Products That Didn't Work For Me

Not everything we try impresses us. It's easier to praise a product and write a positive review, but in the end of the day, I think posts with products that disappointed a blogger are a nice way to spice up a blog. Not everything we try works for us and bloggers (and other people) can have a different experience with the same product, after all, we're all different and not the same. Today I'm sharing with you few products that didn't work for me. Few of these will get their own review.

Johnny Organic Super Skin Food Cacao Scrub
I feel like everyone loves Johnny Orgazmus products and I had such high expectations for this product, but with every usage, I was less and less satisfied with it. This is a product in small grains which you apply on your wet skin and they melt, so they stick to the skin better. But I wish that this product would be liquid because a lot of product falls off into the bath during application on my skin and that's just a waste of product. One should leave peeling on for 5 minutes before the rinse, but I can't have it on my skin for so long because my skin starts to itch like crazy. And because I can't avoid scratching it, it becomes red after I wash the peeling off. First time when I used it, I thought that problem may be the sweat because I used it right after a workout, but that happened with every other usage as well, so, unfortunately, I'm not repurchasing this peeling again. It works for other people (Sanja likes it a lot), so it's possible it will work differently for you.

Nail Care Nail Polish Remover
I bought this acetone-free nail polish remover for around 1 € in Jager because I ran out of mine usual Aveo nail polish remover, but I do not like it. It takes me ages to remove nail polish and it dries my nails, so I'm skipping it from now on.

CD Deo Roll On Pomegranate
This is an alcohol bomb. While CD Pomegranate spray deodorant also contains alcohol, it's not as noticeable as here (nor in the scent, nor on the skin). Roll on deodorant has a strong scent by alcohol and it also burns my armpits big time when I use it (especially right after the shaving). I gave it to my mother because she doesn't have any problem with alcohol, but otherwise, I would not recommend it.

L'Occitane Hand Cream Gel with Verbena extract
Although L'Occitane creams are very praised, I haven't found one I'd fell in love with. I find this one very light and not enough moisturizing for my hands. It does sinks into the skin fast and the scent is also nice, but when I use it I feel like I haven't use anything. Maybe this cream would work better for people who don't have dry skin on hands.

Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara Rebel
Essence is my favourite drugstore brand for mascaras. Usually, they are volumising and cheap, but not every mascara that promises volume keeps the promise. Essence recently released three mascaras with a similar purpose - providing volume to lashes. I decided to buy only one because testing three mascaras at once would be just to much, and I expected that Forbidden Volume mascara will be similar to other Essence volumising mascaras. Well, I wasn't really impressed. Mascara lengthens lashes a bit, it separates them nicely, but the volume is quite average. So this is a perfect mascara for those who want to achieve a natural look and want separate lashes, but for us who search volume, it's not volumizing enough.

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Effect 01 Fair concealer
I know you're probably rolling your eyes now. Did she put the most popular concealer in disappointing products? Is she crazy? Well, while many people, even some of my favourite bloggers, adore this concealer, I and it just doesn't seem to get along. The formula is okay, medium coverage is enough for me, it blends nicely and the shade works okay as well (it's very bright, so I mostly use it to brighten up the eye area), but the biggest problem I have with it is the creasing. I have quite deep fine lines under my eyes and this baby creases like no other concealer on me. I tried to combine it with different setting powders, I tried to apply it with a wet sponge in thin layers which usually works wonders for me, but not with this concealer. In few minutes, it goes into my fine lines. I expected I will be more wowed because this is such a praised product, but I guess not everything works for everyone.

Bourjois Air Mat 01 Ivory Rose
I'm preparing a separate review with comparison to other two Bourjois foundations in the future (it's one of those posts that takes me forever to finish it), but here I wanted to share few bits about this product with you. First, although they mark it as appropriate for all skin types, this foundation can work only for oily and mixed skin. On my normal to dry skin, the finish was just too matte, it didn't look natural enough and it emphasized dry parts on my skin. Second, the lightest shade is too dark and it oxidises on my skin. I was actually really surprised that 01 Ivory Rose looks so dark because Bourjois knows how to do light shades, just look at Healthy Mix line.

Catrice Allround Contouring palette
I already said in my February haul how big disappointment this palette is for me. I had high hopes for it. Both bronzers have an orange undertone, pigmentation is not the best, I wish all products would be creamier, concealers are beautiful and match my skin tone, but they can be a bit drying on the skin. I think I'll also write a deeper review for this product to tell you more about it.

