FOTD: Inspired by Minions

I'm on fire with makeup looks lately, so don't resent me if you'll have to see many makeup looks on my blog in next few days and weeks.
Our favourite characters from Despicable Me got their own movie this year, and I was so eager to see it that I dragged my darling, who is not a fan of animated movies, to the cinema. I enjoyed the movie, and already back then I got the idea to create a makeup look, inspired by Minions. Yellow and blue, those are the colours of little creatures Minions. I actually had a bit crazier look in mind, but it didn't really come out as I imagined, so I did something simpler, but pretty anyway.  

To get a straighter line I taped a tape from outer corner of my eye till my brow. I started with priming my lid with eyeshadow base to prevent creasing, as usual (photo 1), and then I applied a white jumbo pencil all over the lid (photo 2). I set it with white eyeshadow. Always, even when I use a white pencil to increase the intensity of coloured eyeshadows, I use an eyeshadow primer underneath. I noticed that the jumbo pencil never creases in this case. Then I applied a yellow eyeshadow on the lid, but I didn’t go all the way to inner corner (photo 3). Next I applied a brown shade in crease and blended it up on brow bone. I suggest starting with a light touch of colour and then layering it, because it's easier to blend it together with yellow that way and also to achieve soft edges. In inner corner I added a bit of white eyeshadow (photo 4). When the tape was still on my skin I outlined the flick, then removed the tape and finished the application of eyeliner (photo 5). On lower lash line and on water line I applied a blue eye pencil (photo 6) and then prolonged the line following the flick (photo 7). I softened the line with a blue eyeshadow. I also prolonged the eyeliner in inner corner and made a short flick there (photo 8). For the end I curled my lashes and applied mascara (photo 9)

For 31 day nail art challenge a made a manicure, inspired by Minions and it was a perfect match to my makeup. Also, I can't believe, how amazing my skin looks on these photos, like it would be photoshopped (but it's not).

Products I used:
- Vichy Teint Ideal 15
- Oriflame The One Illuskin foundation Porcelain
- Bourjois Silk Finish Porcelain
- Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Rewind Fair
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer Porcellain
- Catrice Prime and Fine contour palette Ashy Radiance
- Catrice Coral Me Maybe
- Catrice Highlighting Powder Stardust

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow primer
- NYX Milk
- Lady Queen 20 Colour Professional palette
- Essence Nauti Girl Cool Breeze
- Essence Liquid eyeliner High Shine
- Misslyn eyepencil Cornflower
- Oriflame The One Stylo Black
- Essence Lash Mania mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes)

- Aura lipliner 36
- Bourjois Nude-ist

What do you think about this look? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Modern Twist on a Classic Makeup Look (Collaboration with Adjusting Beauty)

Hello, my dear beautiful followers. I'm so happy to share with you today's post, because it's a makeup collaboration post with one of the best and my favourite Slovenian blogger Petra from Adjusting Beauty. Since we both own Mac lipstick Lady Danger, we decided to create a makeup look with it. We thought a lot what we should do, but the first thing that came on our minds was a classic look. In the end we both decided for a classic look with a twist and end up doing the same technique, which is a cut crease. You know what they say, great minds think alike. :) 

Step 1: As always I started with an eyeshadow base, which prevents eyeshadow from creasing and also makes sure that the eyeshadow will stay on your lids longer. 
Step 2: With a brown shade and a pointer brush I outlined the crease. 
Step 3: On brow bone, above  the line, I applied a darker brown matte shade.
Step 4: Next step was blending. Blend, blend, blend, until you don't get a nice soft edge. You can help yourself with very light brown eyeshadow. Also, if you don't have a harsh line in crease after blending, use a thin flat brush and a concealer to cover up everything that's under the crease line.
Step 5: I applied a golden metallic eyeshadow all over this lid and in inner corner of my eye. I also added a bit more dark brown to deepen the crease line.
Step 6: I used a dark shimmery brown eyeshadow on lower lash line. 
Step 7: Eyeliner is a must for me by looks like this.
Step 8: First I used a nude jumbo pencil on waterline and white eyeshadow under my brow as highlighter. Then I curled my lashes and applied mascara. 
Step 9: False lashes are an optional step. I applied them to achieve more dramatic look, but in the end didn't get many great photos to share them with you in this post.

