Simple Summer Day to Night Makeup Look

Summer is the time when I try to wear as less makeup as possible, but some would probably say that I still wear too much makeup for a simple summer look. But these are the products (listed below) I just can't be without even in the summer. My go-to look for summer doesn't include any eyeshadow, only simple eyeliner. I know eyeliner can present too much work for some people, but I feel naked without it. 

The other day when I was testing an swatching Bell HYPOAllergenic products, I got the idea that I could share my simple summer makeup look with you. And because I had two shades of jumbo pencil lipstick (nude and vibrant), I decided to do it in "a day to night" makeup look version. :)

I always start my makeup with a foundation. Some people do it in the end, but for me, it became a habit to start with it and then go to the eyes. I have the same routine even when I'm doing crazier eye makeup look. This time, I was using Bell CC cream in a shade 02 Nude. If you want to know more about this product, read my review here. :)

Concealer is a must product for me also in the summer. Currently, I have few red spots on my face because of a pregnancy that I need to cover up. I also use it under my eyes - to brighten up this area or to cover up dark circles under my eyes on the days when I don't sleep well. My currently favourite concealer is Bell Liquid Eye concealer 01 (review here). 

If I would go for a minimal look I'd probably use only a cream blush in the next step and face makeup would be done. But I wouldn't be me if I would use more products than just basic ones. First I like to use powder to set my concealer and CC cream. I currently love Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying powder, which is unfortunately discontinued (but I think Essence released something similar in the last assortment change). Then I use bronzer to contour my face. I'm currently in love with Essence Lights of Orient Oriental Beauty. My go-to blush for the past two months is Essence Mosaic Blush in the shade Miss Floral Coral, which is a gorgeous coral shade. I like it because coral gives my cheeks such a fresh look. I don't use highlighter every time I put my makeup on, but when I do I reach for Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger, a beautiful golden metallic highlighter. 

My go-to summer look is actually an eyeliner with a flick (I use different eyeliners in different colours), but because the idea of this post is to share how you can change a very simple day makeup into a night makeup, I decided to do a thin line without a flick for the first look. 
I used Bell eyeliner pencil in shade 60. This is a grey matte pencil with high pigmentation. I decided to blend it a bit to get a softer look. After a minute or so it sets and it stays on the place a whole day (it's waterproof, so it really won't smudge). On waterline, I used Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight It ... Nude pencil and for the mascara, I used my currently favourite Catrice Glam&Doll false lashes mascara

For the lips, I used a nude glossy shade Bell Soft Colour lipstick in shade 06. This is actually a perfect product to wear in the summer during the day because it's moisturising, it gives a bit of colour to the lips and you can apply with no mistake even if you don't have a mirror near you. I often use this lipstick when I want to apply something quickly on my lips, but otherwise intense and matte lip products are still my favourite for the summer.

And this is the final "day" look. 

The second look is more similar to the looks I wear during the day when I do my makeup. I thickened the line on my eyes and made a flick. Because I really don't know how to make a nice, straight line with a pencil, I blended it here as well and went with a softer look. I also added a bit of brown eyeshadow into the crease to deepen it a bit. I used Artdeco Eye Brow Powder 3, which I usually use for my brows. 

I love vibrant colours and Bell Intense Colour pencil lipstick 06 is a perfect summer shade. I wish it would be matte, but its glossy finish doesn't bother me either. It's amazingly pigmented, but you have to be careful by the application because it can quickly end up over the edges of your lips. While this is a great summer shade, it's not the best choice to wear on a hot summer day because of its creamy formula. When it's too hot (or if you sweat - I know I do in this heat), it can melt from your lips and end up all around them on your skin. So I definitely recommend to wear it in the evening or when temperatures are lower. Or if you apply it gently, as a stain and not so intense. 

And this is the final "night" look. 

My favourite look is definitely the second, I'm all about thick eyeliner with a flick. I'm a huge fan of colour for the summer, but this year I'm really not experimenting a lot with makeup. It's not the lack of the inspiration, but I'm mostly just too tired to sit for more than half an hour to do my makeup (I blame the lack of sleep during the night and a bit the heat :P). 

How do you like my day to night makeup look? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Zelo ti paše ta odtenek eyelinerja. Prvi look mi je čudovit. Zelo ti pašejo dramatični makeupi, a prav tako izgledaš čudovito z manj makeupa :) <3

    1. Hvala. <3 Je malce spremembe, ker ni čisto črn. :)