Avon Perfectly Nude
While I simply adore Adoring Love, this lipstick is simply not made for me. I feel that it has a bit heavier formula than Adoring Love, it doesn't apply evenly on my lips, it emphasizes every damn single imperfection and dry part on my lips and it goes into fine lines between lips. Too bad, because the shade itself is quite pretty nude.

Youngblood Spicy
I really really don't want to be rude, but this is the worse lipstick I ever tried. Its formula is horrible. It's hard, it doesn't glide nicely on lips, it feels very heavy once I apply it and it's sticky. The worse is the scent. Ths lipstick smells so badly, like something old, and it also tastes the same. I haven't tested how long it lasts because I can't wear it for a longer period of time because of the taste. The brownish red shade with golden glitter would work for me, but the formula is just horrible. I wouldn't pay 1 € for this lipstick, what even 21 € as much as it costs.

Sigma Hint Lip Vex
From very strange bushy brush to strange thick sticky formula - I can't say I'm a fan of this lip gloss. It also tastes funny. Sweet, but like something went bad here. The shade is okay, but that's it.

Misslyn 60 Second Top Coat
While it really does dry quickly as fast drying top coat should, it's one of the worst top coats I tried. The first problem with it is that it picks up the colour of the polish over which I'm applying it, and the second, that it smudges the nail art design, even if I let it dry for few minutes.

Have you tried any of these products? Is your experience different than mine? If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!

Essence Wake Up, Spring! Eyeliner Pens

When I saw that Essence is going to release colourful eyeliners in their limited edition collection, called Wake Up, Spring!, I immediately felt in love with them and I knew I need to add them in my collection. For someone who adores colourful makeup or even double eyeliner looks these would be a nice addition because creamy eyeshadows I usually use tend to crease fast if I don't set them with powder eyeshadow. Well, unfortunatelly my expectations were obviously too high because I'm not very satisfied with them and this is not a positive review.

There are more ways to create a colourful eyeliner look on your eyes:
- one of the easiest ways is the usage of colourful traditional or kohl pencils. They are easy to maintain, the colour choice is also not that bad (although the variation of shades is not huge, because you mostly have classic shades, like blue, green, purple ...) and you can achieve stronger or soft look.
- the second are colourful eyeliners (liquid, gel, pencil). They enable you to do a thin or dramatic line. 
- who says cream eyeshadows are meant to be used only all over the lid? I often use my cream eyeshadows as eyeliner, especially colourful shades. All you need here is an angled brush. I personally also find cream eyeshadows easier to use as for example liquid or pencil eyeliners to do a line on the eyes. But it also depends on what kind of cream eyeshadow you use. I have a palette with very greasy cream eyeshadows and those tend to transform on upper lid quickly, so these have to be set with powder eyeshadow while on the other hand cream eyeshadows as Maybelline Colour Tattoo work great even if I don't set them.
- to get colourful eyeliner look you don't need any eyeliner or cream eyeshadow because powder eyeshadows work great as well. They usually need a white base underneath to look more intensive, but it's not necessary. 

Wake Up, Spring! collection contains 3 eyeliners - white, lilac and green. Each comes in a plastic packaging in the shade of eyeliner and contains 1 ml. The tip is narrow and long, which makes it a perfect for a thin line. The pigmentation is not the best, but the reason why these don't apply nicely is in the dry tip. I used tweezers to turn the tip around (I don't know if you knew, but pencil eyeliners have two-sided tips, which means you can turn it around and use the second one when the first one is worn off) and it's obvious that there's a lot of product in, but it just doesn't transfer on the lid nicely enough. Once they dry on lids they look matte and won't move, except if you get teary eyes. They are not waterproof, so, in this case, they will smudge. I didn't have any problem with them transferring on the upper lid. 

Spring A-ling A-ling is a green shade. This one is the least pigmented and the hardest to work with.

Let's the Spring Begin is a white shade. I personally was really excited to get white eyeliner because I use white a lot with my creative looks. It's a bit harder to apply over coloured eyeshadow because of the lack of pigmentation, but it can be layered. 

Happy First Day of Spring is a pastel lilac shade. This one applies easier and nicer as green shade. 

