Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks

In January favourites, I talked about two matte Golden Rose lipsticks that I completely felt in love with and I wear them a lot ever since I've got them. On Beauty Bloggers conference in October, we got a coupon from sponsor Golden Rose which said that we can choose the lipstick by our choice in their shop, and back in December when my darling and I went to a short trip to Ljubljana I decided to use the coupon and get myself one of Golden Roses lipsticks. While I was there and swatched their matte lipsticks I was so amazed by the formula that I decided to get not one but three lipsticks. 

Golden Rose lipsticks come in a sleek burgundy packaging that is nicely sturdy. The lid closes well and it won't open in a bag if you'll carry the lipstick with you. At the bottom, each lipstick has the number, which marks the shade. I'm a bit sad that these don't have names because I bet they would sound amazing since they have some really gorgeous and unique shades. I think there's around 33 shades in this collection (you can check all swatches on Makeup Arena blog here, here and here). 

The formula of these lipsticks is very pleasant. It's a creamy formula with a matte finish. It applies smoothly and evenly, except by 28 (dark purple) which applies a bit unevenly and it needs to be layered to look nice. The colour payoff is beyond amazing, they cover the lip with one coat already. It doesn't dry the lips, although after few hours of wear my lips did start to feel dry (in winter I tend to have very dry lips) and they can emphasize any dry patches on the lips. They last for hours on lips and fade away evenly, while they do transfer on a cup while drinking, especially right after the application. But when I eat they kind of disappear in the inner part of the lips (then I just reapply them). 

Velvet Matte 14 is a mauvy rose shade. It's a nude, but more noticeable nude shade. It has quickly become one of my favourite shades because I can combine it with any look I can (bolder or neutral), and beside that I'm a big fan of more noticeable nude shades, not to mention that the shade totally suits me.

Velvet Matte 24 is a coral shade. On me, it has a slight orange undertone that's more visible in person than on photos (but the orange undertone depends on the skin tone because I saw swatches where it looks completely coral on people). I like the shade, but I haven't worn it as much as other two. I guess I'll wear it more often in upcoming months when it'll get warmer.

Velvet Matte 28 is a darker purple shade with slightly blue undertone. It's a bold lipstick, not appropriate for every day for most of the people and I also think not everyone will like it, but I adore it. I got it because in my purple lipstick collection there wasn't any unique shade that this one definitely is. Although people look at me like I went crazy when I wear it, I don't care because it's so special. I have a feeling it will be used often by my creative look. 

Golden Rose lipsticks contain 4,2 g and cost 3,90 €. You can get them in Golden Rose shops in Ljubljana and Koper. I'm really satisfied with these lipsticks, they have very pleasant matte formula and I definitely plan to get few more shades in the future. I just hope Golden Rose will expand in other cities as well and they will come closer to us in the future (because I doubt GR will be ever available in Murska Sobota, it would be nice if they would open a shop in Maribor). 

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Have you tried Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!