Products That Didn't Work For Me

Not everything we try impresses us. It's easier to praise a product and write a positive review, but in the end of the day, I think posts with products that disappointed a blogger are a nice way to spice up a blog. Not everything we try works for us and bloggers (and other people) can have a different experience with the same product, after all, we're all different and not the same. Today I'm sharing with you few products that didn't work for me. Few of these will get their own review.

Johnny Organic Super Skin Food Cacao Scrub
I feel like everyone loves Johnny Orgazmus products and I had such high expectations for this product, but with every usage, I was less and less satisfied with it. This is a product in small grains which you apply on your wet skin and they melt, so they stick to the skin better. But I wish that this product would be liquid because a lot of product falls off into the bath during application on my skin and that's just a waste of product. One should leave peeling on for 5 minutes before the rinse, but I can't have it on my skin for so long because my skin starts to itch like crazy. And because I can't avoid scratching it, it becomes red after I wash the peeling off. First time when I used it, I thought that problem may be the sweat because I used it right after a workout, but that happened with every other usage as well, so, unfortunately, I'm not repurchasing this peeling again. It works for other people (Sanja likes it a lot), so it's possible it will work differently for you.

Nail Care Nail Polish Remover
I bought this acetone-free nail polish remover for around 1 € in Jager because I ran out of mine usual Aveo nail polish remover, but I do not like it. It takes me ages to remove nail polish and it dries my nails, so I'm skipping it from now on.

CD Deo Roll On Pomegranate
This is an alcohol bomb. While CD Pomegranate spray deodorant also contains alcohol, it's not as noticeable as here (nor in the scent, nor on the skin). Roll on deodorant has a strong scent by alcohol and it also burns my armpits big time when I use it (especially right after the shaving). I gave it to my mother because she doesn't have any problem with alcohol, but otherwise, I would not recommend it.

L'Occitane Hand Cream Gel with Verbena extract
Although L'Occitane creams are very praised, I haven't found one I'd fell in love with. I find this one very light and not enough moisturizing for my hands. It does sinks into the skin fast and the scent is also nice, but when I use it I feel like I haven't use anything. Maybe this cream would work better for people who don't have dry skin on hands.

Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara Rebel
Essence is my favourite drugstore brand for mascaras. Usually, they are volumising and cheap, but not every mascara that promises volume keeps the promise. Essence recently released three mascaras with a similar purpose - providing volume to lashes. I decided to buy only one because testing three mascaras at once would be just to much, and I expected that Forbidden Volume mascara will be similar to other Essence volumising mascaras. Well, I wasn't really impressed. Mascara lengthens lashes a bit, it separates them nicely, but the volume is quite average. So this is a perfect mascara for those who want to achieve a natural look and want separate lashes, but for us who search volume, it's not volumizing enough.

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Effect 01 Fair concealer
I know you're probably rolling your eyes now. Did she put the most popular concealer in disappointing products? Is she crazy? Well, while many people, even some of my favourite bloggers, adore this concealer, I and it just doesn't seem to get along. The formula is okay, medium coverage is enough for me, it blends nicely and the shade works okay as well (it's very bright, so I mostly use it to brighten up the eye area), but the biggest problem I have with it is the creasing. I have quite deep fine lines under my eyes and this baby creases like no other concealer on me. I tried to combine it with different setting powders, I tried to apply it with a wet sponge in thin layers which usually works wonders for me, but not with this concealer. In few minutes, it goes into my fine lines. I expected I will be more wowed because this is such a praised product, but I guess not everything works for everyone.

Bourjois Air Mat 01 Ivory Rose
I'm preparing a separate review with comparison to other two Bourjois foundations in the future (it's one of those posts that takes me forever to finish it), but here I wanted to share few bits about this product with you. First, although they mark it as appropriate for all skin types, this foundation can work only for oily and mixed skin. On my normal to dry skin, the finish was just too matte, it didn't look natural enough and it emphasized dry parts on my skin. Second, the lightest shade is too dark and it oxidises on my skin. I was actually really surprised that 01 Ivory Rose looks so dark because Bourjois knows how to do light shades, just look at Healthy Mix line.

Catrice Allround Contouring palette
I already said in my February haul how big disappointment this palette is for me. I had high hopes for it. Both bronzers have an orange undertone, pigmentation is not the best, I wish all products would be creamier, concealers are beautiful and match my skin tone, but they can be a bit drying on the skin. I think I'll also write a deeper review for this product to tell you more about it.

Avon Perfectly Nude
While I simply adore Adoring Love, this lipstick is simply not made for me. I feel that it has a bit heavier formula than Adoring Love, it doesn't apply evenly on my lips, it emphasizes every damn single imperfection and dry part on my lips and it goes into fine lines between lips. Too bad, because the shade itself is quite pretty nude.

Youngblood Spicy
I really really don't want to be rude, but this is the worse lipstick I ever tried. Its formula is horrible. It's hard, it doesn't glide nicely on lips, it feels very heavy once I apply it and it's sticky. The worse is the scent. Ths lipstick smells so badly, like something old, and it also tastes the same. I haven't tested how long it lasts because I can't wear it for a longer period of time because of the taste. The brownish red shade with golden glitter would work for me, but the formula is just horrible. I wouldn't pay 1 € for this lipstick, what even 21 € as much as it costs.

Sigma Hint Lip Vex
From very strange bushy brush to strange thick sticky formula - I can't say I'm a fan of this lip gloss. It also tastes funny. Sweet, but like something went bad here. The shade is okay, but that's it.

Misslyn 60 Second Top Coat
While it really does dry quickly as fast drying top coat should, it's one of the worst top coats I tried. The first problem with it is that it picks up the colour of the polish over which I'm applying it, and the second, that it smudges the nail art design, even if I let it dry for few minutes.

Have you tried any of these products? Is your experience different than mine? If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!