Lady Danger is a bright orange-red lipstick with matte finish, and I have to say I was impressed how smooth it applies on lips. Despite the matte finish it doesn't dry my lips, which is amazing. As you will notice, this lipstick looks different on different people. On Petra it looks completely red, while on me it obviously has more orange undertone. On nails I'm wearing Essence Cherry Cherry Girl from Cherry Blossom Girl TE.

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain
- Maybelline Instant Anti-Age concealer Fair
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer Porcellain
- Catrice Prime and Fine contour palette Ashy Radiance
- Catrice Coral Me Maybe
- P2 High Beam highlighter

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- Sleek Storm palette
- Catrice All About Matt palette
- Freedom Jewels and Riches palette
- Oriflame The One Stylo eyeliner Black
- Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight it Nude
- Essence Lash Mania Mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes)
- Lady Queen False lashes

- Mac Lady Danger

I also added some false lashes and took a bunch of photo wearing them, but only this photo came out okay enough for me to post it. 

Definitely don't forget to check Petra's post to see what look she did and how Mac Lady Danger lipstick looks on her. And while you're there, don't forget to click follow button, because she really has an amazing blog.

How do you like this makeup look? Thank you for reading!

Review: Catrice Lashes to Kill Amazing Volume and Curl

I don’t know what draw me to Catrice Lashes to Kill Ultra Curl and Volume mascara, maybe it was a promise of amazing volume and curls, but I knew I had to get it. When I first tried it I was a bit disappointed, because it was far from amazing volume that it promises, but then a saw a label waterproof. I won’t say I tried a lot waterproof mascaras, but those I did didn’t give a lot of volume to my lashes. When I tried it having waterproof word in my mind, I immediately got a different impression about it.

Since Mateja wrote about Essence Lash Mania mascara and I bought it, I was hooked and it was my go to mascara during the summer. I was hoping that Catrice mascara will be very similar to Essence one, so I gave it another try. In this post I decided to compare both mascaras and tell you my observing.

Catrice mascara comes in a black plastic packaging with white and purple writing on. The packaging contains 10,5 ml and it costs 4,29 €. It promises dramatic volume, ultimate length and ultra curled lashes with eye opening effect. The job of the curved brush this mascara has is to lift and curl lashes, which it does a bit, but they are not really “ultra curled”. Dramatic volume is again another thing that mascara doesn’t fulfil. It actually gives a bit more natural look to my lashes, so it was a good choice in the summer for quick natural looks without dramatic eyeliner.   

I compared Essence to Catrice mascara and they worked so similar at the beginning. Essence was a bit clumsier and it stuck lashes more together, while Catrice separated them nicely, but it didn’t make them as long and curled as Essence one (I also have to mention that both mascaras were wet at the beginning, although not as much as some other Essence mascaras, for example I Love Extreme). Since Essence mascara is discontinued, Catrice seemed like a good substitute to it. The longer I was trying both mascaras more I was sure that Essence one is better. Yet again Essence won a fight, considering the mascaras.

After some time of usage Essence mascara dried and the application of it was a pure love, because it doesn’t stick lashes together as much anymore, yet it prolongs them and it holds the curls amazingly. On the other hand Catrice doesn’t prolong lashes as nicely as Essence and it also doesn’t hold curls as good as Essence, although it got drier with time as well. Catrice mascara has just too heavy formula to hold lashes nicely. They both survive the day amazingly without smudging and giving me panda eyes, but when it comes to removing, Essence is more stubborn and it takes much time to remove it. 

I made a little comparison test on eyes, wearing a colourful makeup with eyeliner – just the way I love it. On right eye (aka on your left side) I’m wearing Essence Lash Mania mascara and on left eye (aka your right side) Catrice Lashes to Kill mascara. I curled my lashes with curler before the application of mascaras, and as you can see Essence holds curls much better, while on the other hand Catrice separates lashes more nicely. 

