Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipsticks are very praised among Slovenian bloggers, and I have to admit Petra's and Sara's amazing swatches convinced me to get few shades, but I'm so not a fan of ordering makeup through the catalogue and other people. But then Avon was kind enough to sponsor our Pomurje Bloggers event and I got a chance to try two shades from the Perfectly Matte collection: Perfectly Nude and Adoring Love.

Lipsticks come in a black matte velvet plastic packaging that seems very sturdy and looks very fancy and expensive. At the bottom, the packaging has a sticker with the name of the lipstick. One lipstick contains 3,6 g and the full price is 8,50 € (Avon often has discounts on products in their catalogue).

Perfectly Matte collection contains 15 shades and I suggest you to check Petra's and Sara's posts for swatches of all shades (plus, you can see how lipsticks look different on different skin tones).

Adoring Love is a pink shade and definitely a huge love of mine. I just adore pink lipsticks. It has a matte finish, but still feels nice and lightweight on lips. The scent of the lipstick is very pleasant and subtle. At the beginning, it feels very comfortable and non-drying on lips, but after few hours of wear, when it leaves a stain, my lips start to feel dry, so I usually re-apply it or use a lipgloss over it. It lasts around 4-5 hours on my lips, it depends on how much I eat and drink.

Perfectly Nude is a light nude shade that I really like on me, but I'm not a fan of its formula. It's matte as well, but I feel like it defers from a formula of Adoring Love a bit because it applies patchy and emphasizes everything on lips, plus it goes into the fine lines on lips, so if you have dry lips this shade won't look very flattering on you. At least it doesn't on me. It also disappears from my lips quite fast, in an hours or so. It feels a bit heavier on lips than Adoring Love.

I'm disappointed by Perfectly Nude because lately I'm really digging nude shades and I was hoping that its formula will be closer to the formula of Adoring Love, which I adore and because of it I'm really curious to try few more bolder shades from Perfectly Matte collection. 

Avon Adoring Love

Avon Perfectly Nude

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*I got these products on Pomurje Bloggers event.