Empty #13

It's time for another empty post. Because I have a whole bunch of products I used up to show you I will skip intro and just start talking about products. 

Balea San Francisco hand lotion
I’m a big fan of Balea’s hand lotions. They are light, sink into the skin fast and moisturize it. This one smelled like peaches.
Repurchase: Yes, but a different scent.

Essence Cookies&Cream hand cream
I adore Essence creams. They aren’t greasy, they sink into the skin fast and moisturize it. This one was even better because it smelled like cookies and everything that smells like sweets stoles my heart.
Repurchase: I would, but it was LE
Vitaskin hand and nail cream
This one was bought by my mother and she used most of it, but in winter I had problems with dry hands and I took it from her. :P This is very thick cream and it takes time before it sinks into the skin, but it’s perfect for moisturizing and nourishing the dry skin and the feeling of moisten hands stays for a long time.
Repurchase: Maybe, in winter.

Maybelline nail polish remover
It was an okay nail polish remover, it removed nail polish fast and it didn’t dry my skin.
Repurchase: Not sure.

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Healthy Hair conditioner
I had periods when I liked this conditioner and periods when I completely hated it. It wasn’t as thick as some other conditioners I tried (Dove ...) and I think it didn’t nourish my ends enough, plus why would you do a conditioner for volume, if you can’t put it on your scalp? Does anyone do that? I don’t, because my hair becomes greasier faster if I put conditioner on a whole length of my hair, not just on my ends.
Repurchase: No.

Dove Pure Pflege shampoo
At the beginning I was really fond of this shampoo. It seemed to me that it cleans my hair nicely and it doesn’t dry them out, but longer I was using it greasier my hair became. I don’t know what the hell happened, but when I used this shampoo my hair became greasy already on the next day. It was crazy. I used it up and said to myself I’ll never buy it again. But guess what? I did buy it. By mistake. I wanted to get a conditioner, but I grabbed a shampoo. Now I’m not sure if I should use it or give it away.
Repurchase: No.

Alverde Hair Oil
This is another hair product that I really liked at the beginning, but not so much later. I used it in a combination with Avon treatment and I had really nicely soft and smooth hair, but when I used up Avon’s treatment I was using Alverde oil alone for some time. I had the same routine as before. I used it on wet hair, but even one drop was too much, because my hair was greasy. In the end I just gave up, left some product in the packaging and threw it away.
Repurchase: No.

Balea Dusch-Bodymilk trockene haut
This product promises a lot and a lot of people seem to be enjoying in it, but it didn’t work for me. I actually find Dove shower gels more nourishing than this body milk. You can read about my whole experience with it here.
Repurchase: No.

Balea Dusch&Creme shower gel Mandarin
It was an okay shower gel, like all Balea gels are, although it wasn’t my favourite scent, it was too artificial to me.
Repurchase: No.

Axe Anarchy for Her
I received this shower gel as a gift in DM while buying Axe shower gels for my darling. Axe is some piece of a cake, you know. They released a shower gel for women, but all they did is changing the label on the packaging. To me this product smells exactly as the Anarchy gel for him. Not to mention it’s more liquidly. It didn't feel that bad on the skin, but it's not a nourishing product.
Repurchase: No.

Dove Silk Glow shower gel
I adore Dove shower gels. They are so creamy, they moisturize and nourish the skin, and they smell so good. These are definitely my favourite.
Repurchase: Always.

Yves Rocher Jardins de Monde Orange from Florida shower gel
I didn’t like this shower gel too much. Not because it would be a bad shower gel, because it isn’t, but the scent wasn’t my favourite. Yves Rocher shower gels have strong scent and this one didn’t buy me. In the end I was using it to wash my hands, because I wanted to finish it.
Repurchase: No.

This was a very gentle eye makeup remover that didn’t irritate my eyes and removed everything without rubbing. It wasn’t an oil based remover, so it didn’t leave a film. Although I liked it I won’t repurchase it, because I prefer Ombia two phased remover.
Repurchase: No.

