Essence and Oriflame Eyeshadow Stick Comparison

I'm not the biggest fan of eyeshadow pencils/sticks, although they are so easy to use. I'm more of a person who likes classic powder eyeshadows in pans. But today I'm going to talk about two eyeshadows sticks I really like: Essence Valentine - Who Cares? 01 Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! and Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick Sahara Bronze. I'm probably ages late with Essence review because this collection was available in February and you can probably find just pieces in some DM's and Beauty World's, but I really wanted to review is side by side with Oriflame eyeshadow.

Essence comes in a brown plastic pencil packaging that shows the shade of the eyeshadow and it contains 1,5 g. Oriflame comes in a fancy black packaging with the bottom in the shade of eyeshadow and it contains 1,2 g.  What's amazing by eyeshadows in stick form is that they have a twist up system so you don't need to sharpen them. Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! is a taupe-brown metallic shade while Sahara Bronze is a bronze shade with tiny silver glitter. Both shades are waterproof and I like both shades a lot because they are appropriate for everyday wear, but I prefer Essence shade a tiny bit more over Oriflame shade. 

Both eyeshadows have a creamy texture, although Oriflame has silkier texture and it glides on lids very easy. Pigmentation of both is amazing. You can blend them out and achieve a thin layer while they are easy to build up to a gorgeous intensity. With Essence eyeshadow, one has to work quickly because it dries instantly after application while Oriflame eyeshadow dries slower, but once each of them dries it sets on the lids and it doesn't move until the removal of makeup in the evening. I didn't have any problem with creasing, except if I applied them too much. You can blend these eyeshadows with fingers or also brushes, they work well with both. These eyeshadows can also work great as a base for powder eyeshadows. 

In the inner part of the lid I used Oriflame Sahara Bronze eyeshadows and in outer part of the lid Essence Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! eyeshadow.

As I said I much prefer powder eyeshadows, maybe because I'm more use to working with them, but creamy and stick eyeshadows are an amazing solution when one is in a hurry, because it's easy and quickly to work with them, or in the summer when it's hot because they really set well and are longlasting
Essence eyeshadow was a part of Valentine's day collection and you can probably only find it in some Beauty World's or DM's if they haven't put away this LE's stands yet while you can order Oriflame from Oriflame's catalogue for 8,90 €. They have 6 different shades. 

Do you like eyeshadow sticks? Have you tried any of these two? Which ones would you recommend? Thank you for reading!
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