Despite everything I think Catrice made a good waterproof mascara to use during the summer for a quick natural makeup, because it won’t smudge, however I still think Essence makes better mascaras and it’s going to be always my first choice, no matter if I’m buying regular or waterproof mascara. Essence Lash Mania is unfortunately discontinued, but Mateja just reviewed waterproof version of Essence I Love Extreme and by her words this mascara is even better than Lash Mania. I already bought it, and I’m very curious to try it.

Have you tried any of these two mascaras? Which mascara does work best for you? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Fall Fairy (Halloween Series)

The September is not even over yet, and I'm already in Halloween mood. This year I decided to create few creative, Halloween appropriate makeup looks, and for some I’ll even share tutorials. I decided to start with few more girly, sexy looks that can work okay as bolder night out looks without all additions and once one adjusts them, but I hope I’ll have time to create even crazier looks. This looks take more time than my usual looks, especially when I’m photographing step by step applications for tutorial, but they are so much more fun to create and play with.

The first look I created was actually a Snow Queen look, of which you could see a preview on my Facebook page if you follow me there, but I decided to post a makeup look that was inspired by fall first. I call it Fall Fairy. Some time ago I found a band with fall leaves in Tedi, and I knew immediately that I’ll have to include it in one of my Halloween looks. This band served me for a crown. Because I have very straight hair with no volume and I wanted a huge volume for this look, I braided my hair the night before I was doing this makeup, and the next morning I had curly volumising hair style on my head. 

I always start my makeup looks with application of foundation. Even if I use eyeshadows that fall out like crazy, I have to have at least one layer of foundation on my face ... from no special reason, just because I got use to it. After that I fill my brows. This time I actually planned something more for them, but in the end I left them as I usual wear them.

Photo 1: First I placed a tape in a line from outer V of my eye to my eyebrow, because I wanted to achieve a sharp line, and there’s no better way to achieve it as with usage of a tape. Then I used an eyeshadow base, which I set with white eyeshadow. In crease I applied very light brown eyeshadow as a transition colour.
Photo 2: First I applied Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow On and On Bronze on inner third of the lid and then Metallic Pomegranate on outer two thirds.
Photo 3: Over bronze base I layered golden eyeshadow, and over plumy base an eyeshadow in the same colour. Because I used creamy eyeshadows as a base, metallic eyeshadows from Sleek Vintage palette looked really intense on my eyes.
Photo 4: I applied a dark warm brown shade in crease and really blended it high on brow bone.  
Photo 5: In outer V I applied black eyeshadow, as usual.
Photo 6: Since this is a fall makeup and I wanted a bit of orange on upper part of the eye, I took a blending brush and with orange eyeshadow I gently blended harsh line on brow bone. For highlighting the area under my brows I used a pearly white eyeshadow.

Photo 1: Now that makeup on upper part of the eye was mostly done, I applied black eyeliner. I made a flick when the tape was still on my face, but then I removed it and finished the application.
Photo 2: It’s not that visible, but I gently draw a line with orange eyeshadow from outer part of my eye (where the flick is starting) down towards my cheek. Then I applied a bit of concealer, which was my base for orange eyeshadow, and set it with powder, because I didn’t want for my eyeshadow to crease.
Photo 3: Then I started to gently apply orange eyeshadow on lower lash line and blend it down on almost whole area of my dark circles (I don’t know how to express this better, but you can see on the photo what I’m trying to explain).
Photo 4: In inner corner of the eye I first applied a white pearly eyeshadow and then black eyeliner.
Photo 5: I admit, I did look strange, because orange on dark circles looks like someone would beat you. So I added a bit of golden eyeshadow over the orange, which immediately softened the look. Then I took golden nail foil, which I bought on Moja drogerija and it’s actually foil for nails, and started gluing little pieces on orange eyeshadow, parallel with the straight line. I also added a bit of plum eyeshadow on lower lash line. I used black kajal pencil on waterline.
Photo 6: For the end I curled my lashes, applied a bit of mascara and then false lashes. As you can see, I glued them a bit strangely here. What can I say; I’m still far from being expert in false lashes application. I also want to mention that applying false lashes was the last step by finishing this look, because I always have a problem with them in inner corner of the eye, where they don’t want to stick on lid nicely.