This was an okay cream, once my skin got use to it. It was light and it sank into the skin fast. It worked okay as a base for makeup, but I probably won’t repurchase it, because I found a cream that works better for me (I’m talking about Mixa Anti-dryness cream).
Repurchase: No.

I was using this cream as a night cream and it worked great. Despite its light texture it moisturized my skin perfectly and in the morning it was soft, nourished and not itchy at all. It can be used as a day cream too, but I didn’t work for as a base for foundation.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Rexona Longlasting Protection Fresh
Although Shower Clean is my favourite, I combine it with the scent Fresh, because I don’t want to get bored of it too fast. I think I used three or four bottles of Rexona deodorants and my armpits still didn’t get use to them, meaning they still work amazing against bad smell and sweating.
Repurchase: Already did.

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance perfume
I received this product as a gift. At the beginning I wasn’t too fond of it, although it smelled nicely, because it was too sweet, but soon it became my favourite scent. It begins with citrus and floral scents, as you can read on Internet (I’m bad in describing scents).
Repurchase: Maybe.

Catrice Vitamin lip treatment
This is the quickies used up lip product in my stash ever. I was using it on my lips during December and I finished it in one month. Yes, in one month. It was a nice smelling, moisturizing and non-sticky lipgloss.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Ultra Black mascara
I wasn’t fond of this mascara, because it didn’t do anything special for my lashes. More here.
Repurchase: No.

Max Factor Excess Volume mascara
This mascara was something. Here wasn’t such a huge problem the volume as it was the wetness at the beginning and the fact that it stuck my lashes together. More here.
Repurchase: No.

Collistar Infinito mascara
I liked this mascara. It gave my lashes a volume, but it can’t beat Essence Lash Princess mascara. More here.
Repurchase: No.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume mascara
This one should give lashes a volume, but for me this one was more of a mascara for natural look with no eyeliner. More here.
Repurchase: No.

Essence I Love Extreme mascara
My favourite mascara until I didn’t discover Lash Princess, which I prefer because it isn’t as wet as I Love Extreme and it defines lashes better. More here.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Essence Lash Princess mascara
My favourite mascara at the moment. I love the volume it gives to my lashes, it makes them longer and it doesn’t stick them together. It also doesn’t give me panda eyes, although here and there I find little black dots under my eyes.
Repurchase: Of course.

Essence The Lash Curler mascara
This one promises volume, nice curl and longevity, but does nothing from the list. More here.

Miyo Big Fat Smokey Eyes mascara
I liked this mascara a lot. Beside the fact that it gave volume to my lashes it also separated them nicely as no other mascara before. Well, unfortunately Miyo is available only in Nama in Ljubljana and I don’t have easy access to it. More about it here.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
This is one of the best products Essence ever released. I use it as a base coat and my week nails were never as strong as they are now since I used this hardener.
Repurchase: Yes.

Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat
Favourite top coat of many and I liked it as well. It dries the manicure fast and I noticed that with this one my manicure last longer as if I use Essence Better than Gel Nails top coat. The only thing that bothers me is that it becomes thick too fast.
Repurchase: Already did.

S-he Stylezone glitter eyeliner
This is clear eyeliner with multicoloured glitter and I used it a lot by different looks. I bought this without any purpose and I’d never imagine this would be so useful to me. It’s definitely more appropriate for creative looks.
Repurchase: Already did.

Few nail polishes
I’m throwing away few polishes that are even used up or too thick and impossible to use. Crackle and glitter polishes dry so fast and even nail thinner can’t help them. These polishes are: Essence silver nail art polish, Vollare Nail Artistic purple polish, Joy golden glittery shade, Depend green crackle polish and Essence Nail Art white stamping polish.
Repurchase: No, none. 

Have you tried any of these products? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: In the Mood for Purple

I know my post titles are usually lame, but this title describes the best how I felt yesterday when I took eyeshadow brush in my hand. I was eager to wear purple on my eyes and the final result was this cocktail of different purple eyeshadows. 