The idea itself is amazing - it's always good to have a colourful eyeliner to spice up your makeup. The shades are pretty, the tip is perfect for a precise line, the price is low (I paid around 2 € on Click2Chic for them), but, unfortunately, the realization is not the best. Eyeliners are not pigmented enough and need to be layered while the tip is just to dry to enable an easy and even application. I bet if the tip would be wetter these would work much much better. I'm sorry, Essence, but I know you can do this better.

Have you tried eyeliners from Wake Up, Spring! collection? Did you like them? If you like this post, you're welcome to share it! Thank you for reading!

A Perfect Blue

Sometimes my darling likes to surprise me. With cosmetics. I don't allow him often to buy me cosmetics because my collection is far from being small, but he always surprises me with something special and in the end I cherish those products a lot more than the ones I buy myself or I get from brands. The latest surprise I'm completely in love with is OPI Rich Girls&Po-boys from new OPI New Orleans collection. 

I love blue nail polishes. If the finish is cream even more. OPI Rich Girls&Po-boys has such an amazing formula that is nor too thick or too runny, which means is glides on nails perfectly. A long wide brush is a big helper here. I can apply polish quickly and without making a mess on my cuticles.Two coats will be enough for full opacity. I'm wearing this polish for three days already and it still hasn't chip. I'm surprised because usually polishes don't last that long on my nails. But I guess that also has something to do with my short nails (and a good base and top coat ;)).

Collection New Orleans offers 12 spring shades, something for everyone. This collection is already available at Müller. I think one shade is around 13 €. OPI bottles are quite generous, one polish contains 15 ml. If you find OPI too expensive, I bet you can find some similar shades by cheaper brands (like Essence, P2, Catrice ...).

What do you think about this nail polish? Do you like wearing blue on your nails? If you like this post, feel free to share it. Thank you for reading!

Skrivnost starih Egipčanov - Eygptian Magic

Danes imam za vas oceno vsestranske kreme Egyptian Magic, ki sem jo prejela že januarja, vendar si za tako vrsto izdelkov rada vzamem malce več časa pri testiranju, da izdelek res dodobra stestiram in si ne ustvarim mnenja na podlagi prvega vtisa. Ker je tale krema moj spremljevalec že več kot dva meseca, vam bom danes povedala, ali so hvalospevi v medijih in pri ostalih blogerkah res upravičeni.

Egyptian Magic je res vsestranska krema, saj je namenjena uporabi na različnih delih telesa. Tako lahko služi kot krema za obraz, balzam za lase, ustnice, losjon po sončenju, britju, odstranjevalec ličil, krema za nohte in obnohtno kožico, krema za področje okrog oči, vaginalno vlažilno sredstvo in lubrikant, krema proti suhi koži na petah in komolcih … Kremo sem sama predvsem uporabljala v borbi proti suhi koži, tako na obrazu kot po telesu, in čeprav v nekaterih primerih ni najbolje delovala zame, se je v drugih izkazala kot odličen rešitelj za suho kožo.

Krema je ustvarjena iz 100 % naravnih sestavin in ne vsebuje nobenih aditivov, konzervansov, parabenov ali gensko spremenjenih sestavin. V kremi je zgolj 6 naravnih sestavin: oljčno olje, ki spodbuja rast celic in celjenje ran, čebelji vosek, ki vlaži in ščiti kožo, med, ki kožo blaži, cvetni prah, ki vsebuje antioksidante, ki poskrbijo za zaščito kožnih celic in upočasnijo staranje, matični mleček, ki obnavlja kožo, in propolis, ki blagodejno vpliva na kožo, ki je nagnjena k nepravilnostim in nevtralizira barvo kože.

