Best Beauty Discoveries of 2015

We’re already so late in January and I still haven’t shared my favourite products of 2015, although I promised a long time, so today is finally time that I tell you which products convinced me the most in last year. My list was soo long, and I really didn’t want to mention 50 products, so I cut it down and I’m mentioning only products that really impressed and that I was using all the time last year. If you feel like some products are missing here, I suggest you check out the post about my favourite products of 2014, maybe any of them was mentioned there. 

Sleek Sunset palette
Sleek palettes are my all time favourite palettes. I mention some of them in my favourites every year and because last year I bought only Sunset palette, which I started immediately using like crazy, it’s the only palette I’m mentioning this year. For me, this is a summer/fall palette, because it has a combination of red, brown, burgundy and golden shades. The pigmentation is amazing, the longevity on my lids as well, while shades are completely my shades. A perfect palette for me.

Catrice Prime and Fine and NYX High Definition eyeshadow bases
I included two eyeshadow bases I bought last year, but to me, these work so similarly, if not the same, and I find both really amazing – they make eyeshadows looking more intense, blend easier and last longer. There is the difference in the price (Catrice costs a half less than NYX), but I really like both bases the same.

Toyoko 508
This kajal pencil is in my collection for longer period of time, but I was never a huge fan of black pencils, while I started to use them more often last year – because I discovered I need to use black pencil on my tight line to make eyeliner look better, especially in inner corner of my eye. I didn’t want to purchase new pencil, so I tried all the ones I had in my collection and Toyoko ended up being the best of them. It’s a true black pencil with amazing pigmentation and it’s soft enough to give amazing colour payoff with one swipe already, but it’s not really blendable, probably because it dries very fast once you apply it and it lasts forever.  No matter where I use it – waterline, tight line – it will last for hours. Not to mention that is so hard to remove that I need an oily eyeshadow remover to clean my eyes. This probably tells you that it won’t smudge easily. I’m really impressed by this pencil, but on the other hand, I’m sad that it isn’t available by us. I got it in a swap from Greece a while ago, so I’ll probably have to do another swap in the future.

Finding a good pencil eyeliner is hard, especially in our drugstores. I have to admit I didn’t expect much from Oriflame eyeliner when I got it, but I was so surprised. This eyeliner is amazing. It has a great pigmentation and even after a month of usage it gave such a nice colour payoff. The line was so easy to do with it and it lasted a whole day without smudging (except if I had teary eyes because it’s not waterproof).

This blush was a part of my Hit the pan project, and I was really good at using it. Not just because of the project, but also because I adore coral shades. It’s that kind of blush that I can wear on a daily basis because it gives a nice corally colour to my cheeks while the shimmer in it is not overwhelming. I also combined it with many other, colourful looks and it really matched them nicely.

This pink shimmery blush was my most used blush during the summer. It coloured my cheeks into a nice pinkish shade while the glitter in it gave a very special glowy effect. I’m usually a bigger fan of matte blushes, but in the summer, I prefer shimmery blushes because of the glow they give to the cheeks.

Bloggers hate it or love it, and I personally belong to the latter group. Releasing a contour palette was one of the best steps Catrice did because we really needed a drugstore contour palette. While I mostly ever use highlighter, the bronzer ends up often on my face. I like it because it has a bit of grey in it while the pigmentation is nice as well and it can be upgraded. I also like to use it when I’m doing makeup for others, because it really looks good on pale people.

Essence really made a good job with these lip liners. The colour range is really beautiful, the creamy formula is just up my alley, and the duration time also isn’t bad.

Creamy, non-drying formula and amazing orange toned red shade are the reason I completely felt in love with this lipstick. It feels comfortable to wear even on a day when I have drier lips. For me, this lipstick is one of the best purchases I ever made.

The first disappointment because of the orange undertone quickly disappeared and this has become one of my favourite foundation, especially in the summer when I got tanned and this foundation, mixed with brighter shade, perfectly matched my skin. I really like its formula ad finish, while it also lasts quite long.

When it comes to drugstore foundations, Catrice is definitely one of the brands that make great foundations. I bought this product without any expectation and because it was very similar to my favourite drugstore foundation Catrice Nude Illusion, I quickly felt in love with it and used it quite often, also in a combination with Vichy Teint Ideal.

Bourjois Silk Editon Porcelain powder
Although I discovered few good powders last year, my favourite and most used was Bourjois Silk Edition in shade Porcelain. It’s the brightest shade in the range that is a perfect match for my skin tone (especially now in the winter and combined with Bourjois foundation), it mattifies the skin nicely, gives a bit of coverage and prolongs the duration of a foundation. Its only bad characteristic is that it can emphasize dry parts on the skin. But besides that everything about this powder is perfect and I love how natural it looks on my skin.