I started with a base, of course. I used new Catrice Prime&Fine eyeshadow base, which is so much better that the old one. First I applied purple eyeshadow from S-he Quattro palette 245 in crease and blended it out on brow bone. Then I used Miyo 39 in crease. On outer two thirds of my lid I applied Ink from Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette and in inner one third Flesh, over which I applied Misslyn Next Generation. The same eyeshadow I used in inner corner as well. For lower lash line I mixed Miyo 39 and Ink from Sleek palette. For the end I applied dark purple eyeshadow Mystic Lilac from Essence Wild Craft TE in outer V. Then I was satisfied enough to use eyeliner (Essence Liquid Ink High Shine), mascara (Essence Lash Princess) and false lashes (Born Pretty Store). To highlight the surface under my brow I used MeMeMe Arch Angel highlighting cream, which I really like, and on waterline I applied Essence highlighting pencil. 
Because focus was on eyes, I lightly applied MeMeMe blush Rouge on cheeks and on lips I used nude lipstick from MeMeMe, called Cherub Blush.

Products I used:
- Fleur de Sante makeup primer
- Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory foundation
- Yves Rocher Youthful Glow foundation 100 Beige
- Artistry Exact Fit powder Cream
- Essence Stay All Day 16h long lasting concealer Natural Beige
- Sleek Face Form kit (bronzer)
- MeMeMe Blush Me! Rouge

- Catrice Prime&Fine eyeshadow base
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette (Ink, Flesh)
- Miyo 39
- S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Quattro palette 245
- Misslyn Next Generation
- Essence Mystic Lilac (Wild Craft TE)
- MeMeMe Arch Angel Tinted Brow Gel and Highlighting Cream Light Brown
- Essence Liquid Ink High Shine eyeliner
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight it ... Nude
- Born Pretty Store false lashes
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes for brows)

 - MeMeMe lipstick Cherub Blush

How do you like this look? Thank you for reading!

I Love... Cosmetics Vanilla&Almond Set (Giveaway)

I wrote about I Love… Cosmetics products before. This brand offers skin care products and after trying some of their shower gels I decided to try body butter as well. I bought a scent Vanilla&Almond in a set that contains body butter, shower gel and shower sponge. Last week there was an opening of the store Jager in Turnišče and they offer brands like I Love... Cosmetics, Afrodita and similar, which is quite convenient for me, because now I can just walk on foot to the store when I need some skin or hair care products, but for makeup I still need to drive to Murska Sobota. Anway, enough of my rambling, let’s talk about products now.

 Vanilla&Almond shower gel
The shower gel is a mini, 50 ml version. Unlike other I Love... Cosmetics shower gels this one is thicker and because of that easier to use during showering. It’s a shimmery shower gel and it foams really nicely. It smells more like an almond than vanilla to me, and its scent it very strong. At the beginning it was quite annoying to me, but with every usage I got more use to it and now I like it a lot. It’s not very nourishing, but it also doesn’t dry my skin. It leaves a gentle scent to it. The packaging is a cute mini plastic packaging, a copy of big ones. 

Vanilla&Almond body butter
I cannot help not to compare this body butter to The Body Shop one. This one is not as thick as TBS, but it also takes time to spread it over the skin and to rub it in. Once I do that the butter sinks fast and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, but moisturized and nourished skin. In the morning when I wake up my skin is soft and it still smells nicely. This one is also a mini version, it contains 50 ml. If I’d use it all over my body (legs, hands, back ...) it would be gone after 4 or 5 usages, but I usually use it only on my legs and hands, where I tend to have drier skin. It smells exactly the same as shower gel and I like it a lot, although I prefer TBS body butter a bit more. 

I bought this set in Jager for 3,99 €. I find it very affordable and I would repurchase it, but probably some other scent (like Raspberry Vanilla which smells so refreshing).

