Neon Summer

Summer is here and that means it's time to put some neon polishes on your nails. Today I'm presenting you two shades from a neon collection from the brand Quiz. I already talked about Quiz polishes before. If you're interested to see more swatches, check out my first post here

719 is a true neon pink shade. It has a really nice formula that applies easily on nails and it covers them up in two coats. I'm not a fan of pink colour on nails. Far from that. But neon pink shades definitely look very nice on nails, especially with the white base underneath, which makes them pop out more. The polish dries to a semi-matte finish, like most neon shades, so you'll have to add a top coat if you'll want to achieve a more glossy look. Another reason, I like neon shades a lot if that they dry quite fast even without fast drying top coat on top. 
I feel like my camera ate a bit of colour and this shade looks more vibrant in real life, so if you'll get it expect a more vibrant pink shade in person. ;)

723 is a pinkinsh purple shade that doesn't seem very neon to me, at least not in comparison with 719. It also has a bit sheerer formula, so I needed three coats to cover up my nails completely. Although I find the shade itself very pretty, I was also a bit disappointed by it. In the bottle, it looks like a gorgeous purple shade, while on nails it looks more pinkish. Otherwise, it's formula is very similar to 719 - it looks semi-matte once it dries and it dries quite fast. 

Quiz polishes contain 8,5 ml of product and the price for neon collection which has 6 shades is around 4 €. Now you can order Quiz polishes on Moja drogerija as well.  

I haven't talked about the longevity yet. How long do these last? Well, it depends on how strong your nails are (polishes usually chip faster on weaker nails) and if you'll use a top coat (with it, your manicure will last longer). 

How do you like these two shades? Which one do you like better? If you like this post you're welcome to share it. Thank you for reading!
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