I’m really a huge fan of lightweight creamy concealers with light to medium coverage. I don’t have extremely dark circles, so they are usually enough for me to cover up the area under my eyes. MeMeMe concealer blends really well and I like that it doesn’t crease extremely fast.

These twos are one of the softest brushes in my collection. Nanshy powder brush applies the powder perfectly without making it look cakey while contour brush applies and blends bronzer in hollows of my cheeks really nicely. I also like the blush brush, but I have to admit that it didn’t win over Eco Tools blush brush, which is still my favourite, that’s why I haven’t mentioned it here.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
I use this brush to apply powder over the concealer on places that are hard to reach with big powder blush, for example around the nose and under my eyes because its size it's perfect for that.

Essence The Gel base and top coat
Essence The Gel base and top coat are probably the best discovery of the year for me. I have weak nails, which means that every polish, no matter the brand or the price, will chip in no time on them (like in a day), but in a combination with these two products my manicures lasted for two or even three days. Not to mention that to coat is a fast drying top coat, which means it’ll dry a manicure in few minutes.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Million Gloss Crystal Oil
At the beginning, I thought that this product doesn’t have any influence on my hair, but with time I discovered that this light oil for hair is really amazing because it makes my ends soft, silky and shiny. But I also have to mention that my hair is really healthy lately and I don’t need heavy oils to nourish my hair.

CD Deo Pump Spray Pomegranate
Many bloggers don’t like this deodorant, because it contains alcohol and this ingredient bothers me a bit as well (when I use deodorant right after shaving), but otherwise, I really like this deodorant, because it smells amazing and now in winter it works perfectly for me – the scent stays on for hours once I spray it.

It’s probably not just its great cleansing function but also a gel alike texture that made me fall in love with this cleanser. My skin really loves it and it was one of the best products I tried in 2015. 

Have you tried any of these products? How did you like them? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Si si spremenila videz bloga - I like ti! <3 :D

    Sleek paleta je amazing - res odlični odtenki. Jaz bi samo modro zamenjala z kakšno drugo :D
    Lady Danger je tudi moja nova najljubša rdeča. Sicer moje suhe ustnice malo izsuši, tako da bo bolj za poletne dni. Se strinjam s Catrice Contour paleto - jaz jo praktično vedno uporabim. Res dober odtenek in prav tako Essence lip linerji. ;)

  2. Iii nov dizajn :) Mi zgleda zelo luštno in pomladno :D

    Sleek se popolnoma strinjam (in moram priznat da sem zadnje čase malo pozabila na njih, tako da sm kar vesela da si me ponovno spomnila :D)

    Essence Liplinerji so tudi meni zelo všeč, pa gel top in base coat tudi :D

    Me pa zelo firbec daje glede olja za lase, moram sprobat :)

  3. Novi izgled bloga je prekrasen <3

    Morem pa definitivno sprobat ta Catrice primer za senčila, vidim pa da so nas vse navdušili Essence liplinerji :)

  4. Joj čisto sem pozabila na catrice gel base in top coat. Res sta super par. Cristal oil sem pa že nekajkrat gledala v drogeriji pa se nikakor ne morem odločiti za nakup. Imam tudi catrice prime and fine, in se nikakor ne morem odločit al mi je všeč al ne. Enkrat se mi super obnese, naslednjič se mi pa senčke ravno tako naberejo v gubice kot, če ga ne bi uporabila.

  5. Se pridružujem, luškan nov videz bloga <3 Drugače pa ja, ti Essence svinčniki za ustnice so tudi meni super, po vrhu vseh plusov, ki jih imajo pa še tako smešno nizka cena :) Sem si pa tudi sama končno kupila prvo M.A.C. šminko. Vse super, ampak obstojnost pa čisto mimo :/ Catrice tekoči puder imam tudi jaz. Mi je všeč, da sem končno našla identičen odtenek moji polti, ampak mi pa res zelo izsuši obraz, tako da je potrebna res prava nega, da se potem te izsušenosti rešim.

  6. Waaaw, prečudovit nov videz <3 In prav tako so čudovite tudi fotografije! Love it! Sem pa tudi sama zelo zadovoljna z Essence Longlastning Liplinerji, ker so zelo lepih odtenkov in tudi obstojnost je odlična. Prav tako tudi izdelki od Catrice. xx

  7. Nice post. Here you can find everyting about hair care.

  8. I agree with you that Essence lipliners are something special :), but this Bourjois powder, ah.. I felt its texture in the store, really silky to the touch. I want this powder in my makeup collection :). Kristina

    1. Aaa, no answers, why Taya, whyyy :D :D ? Kristina

  9. Oh Lady Danger je res neverjetna! Tudi moja najljubša :) Sem postala prava obsedenka z Mac šminkami!
    Drugače pa vse pohvale,sploh nisem vedela,da ste vse ve nadarjene blogerke iz Prekmurja :) Super ste! :)

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