Voskasta tekstura ima vonj po vazelinu, ki pa ni močan in zato tudi ni moteč.  Čeprav je krema v lončku v trdnem stanju, se pod toplino prstov hitro stopi in postane oljnate teksture, zaradi česar se lažje nanaša na kožo. Ker je mastna, se ne vpije tako hitro, zato jo uporabljam predvsem zvečer, da se zjutraj zbujam z nahranjeno kožo. Uporabljam jo za nego kože na obrazu in po telesu, na lase pa si je ne upam dati, ker se bojim, da bo preveč bogata za moje normalne lase in mi jih bo mastila.
Ko sem začela z uporabo, sem jo najprej uporabljala za nego obraza zjutraj in zvečer. Zjutraj sem nanesla res zelo tanek sloj kreme, da se je hitreje vpila, se je pa odlično obnesla kot podlaga za ličila, saj se je tekoča podlaga preko nje lepše in lažje nanašala, hkrati pa je pridobila tak svilenkast pridih. Za nočno nego sem uporabila izdatno količino kreme, saj imam v mrzlih dneh res suho in zategnjeno kožo. Čeprav je bila moja koža zjutraj mehka in nahranjena, pa sem po nekaj dneh opazila, da so se mi začeli na čelu pojavljati majhni mozolji. Ko sem z uporabo kreme prenehala, so izginili, tako da sumim, da mi nekaj pri tej kremi ni odgovarjalo (ali pa se ni dobro ujela z ostalimi izdelki, ki jih uporabljam). Tako da je sedaj za nego celotnega obraza več ne uporabljam, ni pa mi odgovarjala niti kot balzam za ustnice, saj se mi je zdela premalo hranljiva za moje res izsušene zimske ustnice (tu mi najbolj pomagajo izdelki, ki so namenjeni izključno negi ustnic). Jo pa še naprej uporabljam za nego suhe kože okoli nosu, kjer imam pozimi največje težave. Najbolj pa mi krema odgovarja za nego suhe kože na komolcih, rokah, stopalih in nego nog po britju. Vedno jo uporabim zvečer pred spanjem, zjutraj pa je moja koža mehka, svilenkasta in nahranjena. Bi pa želela še izpostaviti, da je treba kremo uporabljati nekaj časa in to redno, vsak dan, da se doseže želeni učinek, saj po eni uporabi težave s suho kožo ne bodo rešene.

Krema je na voljo v lončku, kar bo za marsikoga nehigienično, vendar mene ne moti, predvsem ne zato, ker jo vedno uporabljam zvečer po tuširanju, ko so moje roke čiste. Vsebuje 59 ml, dobite pa jo lahko na spletni strani za 26,90 €. Večje pakiranje 118 ml stane 40,90 €. Krema je na voljo tudi na nekaterih drugih prodajnih mestih, seznam najdete tukaj:

Ste že preizkusile Egyptian Magic kremo? Kako se vam zdi? Ne pozabite preveriti moje Facebook strani, kjer bosta kar dve bralki dobili možnost, da vzorčke te kreme preizkusita tudi sami. Hvala za pozornost!
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Artistry Hydra-V Face Mask

I've been really satisfied with Artistry Hydra-V gel cleanser and face mask, so I was really excited when I heard that Artistry released a new product in this collection - a sheet face mask. Artistry mask contains 30 g of highly concentrated hydrating ampoule essence made up of Hyaluronic Acid and HYDRA-V™ Liposome with Norwegian Fjord Water. It instantly hydrates and refreshes your skin, giving an immediate hydration effect and long-lasting hydration effect for 8 hrs.

In the blue cardboard packaging, there are five sheet masks. Usually, you can buy sheet masks separately, one at the time, so I really like the idea of packing more masks together. On the packaging, you get all information about the product and there's also a photo tutorial how to use the mask. Artistry brand is available at for 36,25 € (Slovenian costumers). 

Artistry mask is one of the wettest sheet masks I've tried. But it's also one of the most hydrating masks. It definitely works much better for my dry skin as those masks I had to squeeze out of the packaging and put on my face with my fingers (and then wash off). 

How do I use this mask? Artistry recommends that you first clean your skin with a cleanser, which I always do. Then I use the tonic. After that, I take the mask out of the packaging, remove the fine mesh on the inner surface and place it on my face. Then I remove the larger mesh. What's amazing about this mask is the fact that it adjusts completely to your face. It has a bit small opening for eyes and lips, but that's nothing that would cause me problems. Artistry recommends to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, but I always leave it five minutes longer. I really like the hydrating and wet feeling it gives to my face when I have it on. Plus, it doesn't irritate my skin at all (some hydrating masks give me a burning feeling around my nose and on my cheeks in the first minute after application). After the removal of the mask, you should leave it for another 20 minutes so that the content of the mask absorbs into the skin better and it gives it an extra hydration. I always do that. My skin is moisturized, soft and refreshed after the usage. After 20 minutes I finish my routine with a face cream.

