Fairy Doll Palette for Fairy Looks (Review of Freedom Makeup Palette)

When I receive a surprise package from a brand, I'm the happiest when I get something that has my name written all over it. And I have to say people at Ličila.si know me very well because they always send me interesting products. Few weeks ago I received a palette from Freedom Makeup, called House of Glamdolls Fairy Doll Look. The palette has my name written on it because it contains bright, colourful eyeshadows, just the way I like them. I was also very excited because it contains bright, interesting lipsticks (one of them is green). Well, at least I thought these are lipsticks, but it turned out that they are actually lipglosses. But before I'll share with you my opinion about the palette, let me show you two colourful looks I made with this palette.

Colourful Fairy
For the first look, I could say that it's my sign look - a lot of different colourful eyeshadow is just what I love. Of course, I do these kinds of looks when I have time to create because they usually take me a lot more time than for example nude or one colour looks (with one colour I mean all shades of one colour, for example, purple, green etc.).

I started with Petal in the crease and then I went on the lid. In the inner corner, I used Glade, on the first half of the lid Magic and on the outer part of the lid Fantasy. Then I used Bloom, which I applied in outer V and blended it into the crease. For the end, I added a bit of Jet in outer V. On my lower lash line, I used Cloud on the inner part and Sorcery on the outer part. I highlighted the area under my brow with Starlight. For my eyebrows, I used Bark.

On my face, I started with my new foundation from Cien in shade 01 Shell. The concealer I used is my currently favourite concealer Bourjois Radiance Reveal 01 Ivory and, I mattified my face with Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain powder. I contoured my face with Essence Oriental Beauty bronzer and for the blush, I used Flutter from House of Glamdolls palette. On the lips, I applied lipgloss Enchant. This is definitely one of my favourite looks I've done lately.

Green Fairy
Those who follow my blog for a longer time probably know already that I love green and I often wear green eyeshadows on my eyes. As soon as I saw green lipstick aka lipgloss in the palette, I knew I have to create a look with it. Of course, the whole look (on eyes and lips) was green because I wasn't sure how green on lips would match other shades.

This look is far more simple than the first one because there aren't many green shades in palette House of Glamdolls. I started with Cloud in the crease and then I applied Glade all over the lid. In outer V, I used Sorcery and blended it into the crease. I deepened outer corner with Jet eyeshadow. Under my eyes, I first used Sorcery on a whole lower lash line and then I applied Cloud over it in the inner part of the lower lash line. In inner corner of the eye, I used Starlight as a highlighter. For my eyebrows, I used Bark.

For my face, I used very similar products as by first look. First, I applied Cien Shell foundation, then Bourjois Radiance Reveal Ivory concealer and I mattified both products with Bourjois Silk Edition powder in Porcelain. I contoured my face with Nature and applied Flutter on my cheeks. On lips I used Wicked. At the beginning, I was really hoping that these are well pigmented lipsticks (maybe even matte), but since they are glosses I had to apply a lot of product to achieve better coverage and intensity.

House of Glamdolls Fairy Doll Look
House of Glamdolls Fairy Doll Look is definitely a perfect palette for playing with colours and creating. It contains everything you need for one look (with the exception of foundation and powder) because in it you get 4 brow powders, 3 powder highlighters, 10 powder eyeshadows, 2 powder blushes and 4 lipsticks (which are more lipglosses). The quality of the palette is good for 12 € (Ličila.si). The palette comes in a black sleek packaging with a big mirror inside. What bothers me the most by it is the fact that lipglosses aren't separated and since eyeshadows dust big time, the dust usually ends up in creamy products.

Brow powders
In the palette there are four matte brow powders - Ebony, which is a greyish black, Michief, which is a red with pink undertone, Bark, which is a dark brown and Brunette, which is a lighter brown. All brow powders are very good pigmented and easy to work with, but do you notice one similar property? They are all dark, which means there's no proper shade for blondes. These shades are only appropriate for girls with dark eyebrows and still probably wouldn't work for everyone. For example, Michief looks red in packaging, but when I swatched them the strong pink undertone was visible and I doubt that this shade would work on anyone. I thought that my match is going to be Brunette, but it looked too orange once I applied it, so I had to go with Bark, which actualy worked much better for me.

