Essence Lights of Orient Swatches and Review

Essence Lights of Orients collection is inspired by  Arabian nights and oriental culture. The design is gorgeous and the products itself are pretty as well. Some time ago I found this collection in Müller, and although I was drawn to most of the products, I decided to purchase only a few of them. I chose bronzer Oriental Beauty, blush brush, body&cuticle tattoos and nail polish in shade Belly Dancing Queen.

Bronzer 02 Oriental Beauty
There were two shades of bronzers on the stand, but I went with the darker shade. Since I get tanned quickly on my face as the spring comes, I thought that this one will be a better choice for me. And I wasn’t wrong because I really like how it looks on me. Bronzer is packed in a classic Essence plastic packaging, although this time the packaging is square, not round. The shade itself is brown, but luckily it doesn’t have a strong orange undertone, as for example Essence bronzer from Shape Your Face palette. The design of the bronzer itself it’s just beautiful. It has oriental designs with the golden shimmery highlighter in the middle. The design in the middle actually reminds me of the sun. Bronzer is matte and is perfect for contouring my face. Mixed together with highlighter gives a golden brownish look to the skin, which, I assume, will look amazing in the summer. The shimmer is not overwhelming, but it still gives a nice shine to the cheeks. Also, the colour payoff of both parts of the bronzer is really good and it lasts a whole day on my cheeks. I have a feeling this will be my go to products for the summer. Bronzer contains 8 g and I paid 3,59 €.

From L to R: mixed bronzer and highlighter, bronzer, highlighter.

Blush Brush
Brush blush is angle shaped and its bristles are very soft. It has a golden holder with a black oriental design on it. I tried it as a brush for contouring, but its bristles are not dense enough for me to be satisfied with its working, so it’s more appropriate for blending the blush. It’s not a bad blush, but I’m also not especially impressed by it. Its price was 3,29 €.

Nail Polish Belly Dancing Queen
Belly Dancing Queen is a gorgeous raspberry red creamy shade. It has a bit thicker formula, but I didn’t have any problems with application. It dries nicely glossy, but I always like to add extra shine with a top coat. I used two coats for these swatches. It contains 11 ml and its price was 2,19 €.

If you're interested in my opinion about body&cuticle tattoos, check out my previous post here. You get three sheets of tattoos for 3,29 €

I personally I'm really satisfied with this collection, Essence really caught the theme well and the products have good quality. My favourite is, of course, bronzer, for which I assume will be my go to product in the summer. I also like nail polish a lot and body&cuticle tattoos will probably often end up on my skin in the summer since they really transfer nicely and they have some gorgeous designs. 

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