Using face masks is something I'm terrible at because I remember to use them very rarely, but I was really good by using Artistry masks because I remembered to put one on once a week. I don't want to comment the price because these are really not the cheapest, but I think they are amazing for people who's skin needs moisture. If you're searching a cheaper version of moisturizing sheet masks, Petra is praising Balea's Aqua Tuchmaske (I bought it because of her recommendation but still haven't tried it #badblogger). 


Paket petih mask sem dobila tudi za vas. Sicer sem se odločila, da bom tokrat organizirala malce drugačno nagradno igro. Nagrade ne bo dobila samo ena bralka, pač pa kar pet!

Kaj je vaša naloga?
1. Pod to objavo ali pa na moji Facebook strani pod objavo o tej maski pustite komentar, zakaj bi si želele preizkusiti Artistry masko
2. Sodelujejo lahko vse bralke iz Slovenije, tudi vse moje soblogerke, ki bi jih maska zanimala. 
3. Vsaka bo prejela eno masko, njena naloga pa bo, da naredi eno fotko (lahko embalaže, lahko maske na obrazu - po želji) in mi jo skupaj s kratko oceno izkušnje z masko pošlje na moj elektronski naslov 
Ker vem, da zna biti to malce tvegano, bo tista, ki bo prejela masko, vendar mi ne bo do določenega datuma poslala ocene, diskvalificirana iz vseh nadaljnjih nagradnih iger. 
4. Nagradna igra traja do ponedeljka, 28. 3. 2016.

Vsa podrobnejša navodila bodo prejele nagrajenke po mejlu. Razglašene bodo v tej objavi in na moji Facebook strani. Nagrajenke bodo izbrane z naključnim žrebom. Ocene bralk bodo objavljene v posebni objavi na tem blogu, da dobite še kakšno dodatno mnenje o tem izdelku. :) Vso srečo vsem!

EDIT: Artistry vlažilno masko bodo testirale LEA LUKIČ, TINA KRESLIN, KRISTINA, INA HYSTERIAOFDECAY in ALENKA KOVAČ. Čestitke. Prosim, če se mi javite s podatki na mejl (da vam podam še nadalnja navodila).

Do you use sheet masks? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!
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Essence and Oriflame Eyeshadow Stick Comparison

I'm not the biggest fan of eyeshadow pencils/sticks, although they are so easy to use. I'm more of a person who likes classic powder eyeshadows in pans. But today I'm going to talk about two eyeshadows sticks I really like: Essence Valentine - Who Cares? 01 Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! and Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick Sahara Bronze. I'm probably ages late with Essence review because this collection was available in February and you can probably find just pieces in some DM's and Beauty World's, but I really wanted to review is side by side with Oriflame eyeshadow.

Essence comes in a brown plastic pencil packaging that shows the shade of the eyeshadow and it contains 1,5 g. Oriflame comes in a fancy black packaging with the bottom in the shade of eyeshadow and it contains 1,2 g.  What's amazing by eyeshadows in stick form is that they have a twist up system so you don't need to sharpen them. Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! is a taupe-brown metallic shade while Sahara Bronze is a bronze shade with tiny silver glitter. Both shades are waterproof and I like both shades a lot because they are appropriate for everyday wear, but I prefer Essence shade a tiny bit more over Oriflame shade. 

Both eyeshadows have a creamy texture, although Oriflame has silkier texture and it glides on lids very easy. Pigmentation of both is amazing. You can blend them out and achieve a thin layer while they are easy to build up to a gorgeous intensity. With Essence eyeshadow, one has to work quickly because it dries instantly after application while Oriflame eyeshadow dries slower, but once each of them dries it sets on the lids and it doesn't move until the removal of makeup in the evening. I didn't have any problem with creasing, except if I applied them too much. You can blend these eyeshadows with fingers or also brushes, they work well with both. These eyeshadows can also work great as a base for powder eyeshadows. 

In the inner part of the lid I used Oriflame Sahara Bronze eyeshadows and in outer part of the lid Essence Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! eyeshadow.

As I said I much prefer powder eyeshadows, maybe because I'm more use to working with them, but creamy and stick eyeshadows are an amazing solution when one is in a hurry, because it's easy and quickly to work with them, or in the summer when it's hot because they really set well and are longlasting
Essence eyeshadow was a part of Valentine's day collection and you can probably only find it in some Beauty World's or DM's if they haven't put away this LE's stands yet while you can order Oriflame from Oriflame's catalogue for 8,90 €. They have 6 different shades. 