On the face I decided not to complicate, because I bought glitter in a shape of leaves and I wanted that the main focus would be on those leaves. First I contoured my face with bronzer from Sleek Face Form Kit in shade Fair, and then I went over with golden highlighter, because I felt like I need some shimmer there (photo 1). For the blush I first used peachy Sleek Life’s a Peach (photo 2), but everything on my face seemed too orange, so I applied a bit of Sleek Pomegranate over it to get more reddish effect (photo 3). On left side of my face I applied a bunch of leaves glitter (photo 4). I started on my cheeks and went up to crown of the head. I bought this glitter in Tedi for about 1 €. There is plenty different glitter in it (starts, butterflies etc.), so it’s quite affordable for those who want to be creative. Leaves come in three different sizes, shapes and colours and are duochrome, which makes them even more amazing. I glued leaves in my face with Fingrs lash glue. I always use this glue, when I have to glue anything on my face, because it holds everything in place very well.

On the lips I first applied Avon Tangerine Tango, which is an orange creamy lipstick. Then I used brown creamy eyeshadow from palette Imagic (at least that’s what it says on packaging, I got it on Ebay) for lining my lips. I actually regret that I didn’t take any photos of this palette before I used it, because eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented (I also used them for Snow Queen look). I actually got it to use it for more creative looks, but never planned to review it, because I didn’t expect I’ll like it so much. Okay, back to tutorial. For the end I wanted to apply a bit of golden eyeshadow on inner part of my lips, but in the end I ended up applying it over my whole lips. I think this lip combo really screamed “fall” in the end. 

When makeup was done I un-braided my hair and then put the band with leaves on my head as a crown. Because I felt like something is missing, I added few leaves on my neck on right side, but because of my hair this glitter wasn’t much visible. 

Products I used:
- Vichy Teint Ideal 15
- Oriflame The One Illuskin foundation Porcelain
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage 01 Porcelain
- MeMeMe Flawless Skin Beige
- Bourjois Silk Edition Porcelain
- Sleek Face Form Kit Fair (bronzer)
- Sleek Life's a Peach
- Sleek Pomegratane
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger
- glitter from Tedi

- NYX HD eyeshadow base
- Sleek Vintage Romance (Meet in Madrid, A Wow Venice, Honeymood in Hollywood)
- Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metallic Pomegranate
- Maybelline Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze
- Sleek Storm (shade 2, 6, 7, 12)
- S-he Stylezone eyeshadow quatro 245
- Oriflame The One Stylo Black
- Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner High Gloss
- S-he Stylezone dip eyeliner waterproof 001 Black
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Essence Lash Mania mascara
- Born Pretty Store false lashes 426
- golden foil
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes)

- Avon Tangerine Tango
- Imagic Professional Cosmetics pallete 12 Flash Color Case
- Sleek Storm (golden eyeshadow)

I have to show you one photo of this look without the "crown", because I really love how much hair I have when I curl it. I think braids will be my go to hairstyle from now on.

I liked this look so much that I didn't want to remove it, so I had to "recycle" in into wearable look. Okay, wearable for me, because I know many of you probably still think this is too crazy look to be wearable. I removed most of the orange eyeshadow from my under eye circles and the glitter had to go, but I kept golden foil. I just loved it to much to remove it. 

What do you think about this makeup look? How do you like these photo tutorials, are they enough understandable? Thank you for reading!

NOTD: Fall Leaves (Coollaboration with Nail 2 Express)

Danes imam za vas prav posebno jesensko objavo, ki je nastala v sodelovanju z izjemno in nadarjeno slovensko nail blogerko Katjo, ki ustvarja blog Nail 2 Express. Ko me je Katja povabila k sodelovanju, nisem niti za hip oklevala, saj obožujem sodelovanja s slovenskimi blogerkami, ker se mi zdi, da nas še bolj povežejo, poleg tega pa si kot velika oboževalka Katjinega bloga štejem njeno povabilo v čast.  Ker že vse diši po jeseni pa še prvi jesenski dan je danes, sva se dogovorili, da vsaka od naju ustvari manikiro na temo jeseni.