Now one of you lucky ladies will get a chance to win the same set in my giveaway by filling the Rafflecopters form. This giveaway is open one week from today, until 2. 5. 2015. It’s open only for Europe. Good luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Have you tried any of I Love... Cosmetics sets? Which products would you recommend me?

Review and Swatches: S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Quattro 245

S-he Stylezone is a brand that doesn’t really catch my eye when I visit DM. The main reason is their Lego style packaging, which doesn’t look attractive to me. Their old packaging was so much prettier. However, occasionally I buy their products and here and there some of them knock my socks off. One of these products is S-he Stylezone Eyeshadow Quattro 245. I think this palette is limited edition, but by S-he you never know because they don’t write it anywhere. 

Luckily this palette doesn’t have the typical S-he packaging – it is square, but the lid is straight, which makes is prettier and easier to store. Otherwise the packaging is small, which makes it perfect for carrying around. Well, that also depends from the shades. The palette I took is very colorful, which is the main reason that persuaded me to get it. Unfortunately the quantity isn’t written on the packaging. 

From my experience S-he eyeshadows are very fragile and they crumble quickly. Well, the story with these ones is completely different. They are very silky and soft, while they do dust and fall out during application. The color payoff is also amazing and they blend easily. While some, like purple, can blend so much that they lose the intensity, they are buildable (for example, on my first look purple eyeshadow looks very sheer, while on second very pigmented). Surprisingly, my favourite eyeshadow in this palette is the brown shade. It’s the creamiest and the most pigmented of the bunch. It’s also the only shimmery eyeshadow in the palette, while others have a matte finish and they contain glitter. What also surprised me is the acting on eyes. They didn’t crease on my eyes, they only faded a bit by the end of the day. For me this is really a perfect drugstore colorful palette, the only eyeshadow I’m missing is black (so I added a black eyeshadow from Sleek palette to the looks).

The price of this palette was around 3 of 4 €, I really don’t remember exactly. I always save the bills for products I want to review, so that I can check how much I paid, but when I actually review them the bill gets lost and I can’t find it – like in this case. Anyway, I like this palette a lot, it’s “me” palette and I find it much better quality as S-he eyeshadows usually are.

What do you think about this palette? Thank you for reading!

Products That Disappointed Me #5 (Products for Lashes)

Today I’m going to write about three products for lashes that left me cold. When I see the word “volume” on the packaging I immediately expect a volume when I put this product on my lashes, but when I don’t get it this product goes immediately in my disappointing products basket.

 Essence Lash Base mascara

Essence released white base mascara that should give an intense volume and length to the lashes. Its formula is creamy and mascara is very well pigmented, which means that it covers lashes completely, even if they are very dark. After you apply white base you need to apply the mascara immediately on the top, before the base dries. The white colour of this base mascara is so strong that it’s hard to cover. It takes ages to apply the black mascara over it so that the white colour isn’t visible anymore. I disagree that this mascara would help reaching an intense volume, but it helps by lengthening and it separates lashes perfectly, so it works great with those mascaras that usually stick lashes together. In the packaging there’s 9 g of products and it costs around 3 €. I like to use it when I want that my lashes will look more separates, but otherwise I don’t think it adds much to the volume and it bothers me that’s not the easiest to cover.

On my right eye I first used Essence Lash Base mascara and then I applied Essence Lash Princess mascara as I would normally apply it. On my left eye I used Essence Lash Princess mascara alone. I wanted to see if there's any difference in the volume, but I can't see it. Otherwise Lash Princess mascara is very voluminous on its own.

