Balea's Advent's Calendar + Giveaway

Today I have for you a preview of Balea’s advent’s calendar I was opening this December. I haven’t tried any products yet, because I have opened other products I need to use up first, so there won’t be any reviews, but I’ll tell my general opinion about it. I bought Balea’s calendar in DM for 15 €, which I think it’s quite inexpensive for a calendar with 24 products. Most of them are testers, but still big enough that you can tell if products impress you or not. For the end I decided to give away few products I know I won’t use – just to make you, my readers, happy and to say thank you for reading my blog. All products are from regular assortment and can be bought at DM. I’m really happy with the calendar and I don’t regret buying it. But I think it would be even more amazing, if Balea would release a calendar with limited edition products in it, those are always more interesting and fun to open.

 Body products
I’m going to start with some body products. There were two shower gels in the calendar, which is little for me, who’s a shower gel addicts and likes to try new scents all the time, not to mention Balea has great shower gels, but I guess some people didn’t mind that. The scents were Vanilla&Coconut and Lime&Aloe Vera. There was also a body milk for dry skin inside together with a perfume Sense of Magic that smells nicely, two bath bombs and a soap. Since I’m not that huge fan of bath bombs, I’d prefer another shower gel instead. 

Hair products
I was surprised how many hair products there was in the calendar. There were three shampoos and three hair masks that match shampoos. As far as I can tell all shampoos were created for dry and damaged hair, since they provide moisture (Peach&Coconut shampoo and mask), repair (Professional Repair+Pflege shampoo and Oil Repair mask) and intensive hair care (Vanilla&Almond Oil shampoo). Balea Beautiful Long mask should also repair and strengthen your hair. I’m really curious how these products will work for me, since I’m currently having very healthy hair, with the exception of split ends. 

Face, lips and leg products
I could actually include leg product to body products, I don’t know why I added them to the last group, but however, there were After Shave gel and a cream for feet inside the calendar. There was only one product for lips – a Sensitive lip balm. I do wish they would include a lip balm or two more, I enjoyed few of those I tried (although not all). Together with hair products the most represented group of products are face products. In calendar there were: Q10 day and night cream, cleansing gel for normal and mixed skin (which I tried before and liked), Milk&Honey mask, cleansing mask, Ultra Sensitive Cream and cream for face and body. There was also one hand cream inside with the scent of camomile. 

Giveaway (Slovenian readers only)
Za slovenske bralke sem pripravile še nagradno igro, v kateri bosta dve izmed bralk prejeli manjšo pozornost. Prva nagrada je sestavljena iz kreme za roke z vonjem kamilice, maske za obraz z vonjem mleka in medu ter mila v obliki božičnega drevesa. Druga nagrada je sestavljena iz mleka za telo za suho kožo, univerzalne kreme za obraz in telo ter kopalne zvezde z vonjem pečenih jabolk. Za sodelovanje v nagradni igri v aplikaciji Rafflecopter pustite svoj elektronski naslov, kamor vas lahko kontaktiram, če boste izžrebane, nagradna igra pa je odprta do 10. 1. 2016. Vso srečo vsem!

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