Fall is just around the corner, and I’m bringing fall coloured posts on my blog as well, starting with today’s post that is collaboration with amazing Slovenian nail blogger Katja from Nail 2 Express. I’m really honoured that she invited me to collaborate with her, because I’m a huge fan of her blog. Since she is a nail blogger, we decided that each of us will do a manicure, inspired by fall.

Ker sem sama trenutno z mislimi čisto v 31 dnevnem nail art izzivu, je odločitev takoj padla na štempljanje, katerega mojstrica je tudi Katja. Motiv prepletenih jesenskih listov, ki jih vsebuje Born Pretty Store paleta Qgirl-013, je odličen pokazatelj jeseni. Na sredinec in prstanec sem nanesla dva sloja Essence Crew First, prekrasnega nude laka, ki mi je služil kot podlaga za nail art. Na ostale nohte sem najprej nanesla dva sloja laka Essie Bahama Mama, ki je popoln jesenski odtenek. Čez njega sem slojila lak Beyu 209, ki s svojim šimrom daje celotni manikiri poseben sijaj.

My thoughts are currently completely in 31 day challenge, so I decided that I’ll do stamping and not a free-hand manicure here, because it’s going to be faster that way. I don’t have many plates that would have fall motive, but Born Pretty Store plate Qgirl-013 has a gorgeous leaves design that I decided to use for this manicure. On my ring and middle finger I first applied Essence Crew First, which is a nude polish and was my base for nail art. On other nails I used 2 coats of Essie Bahama Mama, a perfect fall nail polish shade, and then I layered Beyu 209 over it to give it more sparkle. 

Na prstancu in sredincu sem pred štempljanjem naredila tehniko, ki se v angleščini imenuje »dry brush technique«. To pomeni, da lak s čopiča skorajda popolnoma odstraniš, nato pa tisto minimalno količino, ki ostane na čopiču, naneseš na noht. Laki, ki sem jih uporabila za to tehniko, so Coral Marsala Collection 08, Essence Copper Rulez, Manhattan 29Z in Catrice Lost in Mud. Za štempljanje sem uporabila odtenek Essie Bahama Mama, s katerim sem barvno povezala celotno manikiro.

I made a dry brush technique on Essence polish, which I actually did for the first time and I was really happy with the result. This technique is very easy – wipe off most of the polish from the brush and what does left apply on your nails randomly. Polishes I used here are Coral Marsala Collection 08, Essence Copper Rulez, Manhattan 29Z and Catrice Lost in Mud. For stamping I used Essie Bahama Mama.

Nikar ne pozabite pogledati Katjine čudovite manikire, ki jo je objavila tukaj, in ko boste že na njenem blogu, ne pozabite klikniti gumna »spremljaj«, saj vas bo vedno znova navduševala s prečudovitimi manikirami.

Don’t forget to check Katja’s manicure here and while you’re there definitely click follow button, if you don’t follow her yet, because I can guarantee you that you will be amazed by her manicures.

Kako vam je všeč moja jesensko obarvana manikira? Hvala za pozornost!
How do you like my fall inspired manicure? Thank you for reading!

Review: Catrice Nude Illusion and Even Skin Tone Foundations

The review of Catrice Even Skin Tone foundation was very highly requested, and I know a lot of you were waiting for it, but I have a habit that I test a foundation at least one month, wearing it few times a week, before I can posts a proper review. The second reason I bring this review so late is that I had to lose some tan, because I bought shade 010, which is bright, but at the time I got it I was quite dark and it was too bright for me. Now I’ve became a bit paler and the shade adjusts to my skin tone better, so it’s more reliable for me to write the review. The reason I bought shade 010 is because I want to use this foundation during winter as well. But before I review Even Skin Tone foundation, I want to talk about Catrice Nude Illusion foundation. Many has been said about this foundation on other blogs and on mine as well, but I noticed that Nude Illusion and Even Skin Tone foundation have a lot of similarities and joined review is more than appropriate. 

