NOTD: Tulips Nail Art

Because we didn't have a proper winter this year, everything is blossoming and flowering so quickly. Tulips are flowers that start to flower in the beginning of May, but this year they already started to flower at the beginning of April in our garden. So I had to take a chance and made a manicure, inspired by this beautiful flower. At the beginning, we had red and yellow tulips, but with time they got mixed (probably because of the bees) and now they look orangey-reddish-yellow. 

I started my manicure with two coats of Essence Blue Bubble Di Blue, which is a gorgeous pastel blue shade, perfect for spring. This time, I decided to use tempera paintings for nail art, just because it's easier to do details with them. First, I used white painting for clouds and then I draw tulips flower with red colour. Then I added a stalk to each flower and leaves with green painting, and finished the manicure with glossy top coat. But because I wanted this manicure matte, I applied Miyo Matt Finish No 23 over it. I didn't take any photo in my lightbox, where I usually photograph my nails because taking photos outside with flowers in the background is much more fun and it looks prettier to me. I was really happy with this manicure and also photos I took, but I didn't want to make this post too photo heavy. ;)

 What do you think about my manicure, inspired by tulips? Feel free to share this post on social media. Thank you for reading!

8 komentarjev

  1. Bas je slatko! Odusevila sam se kad sam videla na Instagramu. :)

  2. wauu ! sploh ne morem verjeti, da lahko nekdo takšno umetnijo naredi na nohtkih ! :O vse kar jaz znam narediti so pikice, pa še to je vsaka svoje velikosti :D

    1. Hvala ti. :) Saj tudi jaz sem s pikicami začela, potem pa šla na bolj zakomplicirane detajle. :)

  3. You just keep better with your nail art and they are so beautiful! Love them!