Catrice Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres

I have no idea why I bought this product because fibres and I don’t go well together. I tolerate them in mascaras, but not separately. As Essence base mascara this one should also help achieving voluminous and longer lashes. I use it the way that I first apply mascara, then fibres and then I go over the lashes with another coat of mascara. I also tried the way that I first applied fibres and then mascara, but they didn’t stick well on my dry lashes.
For this post I intentionally chose mascara that doesn’t give much volume to show you that these fibres do nothing for me. It’s like I wouldn’t even apply them, but I did, because the feeling is very unpleasant when I use them. It’s like I would have something in my eye that would poke me all the time. And I don’t even wear contact lenses (this product is not suitable for people who wear contact lenses). You get 0,8 g fibres for around 4 €, but for me this is a thrown away money. I did saw on few blogs that this product worked for some ladies, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Catrice Lash Extension Volume Mascara

As I said at the beginning, if it says volume on the packaging I expect volume on my lashes as well. Well, this mascara doesn’t do what it promises. It’s actually written on the packaging: “Deep black volume mascara with integrated fibre extension for an ultimate lash extension effect.” I should have learned by now that Catrice can’t compete with Essence in doing a great mascara, because Essence wins this fight without a doubt. The brush of the mascara is small, so it enables an easy application and one can easily reach lashes in inner part of the eye as well. Fibres are barely visible and if I wouldn’t read the writing on the packaging, I wouldn’t even notice them. Mascara does give a nice black colour to the lashes, but no volume and a bit of length. I have no idea what’s with fibres and my lashes, but fibres don’t seem work on them (except if I’m doing something wrong). Although I opened this mascara three of four months ago it’s still pretty wet and if I don’t wipe the access product off it sticks my lashes together. For me this mascara is good for a day, when I want to achieve a natural look with a bit of colour on my lashes, but the problem is that I rarely want to achieve that look, I’m more of a “big voluminous lashes” girl. I regret that I didn’t add it into my giveaway few months ago when I received Catrice package on the event, because maybe someone else would like it better. Mascara contains 9 ml and it costs around 4 €. I personally am not a fan and would not recommend it if you expect a volume from it. 

Have you tried any of these three products? How are you satisfied with them? Thank you for reading!

Review: The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Products

Back in December when I visited Graz I got a lot of recommendations to visit The Body Shop store in the center of Graz. Everybody loves this brand and I was curious what’s so special about it. Stores in the center of Graz are very small, and in that festive season there were a lot of people doing shopping, so you can imagine that it was crowded in the store when I visited it. I barely manage to check out the half of the things they had in the store, what even to decide what I want to buy. In the end I decided for few holiday sets with testers, and the scent I got is vanilla. The Body Shop products have very strong scent and I was searching for something that would smell pleasant to me. Vanilla Brulee products were part of Christmas collection last year.

I got a shower gel, soap, body butter and a hand cream. Body butter, soap and shower gel are testers, while a hand cream is a full size product. I’m going to review each product separately and tell you, what I think about them.

Vanilla Brulee shower gel
Shower gel comes in a mini 60 ml version, while full size contains 250 ml. It’s dense and creamy product that foams nicely on the skin and it smells divine. I had this bottle for few usages, but I don’t remember anymore how many. This product leaves the skin very soft, although I can’t say it moisturizes it, but it also doesn’t dry it out. After the showering it also leaves the gentle vanilla scent on the skin that disappears after a while. 

Vanilla Brulee hand cream
The hand cream was the product I was most excited about, but it left me cold. The texture of a cream is very light and it soaks into the skin very fast. It doesn’t leave the greasy feeling on the skin, but it does leave the strong vanilla scent that last for ages. What doesn’t last on my skin is the feeling of moisturized hands. I have a feeling that my hands become dry fast, and if I apply it before going to bed I wake up with dry hands in the morning. I’m surprised that the scent lasts so long on hands, but the feeling of moisturized hands disappears faster. The hand cream contains 30 ml and it costs 9 €. Maybe this cream would work better for me in the summer when my hands aren’t that dry. 

Vanilla Brulee soap
This is the cutest soap I ever saw. It’s in the shape of a heart and I think these are limited edition soaps, because I don’t find them on TBS site to tell you how much product I actually got. This soap was very creamy and it foamed amazingly, but it dried the skin anyway as all soaps usually do. It also contained small dots of vanilla that you could feel between your hands while you were rubbing the soap. I think this was a very good soap that cleaned my skin nicely and it also leaved a gentle vanilla scent on it. 

