First Pomurje Bloggers Event

Always when I get an invitation to an event in Ljubljana, I ask myself why there isn't something happening in Maribor or even closer to us, in Murska Sobota. Well, I was not the only one asking myself that, as Petra and I discovered during our conversation. So we decided to prepare a meeting of Pomurje bloggers so that we could get to know each other, since we rarely go to events together. From a small meeting, this became a true event and I have to say I'm really proud what Petra and I made. Of course, there's always something that you later think you could do better, but since this was the first event we organized I think we made a very good job. :)

The event was happening in a restaurant "v Grajskem stolpu" in Beltinci. The atmosphere there was so nice and the place looked so good. I have to say my "historical" soul enjoyed a lot there. For the beginning, I really have to tease you with our goodie bags. Beside that we also prepared some yummy food for the bloggers, which was baked by Petra, Sabina and I. I suggest you to check out posts of other girls if you want to see more photos of food, because I really didn't have time to photograph everything (links are at the bottom). 

Telling the truth, I actually took very little photos. I was so happy that I finally got myself a new, better camera (Nikon D3200) and I thought I'll be able to make such nice photos of the event, but then it happened that I was charging my battery at home and I forgot to take it with me. :( I was so sad because my old camera doesn't take very good photos in places where the light isn't the best.

We started with Oriflame workshop, where we were learning about our skin and they were telling us, which products are the best for our skin type. First we had to take off our makeup (but we could keep our eye makeup on) and then we cleaned our skin with makeup remover. After some time, they tested how oily and moisturized our skin is, and then they recommended us, which Oriflame line would be the best for our skin type. After that came time for makeup. We tried foundations, concealers, powders and bronzers/blushes. I was using some Oriflame makeup products before and I have to say I was impressed by their quality. I especially like their The One concealer, but I have to say their foundation won't be everyone's cup of tea because the coverage is not that good. It works well for me because I'm one of those lucky girls, who doesn't need heavy coverage.
The workshop was really interesting and I want to thank Milena Pozderec and Renata Murkovič for coming and learning us some new things. 

When we finished with Oriflame, it was time to learn something about Herbio. Herbio is a young Slovenian company that is focusing on nature and herbal products. They presented us their product and also gave us a chance to try some of them. 

When the program ended, we had some time to eat the yummy food, talk about beauty, blogs and everything else and simply enjoy in the rest of the day. The time was passing by so fast that it feels like it went by in a second. But I guess that always happens when you're having a good time. I'm so happy to meet all the girls, they are all so nice, and I can wait to meet them all again. 

Thank you Sindiana, Sabina, Tjaša, Larisa and Neža for coming - you're all such nice girls, it was very lovely to talk to you and I hope you enjoyed on the event. 

Photo by Sindiana.

And the goodies that we got. I want to say a huge thank you to all sponsors who provided gifts for the girls, you were so good to us: OriflameAvonHerbioDvorec TrebnikLič and Egyptian Magic

And the biggest thank you goes to Petra. I doubt I would be able to organize such an event myself, because it's always nice to have someone you can talk to about you ideas and, as Petra already said, we were really complementing each other. ;)

I also want to thank restaurant "v Grajskem stolpu" for providing us the place because it was so beautiful. And also peaceful, since we had a special room just for ourselves. 

As you can see there aren't many photos in my post, so I recommend you to check out posts of other girls that were on event:

Thank you for reading!