Essence Wake Up, Spring! Eyeliner Pens

When I saw that Essence is going to release colourful eyeliners in their limited edition collection, called Wake Up, Spring!, I immediately felt in love with them and I knew I need to add them in my collection. For someone who adores colourful makeup or even double eyeliner looks these would be a nice addition because creamy eyeshadows I usually use tend to crease fast if I don't set them with powder eyeshadow. Well, unfortunatelly my expectations were obviously too high because I'm not very satisfied with them and this is not a positive review.

There are more ways to create a colourful eyeliner look on your eyes:
- one of the easiest ways is the usage of colourful traditional or kohl pencils. They are easy to maintain, the colour choice is also not that bad (although the variation of shades is not huge, because you mostly have classic shades, like blue, green, purple ...) and you can achieve stronger or soft look.
- the second are colourful eyeliners (liquid, gel, pencil). They enable you to do a thin or dramatic line. 
- who says cream eyeshadows are meant to be used only all over the lid? I often use my cream eyeshadows as eyeliner, especially colourful shades. All you need here is an angled brush. I personally also find cream eyeshadows easier to use as for example liquid or pencil eyeliners to do a line on the eyes. But it also depends on what kind of cream eyeshadow you use. I have a palette with very greasy cream eyeshadows and those tend to transform on upper lid quickly, so these have to be set with powder eyeshadow while on the other hand cream eyeshadows as Maybelline Colour Tattoo work great even if I don't set them.
- to get colourful eyeliner look you don't need any eyeliner or cream eyeshadow because powder eyeshadows work great as well. They usually need a white base underneath to look more intensive, but it's not necessary. 

Wake Up, Spring! collection contains 3 eyeliners - white, lilac and green. Each comes in a plastic packaging in the shade of eyeliner and contains 1 ml. The tip is narrow and long, which makes it a perfect for a thin line. The pigmentation is not the best, but the reason why these don't apply nicely is in the dry tip. I used tweezers to turn the tip around (I don't know if you knew, but pencil eyeliners have two-sided tips, which means you can turn it around and use the second one when the first one is worn off) and it's obvious that there's a lot of product in, but it just doesn't transfer on the lid nicely enough. Once they dry on lids they look matte and won't move, except if you get teary eyes. They are not waterproof, so, in this case, they will smudge. I didn't have any problem with them transferring on the upper lid. 

Spring A-ling A-ling is a green shade. This one is the least pigmented and the hardest to work with.

Let's the Spring Begin is a white shade. I personally was really excited to get white eyeliner because I use white a lot with my creative looks. It's a bit harder to apply over coloured eyeshadow because of the lack of pigmentation, but it can be layered. 

Happy First Day of Spring is a pastel lilac shade. This one applies easier and nicer as green shade. 

The idea itself is amazing - it's always good to have a colourful eyeliner to spice up your makeup. The shades are pretty, the tip is perfect for a precise line, the price is low (I paid around 2 € on Click2Chic for them), but, unfortunately, the realization is not the best. Eyeliners are not pigmented enough and need to be layered while the tip is just to dry to enable an easy and even application. I bet if the tip would be wetter these would work much much better. I'm sorry, Essence, but I know you can do this better.

Have you tried eyeliners from Wake Up, Spring! collection? Did you like them? If you like this post, you're welcome to share it! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hmm, pri meni je pa ravno zelen najbolj pigmentiran. Lila pa ima posušeno konico in sem si še enega kupla. Hvala za idejo glede konice, da jo obrnem ! :D Jaz sem vseeno zadovoljna z njimi, ker kaj boljšega verjetno tak ne bom našla trenutno. Upam, da še kdo naredi kakšne pastelne eyelinerje, ker je izbira v drogerijah porazna...

  2. I wish white one would be more pigmented(

  3. I like the lilac one, it looks great with black eyeliner! I always wanted to experiment with eyeliners but my lids are so low that there isn't enough space to work with.

  4. OMG Tatjana, genius to s konico! Damn it...kako tega nisem vedela :D Jim ne bo treba tako hitro v koš :). Jaz jih zdaj shranjujem obrnjene dol v kozarcu in so se malo bolj navlažili, čeprav ni to to.

  5. I haven't seen these in stores here in Belgium but the purple one looks very beautiful! :)