Catrice Nude Illusion 01 Nude Ivory
What Catrice says about this foundation: Light, melting foundation with soft-focus effect and just the right amount of mattifying coverage. For a flawless finish that looks and feel perfectly natural. With protective UVA/UVB filters. Moisturizing. Longlasting. Dermatologically tested. 

Packaging: Catrice Nude Illusion has a glass bottle with a pump that’s easy to work with. With it you can easily dosage the amount of product you want. I usually use two to three pumps of foundation, it depends from the coverage I want. The bottle contains 30 ml.

Shade: Nude Ivory is the lightest shade in the range. It’s very bright and it has a neutral undertone. During the winter it does match my skin tone nicely, maybe it’s just a tiny bit too dark. It matches my skin the best during the spring, when I get a bit of tan.

Texture and finish: I really love the formula of this foundation. It has a bit thicker formula, but it applies and blends really nicely (with a sponge or a brush). I have a feeling that it adjusts to my skin really nicely, and it gives it a healthy matte look. If I don’t set it with powder, my skin gets shiny after few hours despite my normal skin. But otherwise it really looks natural on my skin. When I’m wearing it (or even Even Skin Tone foundation) people think I don’t wear any foundation. 

Coverage: The coverage is medium, but it can be upgraded. Beside the redness on some parts I don’t have huge problems with my skin, so two pumps are enough to cover up my whole face, and sometimes I use the third pump around my nose and on my cheeks, where the foundations tends to fade away the fastest. This foundation evens out the skin perfectly and it gives me a flawless natural look. I wouldn’t say it’s moisturizing, but it doesn’t feel drying on the skin, it’s actually pretty lightweight and most of the time I have a feeling like I’m not wearing anything. It’s one of those foundations that won’t emphasize dry patches on your skin.

Scent: If you smell the foundation in the bottle it has a bit strange artificial scent, but when applying it on face I don’t smell anything. I hate nothing more than strong scented foundations.

Staying power: The foundations around 8 hours on my skin, if I set it with powder, but then it starts to fade away slowly.

Catrice Even Skin Tone Beautifying foundation 010 Even Vanilla
What Catrice says about this foundation: The longlasting and caring foundation creates evidentially a visibly more even skin tone. It instantly covers dark spots, imperfections and redness and reveals a radiant matt finish. After 8 weeks already, it visibly brightens dark spots – clinically proven. For a more beautiful and healthy looking radiant skin. SPF 25.

Packaging: Catrice really likes to launch their foundations in a glass bottle and I highly appreciate that. Many bloggers have said that Even Skin Tone has the same packaging as Photo Finish foundation, which is discontinued, and I guess Catrice just reformulated the foundation and kept the packaging (but I haven’t tried Photo Finish foundation, so these are just my speculations). The pump is very similar to Nude Illusion pump, and as that one this one also enables easy dosage with the needed amount of product. The bottle contains 30 ml of product. 

Shade: Catrice made a step further and created a very light shade 005 Even Ivory that would probably match many fair girls, but I personally decided for 010 Even Vanilla, because in the store I swatched both shades together and they seemed very close by the lightness, but 005 had a pink undertone, which does not match my skin at all. I can work with neutral or yellow foundations, but not with pink. Even Vanilla has a slight yellow undertone, but what surprised me the most is that when I put it on one half of my face and Nude Illusion on other half, it adapted to my skin tone and after some time both foundations started to looks the same. In the end you can see the photo that proves that.

Texture and finish: Even Skin Tone has even thicker and creamier texture than Nude Illusion. It doesn’t apply as smooth as Nude Illusion, but it blends out easy anyway. It doesn’t give a complete matte finish look to the skin, so I would agree with the description which says that it gives a radiant look to the skin. But of course, when I compared it side by side with Nude Illusion on my face, the difference in finish was barely visible. What I did notice in comparison to Nude Illusion is that Even Skin Tone feels more drying to the touch and that it does emphasize dry parts a bit. Nothing too noticeable from far, but that might be bothering for some people. 

Coverage: Its coverage is medium, but the foundation can be layered. Although it says on the packaging that it covers dark spots, imperfections and redness instantly, I wouldn’t say it covers them completely. Maybe it covers the redness on my cheeks, but definitely not dark spots. For example, my under eye circles are not that dark, but I still need a concealer to cover them up, because I can still see them through foundation.

