Random Sunday #55

My Random Sunday posts are getting more and more random. Ever since I joined Snapchat (tatjanagjerkes) I forget to take photos of more beauty stuff and I mostly photograph nature, as you're going to see today. The other thing is that when I'm going somewhere I always forget to take my camera with me. But I'll try to change that and make these photos more interesting to you. ;)

New Catrice assortment. I got few new products that were on my wishlist, and I'm almost done testing them, but I have to say I'm not as impressed as I expected. Some products are great while some did not end up being what I expected. 

My Valentine's day manicure. I was tired of red for that day (and at the end of the day red reminds me more of Christmas), so I used blue. Polishes I used are Bourjois Bleu Water, Essence Wild White Ways and Essence The Boy Next Door. 

If you follow me on Facebook you already saw this photo. This is a comparison between my first manicure posted on this blog and one of my latest manicures from this year. I posted it because I get a lot of comments how beautiful my nail shape and how healthy my nails look. I have very weak nails that break easily, but despite that I think that with a little effort anyone can achieve the shape they want. All you need is a bit of patience and you have to file your nails the way you want them to look (I never cut only file them).

I admit, I'm obsessed with doughnuts. I could eat them every day. At the beginning of February, we had a holiday, called Mardi Gras for which we always bake doughnuts. The best are the ones that my mom bakes.

Kurent is a carnival mask from Ptuj and Drava fields. Each year they organize Kurentovanje on Shrove Sunday. This year I visited this festival for the first time and it was so interesting and fun.

Of course, I have to include Ris as well in this post. He's my little sweetheart. 

Few photos of nature. I personally like them although I know they are not that amazing.

 I adore sunsets in winter. They are always so beautiful.

 Thank you for reading!

4 komentarji

  1. V teh objavah najraje vidim Risa :D <3
    Kurentovanje je res zanimiv dogodek. Sem iz okolice Ptuja, tako da je za nas to eden izmed najbolj posebnih dogodkov v celem letu. Vidiš pa tudi vse možne maske :) Najboljši so pa seveda domači krofi :D

    1. Jaz prav uživam v fotkanju Risa, ampak tega nima najbolj rad. ;P
      Joj, meni je bilo izjemno zanimivo. Sicer sem dala samo fotke od kurentov, ker bi bilo drugače vsega preveč, ampak maske so bile res izjemne. :)

  2. Sunset, just wow. So mi všeč tudi takšne objave <3 xx