A Perfect Blue

Sometimes my darling likes to surprise me. With cosmetics. I don't allow him often to buy me cosmetics because my collection is far from being small, but he always surprises me with something special and in the end I cherish those products a lot more than the ones I buy myself or I get from brands. The latest surprise I'm completely in love with is OPI Rich Girls&Po-boys from new OPI New Orleans collection. 

I love blue nail polishes. If the finish is cream even more. OPI Rich Girls&Po-boys has such an amazing formula that is nor too thick or too runny, which means is glides on nails perfectly. A long wide brush is a big helper here. I can apply polish quickly and without making a mess on my cuticles.Two coats will be enough for full opacity. I'm wearing this polish for three days already and it still hasn't chip. I'm surprised because usually polishes don't last that long on my nails. But I guess that also has something to do with my short nails (and a good base and top coat ;)).

Collection New Orleans offers 12 spring shades, something for everyone. This collection is already available at Müller. I think one shade is around 13 €. OPI bottles are quite generous, one polish contains 15 ml. If you find OPI too expensive, I bet you can find some similar shades by cheaper brands (like Essence, P2, Catrice ...).

What do you think about this nail polish? Do you like wearing blue on your nails? If you like this post, feel free to share it. Thank you for reading!

7 komentarjev

  1. Prekrasen je. <3 V svoji kolekciji še nimam nobenega OPI-ja me pa zelo mika že zato, ker me zanima koliko časa bo zdržal na mojih nohtih. Zagotovo je cela kolekcija čudovita.

    1. Hvala. :) Če imaš močne nohte, zagotovo dolgo, pravijo, da so kvalitetni. Meni jih večina itak po navadi zdrži do dva dni. :D