In January I Loved

Dear ladies, as I promised monthly favourites are back. I decided to title them differently as in the past and I hope you won't mind the new title. I'm planning monthly favourites as a regular series from now on because I know you like to read this kind of posts and I really enjoy sharing products I loved with you. 

Alessandro Nail Spa base coat
I got this one in an Alessandro calendar in December and I'm using it ever since on my nails. It has a very lovely formula that applies smoothly on nails, it dries shiny and fast. Nail polish is very easy to apply over it. It works great with every nail polish brand and I'm not sure if it's because of this top coat, but lately my manicures last quite some time (meaning, they don't chip after a day, which is a win for me). 

Models Own Turquoise Sea
This creamy turquoise nail polish with the most amazing formula stole my heart immediately after I first applied it on my nails. In January I wore it constantly. It applies like a dream and it also lasted for three days, so I didn't need to change my manicure that quickly. I already have prepared swatches, so you can expect them in a day or two on my blog. The shade itself is not that unique and I probably have some dupes in my collection, but the formula it's just amazing. 

Balea Aqua Serum
This serum is in my essential bag for ages and I still love it as at the beginning. Its lightweight formula sinks into the skin quickly and provides an additional moisture my skin needs now during winter. No matter which serum I try I always return to this one, because for 3 € I get everything I need from it.

One of most used lip products in January was Artistry lipliner in Dusty Rose. Beside the lovely shade I really like its creamy formula that doesn't dry out  my lips. I often combined it with Golden Rose 14 lipstick, because togehter they look very pretty on lips and the combination lasts longer than lipliner on its own. You can read a whole review here

This is a very gentle cleansing gel that does its job perfectly. Because it's so gentle it's perfect for sensitive skin (my skin is lately experiencing big changes). It doesn't dry the skin and it doesn't irritate it. It has a very pleasant natural scent, which I love because I'm not a big fan of strong natural scents. You can read a whole review here (in Slovene).

Golden Rose Velvet Matte 14 and 28
Golden Rose matte lipstick have very pleasant creamy lightweight formula that doesn't feel very drying on lips. Of course, they do emphasise dry parts on lips a bit, but despite that I wore them constantly in January. Shade 14 is an interesting rosy nude lipstick, but still very noticeable on lips. 28 is the most beautiful purple lipstick I've seen. It's quite dary lipstick to wear, but I really love it. 

I never believed that combing hair is easier with Tangle Teezer than other brushes until I haven't tried it myself. It's such an amazing comb that brushes to the hair quickly and easy, even if the hair is knotted. And I also have to mention that I adore orange-yellow neon combination, it just screams my name. More here (in Slovene). 

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Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!