Vanilla Brulee body butter
The body butter has a thick consistency and it takes a bit more time to rub it into the skin, but it moistures and nourishes the skin, not to mention the amazing scent that it leaves on it. The mini version contains 50 ml, while full size contains 200 ml, but I have to say 50 ml is enough for me, because using body butters and lotions is the step in body care that I often skip. If the hand cream didn’t impress me, I love body butter which moisturizes my skin for hours and also the scent stays on for quite some time. I usually apply it in the evening before going to sleep and in the morning I wake up with soft and silky skin. 

I have to admit I wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be considering the hype The Body Shop products are getting. I was really disappointed with the hand cream. It’s an okay product for people with not so dry hands, but since it was released as a part of Christmas collection, and the weather is cold outside during holidays season (it’s winter after all), I’d expect for it to be more moisturizing. Also, I find shower gel quite average. However, I did like the soap and the body butter is quite amazing. If I’d repurchase this collection I’d do so because of a scent, since this one really is amazing.

Which TBS have you used and you'd recommend them to try? Thank you for reading! 

NOTD: The Coral Spring

After such a long post as yesterday’s My Blush Collection was I was in a mood for something shorter today. I haven’t posted any nail art for a while, and recently I wore one very interesting, spring inspired manicure that actually wasn’t a stamping manicure, but a free-hand one. Polishes I used for this manicure are S-he Stylezone 115, Essence Off to Miami, Essence Makes Me Weak and Born Pretty Store golden stamping polish. I also made a tutorial. 

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nails. Then use 2 coats of a white nail polish.
Step 2: When white polish dries a bit, apply a coral shade on a half of the nail. Application doesn’t need to be perfect, because we’re going to do a line in the middle of a nail.
Step 3: Use a golden nail polish and draw a line between both shades.
Step 4: Use a coral nail polish and a dotting tool do draw few bigger dots on a side where white nail polish is.
Step 5: Use a brighter coral/peachy shade and draw thin lines into the dot. That way we’re going to get flowers.
Step 6: Do few golden dots around flowers.
Step 7: When everything we use dries a bit, use a top coat to seal your manicure. 

I hope you like this manicure. Thank you for reading!

My Blush Collection

I admit I'm obsessed with blushes. There was a time when I didn’t use blushes, because I thought I don’t need them, but when I discovered how gorgeously they define my face I felt in love and start buying them like crazy. Today I decided to show you my blush collection. I was actually preparing this post for months now, but taking photos and editing took me so much time that I needed a little break in between. :P Most of my blushes are from drugstore and probably a half of them are from limited edition collection, so this won’t be a long post of reviews, but not so short preview of my collection with information if these blushes are still available and where you can get them. 

This is a light pink shade with a very strong shimmer that isn’t overwhelming on the face, it rather gives it a glow. Its pigmentation it’s good, but it’s not the most long lasting blush. It’s available in Müller.

Catrice Pinkerbell
Pinkebell is my favourite pink blush. It’s from Catrice’s collection Defining blushes and it’s still available (you can get it in Müller). It’s amazingly pigmented, so I have to apply it gently to achieve a nice look, it blends nicely and it gives a matte finish to the face.

Mission Flower is a hot pink shade that has a creamy finish, but during application it changes into a powdery one. It’s nicely pigmented and easy to blend, and despite its strong colour it looks natural on skin. It was a part of Essence Guerilla Gardening TE.

Yves Rocher Taint Clair Rose
Taint Clair Rose is a very gentle rosy blush with a matte finish. I have to say I was very disappointed by this one, because it’s badly pigmented. It’s buildable, but appropriate only for fair people. It also doesn’t last very long on me. It’s available at Yves Rocher store.

Before Catrice released Defining blushes of only one shade they had Defining duo blushes with two shades. Pink Grapefruit Cake gives a pinky-coral colour if we mix both its shades together and it’s really a nice silky, pigmented blush. Its finish is matte. It’s discontinued.