Do you like eyeshadow sticks? Have you tried any of these two? Which ones would you recommend? Thank you for reading!
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What's New in My Makeup Bag (February)

After three days I finally managed to finish this post. It usually takes me an hour to write New In posts, but lately I feel like I just can't concentrate when I start writing something. I hope this will change quickly, because I have a lot of products to review and my non-regular posting just postpones them. Last month I actually received more products than I bought, but I mostly accept products which interests me, or I just run out of a similar product and I need a new one, or for which I believe will work for me, although here and there I still find products that do not impress me.

Artistry sent me Hydra-V face masks, and I'm completely in love with them. One package contains 5 masks. Mask is a bit wetter that I'm used to, but it feels amazing on the skin and it really helps to moisturize the skin. 

Bocassy is presenting two new products on Slovenian market - Clean&Tone tonic and Clean&Tone micellar water. Both made a good first impression, although I'ma bigger fan of tonic than micellar water. Tonic works great for me, while micellar water isn't much better than cheaper versions. 

I finally got my hands on Catrice Allround Contouring palette. I have a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand I'm really disappointed because the pigmentation is not that good and I need to apply more layers to achieve the look I want. Bronzers have an orange undertone, although I can work with brighter one while darker is just too orange. Highlighter is pretty, but I wish it would be better pigmented. I have to dab it on my skin in few layers to achieve a nice shine. What I like are concealers. Both are bright and work on my skin. I especially like brighter one, because it brightens up the area under my eyes. 

Few months ago I stopped collaborating with Born Pretty store, but in February, I received a surprise package with two matte lip creams, a clear stamper, plate and a ring. It's a really friendly gesture from them, although I'm not really sure if I'll review any of these products. Maybe only lip creams, which I'll compare with other lip creams in my collection. 

Kozmetika Meze wasn't just kind enough to sponsor the giveaway on my Facebook, but they also offered me to try their products. I chose shampoo against dandruff, which has lately become my problem. I've never used dry shampoo before so I was wondering if I'm going to even like it, but I do. It's easier to use as I imagined and it also foams nicely (I really don't like if my shampoo doesn't foam because I have long hair and non-foaming shampoos are so hard to spread all over my hair). So far I like this shampoo. I'll let you know more about it in my review (in the past two months I've been trying many new hair products, so I'll probably do a collective review). 

Everybody is talking about konjac sponges. DM recently started to sell Ebelin konjac sponge, which costs less than 3 €, so I decided to give it a try. The first impression was good. Neža wrote a very good and informative post about konjac sponges and their usage, so I suggest you to read it on her blog Rose Touch Makeup (it's in Slovene). 
I also finally bought Balea cleansing oil, which is praised by many bloggers and I'm completely in love with it. It blew me away with the first usage. I decided to test it first with one of my creative looks - because I always use a huge amount of products, also waterproof products, studs, lash glue, which is hard to remove etc. I massaged it all over my face, I also used it on my eyes and then I washed everything with warm water. It removed my makeup completely. I had to reapply only on my eyes where I used waterproof mascara, but on the other hand, it removed waterproof eyeliner from my cheeks after the first attempt (I was removing my Spring Fairy look). My skin was soft and moisturized after the usage. I applied a bit of micellar water on a cotton pad and cleaned my skin with it to make sure to remove everything oil didn't, but on the pad there weren't any traces of the foundation after the usage. Amazing.
Oriflame always surprises me for holidays. This time I received Lace Love hand cream for Valentine's Day. It smells really nice. 

I got the chance to try two new L'Oreal products from Superstar collection. I already talked about Superstar Super Liner in Black in my monthly favourites. I like it, it really enables an easy application. On the other hand, I'm not as impressed by the mascara as other bloggers. They all talk about a lot for volume, but I really feel that this mascara gives just a normal, natural volume. If I want to apply a bit more than just one layer, it sticks my lashes together. I haven't worn it for few days now, but I decided to give it another chance before I'll write a review to see if I'll still think the same or it will convince me more. 

Slovenian company Mediforma sent me few products from their store. I chose Lierac oil cleanser and Lierac Makeup Remover for eyes and lashes myself, and they added few goodies for my hair - Phyto Express conditioner testers, Phyto Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask and Phyto Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream. So far I only tried oil cleanser and I have to say I find Balea's cleansing oil much better. I use both the same way - first I massage them all over my face and then remove them with warm water. Lierac's oil cleanser doesn't work very well with waterproof products - it didn't melt my waterproof mascara very well and it irritated my eyes, and it also didn't removed waterproof eyeliner from my face very well (I tested it first with cherry blossom look), so instead I used Balea's oil which removed mascara and eyeliner completely. I'm testing these two together because I want to do a comparion post in the future. 

