New In (December 2015)

New In posts are back. Last year I stopped doing them from various reasons, but since always when I ask what you want to read on my blog the answer is New In posts, I decided to bring them back. But this is not the only category that will return on my blog. I'll also start posting Monthly Favourites and Random Sundays again. Favourite beauty products of the month were something I stopped posting because I thought I'll only use products I wanted to use up or hit the pan, but the story was totally different and last year I discovered so many great products I regret not mentioning in favourites that I decided to finally bring this category back. Now let's see what I got/bought in December.

At the beginning of the month I thought I won't have anything interesting to show you, because I decided not to spend too much money on cosmetics in December, but for St. Nicholas day I got an amazing surprise package from Click2Chic. In the package there were Yummy Vanity Boost shower gel, Monoi conditioner for extra shiny hair and Jordana Matte 47 Nude lipstick. I do plan to talk about all three products in the future on my blog, but first I have to use up few opened products before I give a try to new ones (I really don't want to have too many products opened at once anymore). 

I'm really bad at saying no to lip products. Propiar sent me Artistry lip liner in shade Dusty Rose. I have to say I really like its creamy formula, it reminds me a lot on Essence lip liners. You can expect a review soon with a giveaway, because I got one extra lip liner just for you. 

Natalija from Slovenian Dominur team surprised me with few Catrice and Essence products from upcoming collections. First are blush Structured Shapes and palette Linear Lines from Catrice Graphic Grace limited edition collection.

From Essence I got two products from Valentine - Who Cares? TE. I got smokey eyeshadow stick in shade Love is in the Air - Don't Breathe! (sometimes they really give their products long names) and face and body tattoo stamp. Because we usually can't tell our opining about LE products we get before they hit the store you'll have to wait for my opinion till Februar. 

On BBMU we got a special coupon from Golden Rose for a lipstick of our choice. Because I rarely go to Ljubljana, I had to get more than only one lipstick (considering that my blogging friends praise them a lot). I got three shades from matte collection: 14, 24 and 28.

The last surprise package came from Dvorec Trebnik. I got Massage Oil Vanilla, which smells amazing, Juicy Orange shower gel, which I tried before and loved it, and Argan Ointment.

I also want to mention few products I forgot to photograph. From Oriflame I received a little gift for Christmas - Tender Care Protecting Balm. Two more things I purchased in December are Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes and my holy grail product Balea Aqua Serum.

December was such an interesting month, I got so many surprise packages I didn't expect. But on the other hand I got many interesting products I'll be happy to test. During December I was opening two advent calendars (Alessandro&Balea), but since I bought both before December I decided to not include them into this post.

What did you get in December? Do you see any interesting product you want me to review as soon as possible? If you like this post you're welcome to share it with your followers. Thank you for reading!