Flormar Blush-On 89
I have a confession to make. I haven’t worn this blush on my cheeks yet. I don’t know why, because it’s a pretty pink matte shade with an amazing pigmentation. In Slovenia Flormar is sold in Supernova in Ljubljana.

Prima Ballerina is a perfect shade for summer due to its creamy texture that’s easy and quick to apply and blend on skin with fingers. It’s a pink matte shade and blended on skin looks quite natural. It was a part of Essence Ballerina Backstage collection.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer O’Boy
I only have one blush from Makeup Revolution, but I’m impressed. This is a pink matte creamy blush and its pigmentation amazed me. I need only a tiny bit of product to achieve a nice looking colour on my face and it stains which prolongs its duration. It’s available on Ličila.si.

MUA Shade 1
This is a bright matte pink shade with powdery texture. Its pigmentation is good, although not as amazing as by some other blushes. I don’t think it’s still available in Slovenia, but in the past it was sold on Ličila.si.

Catrice Defining blush Think Pink
Think Pink is a shade that I got because of Mateja’s review. It’s a gorgeous coral-pink shade with great pigmentation and it gives a matte look to the skin. Catrice Defining blushes have a very silky formula and are easy to blend. It’s available in Müller and maybe at DM and Tuš drugstore, too (I actually haven’t check Catrice stand in those stores properly yet).

Bed of Flowers is a dark fuchsia creamy blush that looks more pinkish on cheeks. Its pigmentation is not the best, but it’s buildable. It was a part of Catrice Eve in Bloom limited edition collection.

Candy Pink is a matte pink shade with nice pigmentation. Unfortunately it isn’t available anywhere in Slovenia, I got it in a swap from Serbia.

Sleek Pomegranate
I adore Sleek blushes and this one is my favourite. It’s a berry shimmery shade with amazing pigmentation. I need to touch it with a brush only a bit and it already gives a colour to my cheeks. The most amazes me the duration time. This blush last up to 10 hours on my cheeks – it depends how strong I apply it. I bought it at Mojadrogerija.si.

This is a dark burgundy red shimmery shade that looses the intention on cheeks and gets more pinkish undertone. Its pigmentation is amazing and it’s definitely one of the most amazing and my favourite drugstore blushes. It’s available in Müller.

Shy Pink is a darker pink shade with golden shimmer. It’s a nice blush, but completely neglected and unused. I think Fleur de Sante isn’t available in Slovenia anymore (correct me if I’m wrong).

If I neglect not so pretty packaging, this blush is an okay drugstore product. It’s a reddish pink shimmery shade with an okay pigmentation, but buildable. I bought it on sale last year, and I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or not, but S-he Stylezone brand is available at DM.

This is a reddish coral shade with an okay pigmentation. It was a part of Catrice Hollywood Fabulous 40ties limited edition collection.

Rose is one of my first blushes, and I love it, but when my collection started to grow I completely neglected it. It’s a rosy matte shade with a good pigmentation and it looks gorgeous on skin. It was part of Mademoiselle limited edition collection that had the most gorgeous packaging.

Renesmee Red is a dark red matte shade and it’s quite unique. Luckily it doesn’t look horrible on me, but I don’t use it much, because red blushes are not really my favourite to wear. It was a part of Essence Breaking Dawn TE collection.

This is a bright red matte shade that’s quite sheer, but buildable. It was a part of Catrice Glamazona limited edition collection.

Sleek Life’s a Peach
No matter if it’s shimmery or matte Sleek knows how to make a great blush. Life’s a Peach is a matte shade that isn’t as pigmented as Pomegranate, but still enough to give a colour to the face quickly. I got it at Moja drogerija.

East Side Story is an orange good pigmented blush with tiny shimmer that isn’t too noticeable on the face. It was a part of Essence Kalinka TE collection.

Peach Punk is a vivid peachy-orange creamy shade. It was a part of Essence Rebels TE collection.