What's new in your February makeup bag? Does any of these products I mentioned interests you more than others? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Cherry Blossom Girl (Collaboration with The Beauty of a Butterfly)

Dear ladies, first I want to congratulate you for International Women's Day. Don't forget, you're the prettiest just the way you are. Love yourself, because that's the most important. For today, I prepared another makeup look. This time, I'm collaborating with one of newer bloggers that's already doing a great job at blogging, and that like me likes colors and creative makeup. Klavdija writes blog The Beauty of Butterfly, so don't forget to check it and while you are there subscribe to her. 

I really had an interesting idea for cherry blossom makeup and because it's always more fun to team up with someone when you're doing a creative look, I invited Klavdija to collaborate with me and I'm really happy that she said yes because she did an amazing job with her makeup.

Although I'm not a fan of pink at all, except when it comes to lip products and blushes, I imagined this look completely in pink. On eyes, I started with pink in the crease and blended it on my brow bone. Then I added a bit of red in the crease to deepen it. On my lids, I applied white cream pencil as a base and then I set it with white eyeshadow. On my lower lash line, I used pink eyeshadow. I added white pencil on the waterline, eyeliner, and mascara. For false lashes, I used special false lashes from Essence I bought ages ago. They are in a shape of blossom and they were really perfect for this look.

I first contoured my face, applied pink blush and a bit of highlighter. Then I draw branches with cherry blossoms on them. I used pink cream eyeshadow for this step. I was thinking to do them pink and white, but it was actually easier to do only one colour, so my choice was pink. I was really happy with final result, although blossoms aren't really perfect. On lips, I used a pink glossy lip polish.

Products used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
- Bourjois Radiance Reveal 01 Ivory
- Oriflame The One Illuskin Face Primer
- Sigma For Cute! Powder Blush 
- Catrice Prime and Fine contouring palette
- Imagic Professional Cosmetics 12 Flash Color Case
- Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

- Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base
- NYX jumbo pencil Milk
- Sigma For Cute! Powder Blush 
- Sleek Curacao palette
- Sleek Acid palette
- Beauty UK No3 Glitz
- L'Oreal Super Line Superstar Black
- Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof mascara
- Essence Cherry Blossom Girl paper lashes

- Catrice Made to Stay Mission PinkPossible lip polish

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What do you think about my makeup? Thank you for reading!

Random Sunday #55

My Random Sunday posts are getting more and more random. Ever since I joined Snapchat (tatjanagjerkes) I forget to take photos of more beauty stuff and I mostly photograph nature, as you're going to see today. The other thing is that when I'm going somewhere I always forget to take my camera with me. But I'll try to change that and make these photos more interesting to you. ;)

New Catrice assortment. I got few new products that were on my wishlist, and I'm almost done testing them, but I have to say I'm not as impressed as I expected. Some products are great while some did not end up being what I expected. 

My Valentine's day manicure. I was tired of red for that day (and at the end of the day red reminds me more of Christmas), so I used blue. Polishes I used are Bourjois Bleu Water, Essence Wild White Ways and Essence The Boy Next Door. 

If you follow me on Facebook you already saw this photo. This is a comparison between my first manicure posted on this blog and one of my latest manicures from this year. I posted it because I get a lot of comments how beautiful my nail shape and how healthy my nails look. I have very weak nails that break easily, but despite that I think that with a little effort anyone can achieve the shape they want. All you need is a bit of patience and you have to file your nails the way you want them to look (I never cut only file them).

I admit, I'm obsessed with doughnuts. I could eat them every day. At the beginning of February, we had a holiday, called Mardi Gras for which we always bake doughnuts. The best are the ones that my mom bakes.

Kurent is a carnival mask from Ptuj and Drava fields. Each year they organize Kurentovanje on Shrove Sunday. This year I visited this festival for the first time and it was so interesting and fun.

Of course, I have to include Ris as well in this post. He's my little sweetheart. 

Few photos of nature. I personally like them although I know they are not that amazing.

 I adore sunsets in winter. They are always so beautiful.

 Thank you for reading!