Catrice and Essence Spring/Summer Products - Wish List

Spring is approaching and that means Catrice and Essence will soon release new products. I’m always excited to see what’s new in their assortment because I’m a huge fan of these two brands. Instead to show you a preview of new products I decided to show you my wish list of products I’m the most interested in.

Catrice wish list
1. Allround Contouring Palette
Till now I was using mostly powdery products for contouring and I really want to try creamy products as well, and this one seems like a perfect product to start with. It contains two darker shades for hollows of the cheeks, two brighter shades (probably for concealing aka highlighting) and a very light highlighter.

2. Blush Artist Shading Palette in shades 010 BronzEclat and 020 CorAll I Need
Omg, trio blush palettes, yes, please. I’m a huge fan of palettes and I’m really excited to try those. I just hope they will be as pigmented as their blushes usually are.

3. HD Multitalent Powder and Makeup in shade 01 Light Beige
This is a product that can be applied with a brush as a powder or with a sponge as a foundation.  The concept sounds really interesting and I’m curious how this product will work.

4. Prime and Fine Brightening Eyeshadow Base
As a huge fan of current Prime and Fine eyeshadow base, I’m really curious to try the new white creamy base, especially because it should be especially appropriate for bright colours.

5. Denim Greys Eyeshadow Palette
I’m really happy that Catrice is releasing palette that isn’t on a nude side. I’m a huge fan of blue eyeshadows and this looks like a perfect palette for me. I just hope the quality will be okay and that shades won’t look too similar once you’ll blend them.

6. Prime and Shine Anti-Shine Blur Stick
This is a stick that promises that pores and fine lines will disappear if you’re going to use it. Definitely, a big promise and I am really curious to see if it’s going to fulfil it. 

I suggest you check out all new products on Catrice site while you can already find swatches on Ella Loves blog (here and here).

Essence wish list
1. 2in1 Lipstick and Liner
Catrice and Essence are releasing so many multipurpose products that I really wonder if they will work okay. 2in1 lipstick and lipliner sound like a high coverage product and I am definitely interested in trying it.

2. Velvet Stick Matt Colour and Glossy Stick Lip Colour
Jumbo lip pencils are very popular lately and Essence decided to release their own pencils. Although I’m more interested in Velvet Sticks, since I prefer matte products, I’ll definitely give a chance to one glossy shade to see how it will work on my lips.

3. Essence Lipsticks Tres Chic and Velvet Matt
Essence is releasing quite few new lipstick shades, but I’m the most interested in Tres Chic, which looks like a vampy red, and Velvet Matt, which looks like a vampy purple. I just hope these will look like that in person as well because we all know Essence promo photos can be really misleading.

4. Mosaic Blush Miss Floral Coral and All You Need is Pink
There will be four new Mosaic blushes, but I’m the most interested in two lightest shades. It doesn’t say if these are matte or shimmery, but I have a feeling they will contain a bit of shimmer for a special glow.

5. Shape Your Face Contouring Palette
I adore palettes with bronzer, blush and highlighter. I’ll probably get both palettes, to compare them, but I shall see if they will be special enough. The peachy blush looks more interesting than pinky one to me.

6. Keep it Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray
I won’t say that makeup fixing spray is a must product for me, but when Essence is following world’s trends I’m always curious to see if they did a good or a bad job and I really want to test this spray to share my opinion about it with my readers.

7. Rock ’n Doll mascara
Essence volume mascaras rarely disappoint me and this new mascara (besides Forbidden Volume mascaras) sounds very promising. I also like the brush, since is similar to the one peachy Lash Princess mascara has it.

You can check all new Essence products on their site.

As you can see there aren’t many eyes and nail products. Telling the truth nail products don’t really seem that interesting to me while I need to check eye products in person to see if I’m going to be interested in trying them or not. Because most of the shades are more on a natural or smokey side and there aren’t many colourful eyeshadows I always like to add to my collection because of my creative and colourful looks, I will have to check all eye products in person before I’ll decide if I’m going to buy anything or not. But I really can’t wait for products to come in stores.

Which new Catrice and Essence products did catch your eye? Thank you for reading!

12 komentarjev

  1. Od Catrice vsekakor paletka Denim Greys, je tudi na moji WL, ampak mislim, da jo bom vseeno preskočila, ker senčke ne bi ustrezale moji barvi oči :/ Čeprav, ko bo prišla v drogerije in ko jo bom swatchala, hmmm, me zanima, če se ji bom lahko uprla :D Od Essence so mi pa svinčniki za ustnice padli v oči :)

    1. Meni so senčke ful lepe, ampak imam občutek, da mi bodo na koncu preveč podobne ena drugi in zato palete ne bom vzela. :) Joj, Essence pa izdaja toliko super izdelkov za ustnice, komaj čakam. :)

  2. Iz Essence liste imam tudi jaz vse na WL razen maskare, pa tudi pri Catrice me kar nekaj stvari mika :) Spet bo denarnica trpela :)

    1. Joj, niti ne govori, denarnica že sedaj joka. :/ :P

  3. Uff, od Catrice bi rada sprobala to Contouring paletko, in pa Prime and Fine Brightening podlago za senčke. Od Essence pa 2in1 Lipstick and Liner v kakšnem temnejšem odtenku in pa isti šminki kot si ju navedla Tres Chic and Velvet Matt :)

    1. Vidim, da smo vse zelo vesele, da Essence izdaja bolj vampy odtenke. Upam, da bodo v živo tudi taki. :)

  4. Huh, kar zanimive zadeve se obetajo :)) Pri Catrice me res zanima ta HD Multitalent Powder and Makeup in shade 01 Light Beige, bomo vidli, če bo res tako vsestranski :)
    Essence bo očitno tud kar nekaj zanimivosti dodal, če bodo 2in1 Lipstick and Liner res fajn delovali bo to super izdelek, pa tudi kakih jumbo mat pencilov se ne bom branila :D

    1. Jaz upam, da bo tale HD puder tako vsestranski, obljublja že veliko.
      Pri Essence pa res še najbolj zanimivo zvenijo izdelki za ustnice, upam, da nas tudi v živo prepričajo. :)

  5. U, šminkice od Essence, totalno moji odtenki! Obe bom imela :)

    ps. kdaj pridejo izdelki v prodajo?

    1. Na spletni strani piše datum 15. 2., kar pomeni, da bodo takrat verjetno prišli v Müllerje po Nemčiji, kmalu zatem pa tudi k nam, v DM pa verjetno pridejo malce pozneje. :)

  6. Great list indeed! Love the products that you have listed here. Now i got some ideas on what to put on my wishlist too.

  7. Sem presenečena, ker mi je dejansko všeč več izdelko od Essence kot od Catrice. So mi pa všeč podobne stvari kot jih imaš ti tu naštete. Od Essence me zanimajo še razni nadlaki z efekti in tekoči barvni eyelinerji :D.