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While I'm writing my fourth annual preview I have in mind how amazing year 2015 was and how my life in year 2016 will change – there will be some changes on my blog and there will also be a huge change in my personal life, but I don’t want to talk about it yet.  Year 2015 brought many new collaborations with brands and bloggers, many new acquaintances and many new friends. I’m really happy with many things that happened this year and I hope year 2016 will be even more successful. Now let's see what was happening in 2015 on my blog.

Favourite nail polishes in 2015
Although I mainly started to focus on makeup, nail polishes are still a huge love of mine and this year my collection did nothing but grew. I’ll have to go through it and give away some polishes that don’t get enough love, because my collection is still huge. As you can see this year I was mostly crazy about purple, blue and nude shades. 

Bourjois Beach Violet, Essence Amazed by You, Essence Pink&Perfect, Models Own Cerise, Essence Electriiiiiic, Essence I Love My Blue JeansEssence Oh Captain My Captain, Essence Indian SummerEssence Crew First, Deborah Milano Pink Pulse, Essence I Nude ItEssence Love is in the Air.

Favourite nail art manicures of 2015
In the first half of the year I was still posting quite a lot of nail art manicures, but then suddenly there was less and less of them, because I was mostly posting them on Instagram. However, there are some manicures that belong in my favourites and I’ll definitely recreate them in the future. You can find all my nail art manicures here.

Challenges in 2015
I have a feeling that challenges aren’t as interesting as they were at the beginning when I started to blog. This year I joined two challenges, and I was the most proud on 31 day challenge, because this year I really did well with my nail art. I couldn’t decide which are my top 10 manicures, so I choose a half of manicures I did for the challenge as my favourites.

Favourite makeup looks of 2015
This is the area where I made the biggest progress in my work. I continued with colourful and bold looks, but somewhere in the middle of the year I decided that is finally a time that I try more creative looks. I’m really happy that I did, because I made few very pretty makeup looks I’m proud of. My goal for 2016 is to post even more creative looks on my blog and to start working on body painting. 

Most read blogposts in 2015:

My favourite posts in 2015:

Highlight of the year 2015
There were many things I could mention as highlights of last year, but 1. Bloggers conference is definitely the one I need to mention here. It was organized by Slovenian blogger Nika Veger, and it was full of new acquaintances and knowledge about blogging. I’m really happy that I attended this conference, because I learned a lot of new things and I met a lot of new friends. I have a feeling that this year our blogging community got even more connected and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

There are two other amazing things that happened to me last year and I need to mention them here as well. First is article about my blog on Etiketa Magazin, which was posted in October. Thank you so much, Ajda. And second one is that Maybelline choose me as one of three bloggers who created makeup looks for their contest on Facebook. Thank you so much, Maybelline, it was an amazing experience.

Favourite blog discovery of 2015
This is a new category of my annual post, but I really have to give a shout out to one special blogger who made me fall in love with her blog immediately when I found it. I’m talking about Vesna from Chunky Cheeks. Her makeup skills are amazing and I’m really happy our community joined another blogger who posts makeup looks and not just reviews and other beauty related stuff. I mean, I love to read those posts too, but makeup is my special passion and I really enjoy in work of fellow Slovenian talented ladies. 

I think I mentioned everything I wanted. I’ll talk about my favourite brand discoveries and beauty products of 2015 in few days, but till then I want to thank to you for all of your support, messages and nice comments. I’ll do my best to make content of my blog in 2016 even better and more interesting to you. Happy new year!

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  1. Hi, we wait you to our blog.

  2. Meni so zmeraj tako zelo všeč tvoje manikure in pa predvsem fotografije, ker uspeš vse to lepo zajeti :)

  3. Jaz se iz tvojega bloga spomnim res ogromno makeupov iz prejšnjega leta. Se mi zdi, da si bila on fire, dobesedno :D. Res odličen nabor makeupa in seveda nail arta. Tebi itak vse kategorije odlično uspevajo. Še na veliko dobre vsebine v 2016 ;)

    Shoutout za Vesno. Se podpišem pod vse kar si napisala o njej! :)

    1. Meni se zdi isto. Upam, da bom letos tako nadaljevala. :) Hvala. :)

      Vesna si res zasluži, da jo izpostavimo, punca obvlada. :)

  4. Kako si lahko sploh izbrala favourite make-up looke? Meni je vsak tvoj najljubši :)

    1. Verjetno ima tudi sam proces ustvarjanja kaj zraven. Eni so mi ljubši, eni malo manj. Drugače pa hvala, draga. <3

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