Sleek Rose Gold
Rose Gold is a blush that you love or hate. I personally adore it. It’s a peachy shade with golden shimmer and it’s an amazing shade to use in summer on tanned skin, because it gives it such a gorgeous glow. Like Pomegranate it’s amazingly pigmented and lasts on me for ages. I bought it on Mojadrogerija.si.

I still remember the fuzz that was going on when this blush came out. The gradient effect of this blush made everyone excited and I wasn’t the exception. It’s really a great blush. It has a matte finish and a great pigmentation. All colours together give a nice coral shade, which is one of my favourite shades to wear on cheeks. This blush was a part of Essence Miami Roller TE collection, but last year they released it again in their permanent assortment.

Catrice Defining blush Love&Peach
Another blush from amazing Catrice Defining blush collection. Love&Peach is a vivid peach matte shade. As other blushes from this range it’s silky, easy to apply and blend and I also must not forget the great duration time on my skin. It’s available in Müller.

Catrice Defining blush Mandy-rine
Mandy-rine is my all time favourite blush. It’s a gentle peachy matte shade with good pigmentation and silky texture that makes it easy to apply and blend on cheeks. I really adore the natural effect it gives to my skin and the fact that I can combine it with any look I want and it won’t look overwhelming on my face.  It’s available in Müller.

This is another of old Catrice duo blushes that’s discontinued. It’s a gentle peachy shade with tiny shimmer.

Essence Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty is a brownish shade that contains tiny shimmer. Its formula is very silky and the pigmentation very good. Applied on the skin it doesn’t look brown, but it gives it such a natural looking effect. The shimmer is also noticeable, so highlighter is not required. It’s available in stores that sell Essence products. 

Coral Me Maybe is a coral shimmery shade that’s not very pigmented, but it’s buildable on cheeks and easy blendable. It’s available in Müller.

Grapefruit Jelly is a light pink matte shade with really amazing silky texture. Its pigmentation is not the best, but it’s buildable. In Slovenia you can get it in online store Destination Pretty.

Essence Soo Blush! Sweet as a Peach
Sweet as a Peach is a peach creamy shade with a great pigmentation. I noticed that it doesn’t last that long on my skin if I don’t set it with powder blush, but it’ll be perfect to use in summer for a nice glowy skin look. It’s available in all drugstores that sell Essence. 

Ap-ri(c)ot is is on a list of my favourite blushes. It’s a coral matte blush with a good pigmentation. It gives such a fresh look to my face and it’s easy to build up if I want to achieve stronger look. It was part of Essence Be Loud TE collection.

Asian Sensations is a duo blush that gives a peachy-coral look to the cheeks. It’s very silky, pigmented and easy blendable. It was part of Essence Cherry Blossom TE collection.

It’s Popul-art had one of the prettiest designs Essence ever made. It’s a peachy-coral shade with not the best pigmentation, but it’s buildable. It was part of Essence Vintage District TE collection. 

This is a peachy-coral matte shade from Catrice San Francisco palette that was a part of Big City Life limited edition collection.

This is a plum matte shade from Catrice San Francisco palette.

This is a pink matte blush from Paris palette that was a part of Catrice Big City Life limited edition collection.

This is a peachy matte blush from Paris palette. 

Explosion is a peachy-coral shade with an amazing colour payoff and a matte finish. In Slovenia you can get it in online store Glossy.si.

Pink Me is a pink matte duo blush with not very good pigmentation from this year’s Essence TE Like an Unforgettable Kiss.

From the same Essence TE Like an Unforgettable Kiss I also got Nothing but Lovestoned that is a peachy matte shade with the same poor pigmentation as Pink Me. 

I hope you successfully came through this post. It was long, but I hope that it was interesting. If you follow me on social media, you may have or may have not notice that there’s one blush missing. Recently I received a Mememe Blush Box Rouge. Because I already had everything prepared for this post (photos were taken and edited) I didn’t include it, but in a week or two (or three) there will be its review on my blog.

Tell me, how many blushes there are in your collection and which ones are your favourite. Thank you for reading!