one of the best lipsticks I ever tried. 

Th lipstick comes in a classic Sleek matte black packaging with the brand name printed on the lid. It was packed in a cardboard packaging that was sealed with a tape, which is a huge plus for me (that way you can avoid buying used products, which often happens with brands that don't have sealed products and despite the fact that they usually do have testers). It contains 3,5 g and I think I paid around 6 € for it. 

Mystic is a fuchsia matte shade. The formula is a bit drier but it doesn't emphasize imperfections on lips. It applies nicely, but the application looks better if it's applied with a brush. I definitely recommend using a lip balm underneath if you have dry lips. But despite the fact that it feels a bit dry on lips after application, I didn't have any problem with dry lips in hours I wore it; like if this dry feeling would disappear after some time. I was the most impressed by the duration time on my lips. I wore it for nine hours (I did add an extra layer after five hours because we were taking some picture) and it looked great. Of course, it did wear off a bit but it looked more intensive as if it would leave only a stain. It does transfer on a glass when you drink or on service when you eat, but despite that it doesn't disappear from the lips or from the inner part of the lips. I even ate a sandwich with it and it stayed on.

I'm highly impressed by Sleek Mystic lipstick so I give it a huge thumbs up. From a fancy matte packaging that has a good quality to a beautiful formula with amazing longevity on lips offers me everything I want. I love it and I have a feeling I'll add few more matte shades from Sleek in my collection. 

Have you tried Sleek matte lipsticks? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

5 komentarjev

  1. Lep odtenek, ti paše! Nisem še nobene njihove šminke imela.. se poskušam zadržat, ker imam šmink tako ali tako preveč :P

  2. Odtenek je čudovit in zelo ti paše :) <3 Meni so izredno všeč ti fuksija odtenki, čeprav jih bolj redko nosim. Nimam še nobene Sleek šminke.

  3. Uuuu tale šminkica je pa res vibrantna. Lepo ti paše. Lepa izbira. Meni so všeč bolj temni odtenki ampak mislim, da se tejle tudi ne bi uprla. Super objava.