7 Beauty Things I Suck At

The other day I was creating a makeup by which I used false lashes and I had a huge problem by putting them on nicely. It's also noticeable in photos that I didn't glue them as I should, and that gave me the idea that I could talk about the beauty things I suck at. Some time ago a tag with the same name was very popular, and although lately, I don't read much about it anymore, I think it's never too late to talk about things you're not good at. I mean, no one knows everything and we're not good at everything, right? 

1. Applying false lashes
Appyling false lashes is my nighmare. I can never apply them nicely on my eyes. And even when I manage to apply nicely one on one eye, I usually screw the second one. Because I often wear a thick black winged eye line, mistakes aren't that visible but when I don't you can totally notice that I can't put them on as I should. I really admire people who wear false lashes on a daily basis, I could never do that. It just takes too much time. The biggest problem for me is to them place nicely in inner corner of my eye - they always unglue. 

2. Doing my eyebrows
I have thin, strangely shaped eyebrows because I plucked them for many years. Ever since I became interested in makeup, filling my brows was a total disaster. I know many people hate how I fill my brows but it's the best way I learned till now. And because one of them is higher than other, I never manage to do them the same, one always looks higher and thicker. 

3. Curling my hair
Ever since I was younger I wanted to have curly hair. But my hair is thin and heavy and curls don't last long. Not to mention I really hate using the curling iron. It takes ages for me to curl my hair and when I'm nearly done the curls on the side where I started are already almost straight. I discovered that the best way for me to get wavy hair it's to do a french braid and sleep in it overnight. In the morning I have wavy hair but, of course, it doesn't look the same as if I would use a curling iron. 

4. Using face masks
I really suck at using face masks. There are moments when I use a mask once a week (especially when I'm testing something for my blog), but more often I just skip face masks and sometimes I don't use any for months. 

5. Using body lotions&creams&oils
Since I got pregnant I take care for my skin better and put oil on it every day, but before that, I was so bad at moisturizing the skin all over my body after the shower. Once in a while, I applied a lotion or a cream on, but definitely not every day. I admit, I'm just too lazy to do that.

6. Contouring my nose
I never ever contour my nose. I just don't know how to contour it to make it look nice. I learned how to contour my cheeks but that's it. If I try to contour my nose, it always ends up looking strange.

7. Applying a bold/vibrant lipstick without a brush
When I watch Youtube starts applying dark or vibrant colours on their lips without a brush I just look them with admiration. I have very uneven lips and a brush is a must for me to apply those lipsticks nicely. Otherwise they end up over the edges of my lips.

Which are beauty things you're not the best at? Thank you for reading!