Random Sunday #57

Hi, ladies! How are you spending this rainy Sunday? I had a really lazy day after a busy week, but I was editing some photos today and I thought I could share some spring photos I took during last month. I was taking photos of different flowers and blossoming trees, so today's post will be full of these photos and not very much of a talk. I hope you'll like them. I promise that in next Random Sunday post I'll share few more exciting things with you (btw, if you want to know first about my hauls, manicures, blogging, life, follow me on Snapchat. My nickname is tatjanagjerkes). 

A bunch of photos of tulips. This year they were flowering so quicky. Actually, everything was flowering and blossoming so quickly that the frost few days ago destroyed a lot of produce.

Some photos of blossoming trees. There are photos of different trees - peach, cherry, plum and apple tree. 

 And different flowers.

 Of course, I have to add some photos of Ris. Random Sunday isn't complete without him. ;)

I hope you like my photos. I know this post isn't very long, but I promise  next one will be more interesting. Thank you for reading!

2 komentarja

  1. Čudovite slike <3 Tudi sama imam pripravljeno podobno objavo, ker sem preizkušala foroaparat na noven telefonu in je zunaj bilo res tako lepo :) Sem te dodala na snapchatu :)

    1. Hvala. :) Pomlad ravno zato obožujem, ker je vse tako lepo in fotogenično. :)