Scent: I don’t know what Catrice was thinking when they made a strongly scented foundation, because I really hate that. The scent is not noticeable only when you smell the bottle up close, but also when you’re applying foundation on your face. After application I don’t smell it anymore, but it’s quite annoying during the application, especially because it’s a strange sweet scent I’m not a fan of.

Staying power: This foundation has similar staying power as Nude Illusion. If I don’t set it with powder, it does fade away faster on my cheek area than Nude Illusion (the redness starts to peek through – I have a very strong red colour of my cheeks), but mattified it stays on my skin for around 8 hours. 

Conclusion: I do like both foundations, especially because they work very similar on my normal skin with few minimal differences, but my personal choice for repurchase would be Nude Illusion. It’s not the scent, which bothers me by Even Skin Tone (I can forgive it that because it’s a good drugstore foundation), but I just think that Nude Illusion adjusts better to my skin and I prefer the flawless and healthy look it’s giving me. From a far nobody could notice I’m wearing two foundations when I put them side by side on my face, and someone who’s not a cosmetics fan would definitely say it’s the same foundation if (s)he would look closer, but I did notice the difference when I looked closer and I liked the look of Nude Illusion foundation on my skin better. I added a photo where I have both foundations on, but it's very hard to capture on photo what I'm talking about. It's something I notice in person that convinces me which foundation I like better.

Price: Both foundation cost 7,69 € (I don’t know why I had in mind that one is cheaper). You can get them in drugstores that sell Catrice.

Check swatches of both foundations side by side here.

Have you tried any of these foundation? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 11 - Day 20

Another 10 days of 31 day nail art challenge have passed, and today I want to share with you 10 manicures I did for the part "styles". I'm actually really happy that this part is over, although now even harder begins, because the theme of day 20 was water marble, and today I spend two hours trying to do a marble design on one nail and totally failed. First, nail polishes didn't want to spread, and when they finally did, I couldn't get the design on my nails, because I managed to pick up all the nail polish that was on the water, not only the designs I wanted. I wouldn't mind if this would happen only once, but it happened three times. Ugh, I was so angry. In the end I cheated and I stamped the design that looked similar to water marble. And now I'm in the mood to take a break from challenge, but I won't. Only 11 manicures to go. I can do this!

Day 11: Polka dots
- S-he Stylezone 115
- Misslyn True White
- Essence Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
- Catrice Plum Play With Me

Day 12: Stripes
- OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh
- Bourjois Chair Etr Tendre
- Essence My Love Diary
- Misslyn Miracle Berry

Day 13: Animal Print
- S-he Stylezone 115
- Misslyn True White
- Essence Black is Back
- Models Own Bikini
- Born Pretty Store studs

Day 14: Flowers
- Essence Indian Summer
- Tedi nail polish stickers
- S-he Stylezone 115

Day 15: Delicate print
- S-he Stylezone 115
- Misslyn True White
- Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low
- Essence The Huntsman
- China Glaze Mahagony Magic
- Born Pretty Store BP 73

Day 16: Geometric
- S-he Stylezone 115
- Essence Miss Captain
- Bourjois Only Bluuuue
- Essence Fall For Me
- Essie Avenue Maintain

Day 17: Glitter
- Deborah Milano 01
- P2 Precious

Day 18: Half moons
- S-he Stylezone 115
- Misslyn True White
- Barry M Racing Green
- Bourjois Turquoise Block
- Essence Play with my Mint
- Essence Exits on Your Right
- Born Pretty Store studs

Day 19: Galaxies
- Essence Indigo to Go
- S-he Stylezone 115
- Catrice Plum Play With Me
- Catrice Plum Me Up Scotty
- Bourjois Only Bluuuue
- Models Own Bikini

Day 20: Water marble
- Misslyn True White
- GT Cosmetics 259
- Models Own Bikini
- Models Own Flip Flop
- Ruby Kisses Orange U Over?
- Essence stamping plate

Which manicures do you like the most? Thank you for watching!