All three highlighters in this palette are actually really nice. They are buttery and nicely pigmented. They can be used for highlighting the eye or the highest point of the cheeks. Haze is a golden metallic highlighter. Light is a matte beige highlighter. This one can be used all over the lid as a base or as highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. Starlight is a champagne metallic highlighter. This one is my favourite of the bunch. I often use it to highlight the highest point of my cheeks. 

The palette actually contains a bronzer and a blush. Flutter is a pink matte blush with nice pigmentation, but it's not the shade that would flatter every skin type, so I think that many won't like it. I personally am a fan of pink blushes and I like this one a lot, because it's buildable and it lasted a whole day on my cheeks. Nature is a light taupe bronzer, so it's perfect for contouring. It blends really nicely and it also lasts a whole day on my cheeks. I think this is a perfect shade for paler girls.

The palette contains 10 colourful eyeshadows which are perfect for playing. The quality deffers from shade to shade. Some are better pigmented while others not that much. They dust big time and there is a big fall out during the application on lids. Otherwise these blend nicely and don't crease on my lids. Also, after a long day of wear these will fade away a bit.
Jet - black matte shade, good pigmented.
Ash - taupe matte shade, good pigmented.
Sorcery - teal matte shade, good pigmented.
Glade - lemon green matte shade, good pigmented.
Magic - orange matte shade, good pigmented.
Fantasy - red matte shade, poorly pigmented.
Pure - white matte shade, poorly pigmented. 
Bloom - light voilet matte shade, good pigmented.
Fatal - hot pink matte shade, good pigmented.
Cloud - sky blue metallic shade, good pigmented.
For swatches I usually always apply them in few coats to show you the colours better.

Lipsticks aka lipglosses
These are my least favourite products in the palette. I don't know why I expected that these would be matte, and if not matte at least real shiny lipsticks. These have poor pigmentation and I needed to apply few layers to show you the colours better. The colours aren't bad at all. I'm glad that they included green shade, for us who like to play with crazy looks. These are a bit sticky, but moisturizing and not very longlasting. Spell is a white gloss with pink shimmer, which makes it look pink on lips. Believe is a light pink, while Enchant looks more like a berry pink. Wicked is a green shade, which I would be completely in love with if it would be better pigmented (you can see on swatch that I tried to achieve better intensity, but unfortunately it doesn't apply very evenly as you build it up). 

In the package I also received Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Sculpt Blush F303. I decided I won't review this brush separately, so I'll tell you short opinion about it here. The brush has a plastic metallic holder and white soft bristles. It looks very fancy and chic. It's designed to apply blushes and highlighters on cheeks, but I find it too dense and small for blushes, so I use it to apply highlighter on the highest point of my cheeks. It applied and blends highlighter really nicely. While I was washing it, it didn't loose any bristles. The price on Ličila.si is 13,99 €.

What do you think about this palette? Is it by your taste? What about my makeup looks? If you liked this post you're welcome to share it with your friends and readers. Thank you for reading!
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  1. Waaaa, svetovno! Noro dobro, res! Green Fairy, moja najljubša. :)

  2. Colorful Fairy ti tako zelo paše. Na tebi ti barviti looki vedno izgledajo pisani na tvojo kožo <3
    Ta paleta definitivno ni zame. Malo preveč barvita. Škoda, da se senčila tako drobijo. Od highlighterjev mi je všeč Haze, čeprav bi mogoče bil pretemen na svetli polti. Kaj pa bi naj Mischief delal med brow products?! Ni mi jasno. Če bi bil rumen ali oranžen bi mislila, da je za mešanje in doseganje toplejših odtenkov rjave, ta roza pa mi ni nič jasna.

  3. Jaz vsekakor ne bi mogla nositi takšnih barvnih kombinacij tebi pa vedno nekako uspe da vse izgleda 'naravno', tebi pisano na kožo. Še zelenkasta šminka izgleda super na tebi

  4. Such a colorful and fun palette!


  5. Prvi make-up ti noro paše! Ne vem ali te same barve tako poživijo ali da nosečnosti tisto piko na i :)

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