In March I Loved

It's almost the middle of the April and I still haven't shared my favourite products from last month. I noticed that I'm mostly using the same products for my makeup or skincare routine every month, but here and there I chance my routine and include new products that I felt in love into. 

OPI Rich Boys&Po-girls
It was a gift from my boyfriend, which means it has a special place in my collection, but it's the gorgeous blue shade with an amazing creamy formula that glides on nails easily that convinced me to wear this polish on my nails few times in a row. I already swatched it, you can read the post here.

Oriflame The One Care Lip Balm Nude
I was really sceptical about this product when I got it, but it was a love at first usage. This lip balm comes in a cute thin white packaging and it gives the lips a gentle pink look. What I like about it is a lighweight formula that moisturizes the lips. For very dried lips this one probably wouldn't be enough, but for me, it's enough moisturizing to use it daily. Its advantage is also that it smells nice. 

Le Couvent des Minimes Orange Blossom Aroma
This was my favourite lip balm for dry lips a whole winter. The condition of my lips got a bit better with warm weather, but I still love to use it as my night lip care routine. Before I go to sleep I apply it on my lips and in the morning I wake up with moisturized lips (there's nothing worse than waking up with dry lips). I talked about this lip balm here. 

Artdeco Eye Brow Powder 3
I was hesitating for so long before I purchased this eyeshadow because I wasn't sure if it'll match my brows or not. It's a taupy brown matte shade which gives my brows much more natural look as for example Essence Love Brunettes eyeshadow. It's nicely pigmented and it really looks amazing in person (although a bit less on photos, in that case, Essence eyeshadow is better). 

Catrice Blush Artist CorAll I Need
This Catrice trio palette didn't impress me after the first usage, but the longer I use it more I like it. All shades are more on a peachy/coral side which I love and the pigmentation is also nice. Although they contain glitter, the glitter isn't overwhelming, but it rather gives a nice glow to the cheeks. These last on my cheeks a whole day. 

Balea Cleansing Oil
This is a miracle in a bottle. And no, I'm no exaggerating. This product for 3 € cleans makeup better than anything I've tried before. I just massage it all over my face and then I wash everything off with warm water. It removes everything from waterproof products to lash glue and glitter. Its biggest advantage is that it doesn't irritate the skin or eyes. It's very gentle and it leaves the skin soft and nourished.

Dvorec Trebnik Massage Oil Vanilla
I'm not a huge fan of body lotions, I use them so rarely, but this oil changed everything. I like the fact that oils are easy and quick to spread all over the skin and don't need extra time to melt under fingers and then being massaged into the skin. This oil sinks very fast into the skin without leaving the greasy feeling and it nourishes the skin for a long time. And it smells like vanilla, which is one of my favourite scents. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

7 komentarjev

  1. Meni je tudi ta lip balm ful všeč :) <3

    Od Baleje olje pa moram nujno preizkusiti!

  2. Nice favorites! I would really like to try cleansing oil and Catrice blush set. OPI nail polishes are a little bit pricey, but had never disappointed me :)

  3. Tudi jaz imam balzam od Le Couvent de Minimes (upam da se tako napiše) samo v mint verziji in me prav žalosti, da so ga umaknili iz prodaje.
    Olje od Dvorca Trebnik imam pa tudi jaz na čakalni listi samo odločiti se moram za pravi vonj

  4. Komaj čakam, da porabim trenutno zalogo cleanserjev, da lahko kupim tega od Balea, ker ga vse tako hvalite :)
    LCDM lip balm in olje Dvorca Trebnik sta pa meni tudi zakon :)

  5. Baleino čistilno olje sem pri tebi prvič zasledila in priznam, da me je opis čisto navdušil. Malo me sicer skrbi, da mi vseeno ne bo odstranil vodoodporne maskare, čeprav se najbrž splača tvegat tiste 3€ :)

  6. Tole masažno olje je res super! :)

  7. I love OPI nail polishes! I used most of their color series and i may say this is really good quality brand in nail cosmetics. I recommend to you girls! Thank you Tatjana for mention it in your review, greetings Petra