Review and Swatches: Models Own Colour Chrome Cerise and Silver

Today I’m going to talk about two nail polishes that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m talking about Models Own Chrome Cerise and Chrome Silver nail polishes from Colour Chrome collection. They have a special finish that most of people don’t like, but I adore. Why? Because they stamp really well. These polishes are supposed to be worn without base/top coat. 

Models Own ColourChrome collection contains 10 nail polish shades, 7 of them are available in Slovenian online store Click2Chic. Round bottles are in the colour of each shade and they have that smooth mirror effect. One polish contains 11 ml and on Click2Chic it costs 5,95 €

Colour Chrome collection has wide, flat brush that is easy to work with. The formula of both polishes is also nice, not too thick, but still, carefulness by application is needed. Because these polishes have a chrome finish, brush strokes can be visible, but that all depends from the thickness of coats and other factors. You know when I had biggest problems with application? When I was swatching them for this post. It was my mistake, because I didn’t wait long enough for a base coat to dry. Yes, always when I’m swatching I use a base coat, it kind of become a habit for me. When you use polishes with that kind of finish I suggest you to wait at least fifteen to twenty minutes for base coat to be completely dry (if you’ll use a base coat as I did), otherwise nail polish won’t apply evenly (I applied it three minutes after the application of base coat and came across this problem). Of course, chrome nail polishes can be worn without base coat and Models Own suggests you to do so. In that case I recommend you to clean the surface of your nails very well, because this finish can emphasize every imperfection. If you have any ridges on your nails, those will be visible, too. And don’t worry, these polishes won’t stain your nails. The usage of top coat is also not necessary, because chrome effect already looks amazing on its own. When polishes dry brush strokes are not that visible anymore, but I did notice that without a top coat they chip very fast, like in a day.

Chrome Cerise is a fuchsia pink shade and it’s one of my favourite polishes to wear lately. I used two coats for this swatch. The drying time is really short, even if you apply thicker coats. 

Chrome Silver is, as the name suggest, the silver chrome nail polish. I also used two coats for this one. Both polishes could cover the nail surface in one coat because they have great pigmentation, but because of brush strokes and more even application two are better.  

As I already mentioned before, these are great for stamping. I used Essence Black is Back as a base and Born Pretty Store BP29 stamping plate together with both Models Own polishes. 

I would suggest polishes from Colour Chrome collection to all who like this finish and to everyone who searches for a good stamping nail polish. At the moment I'm having shades Chrome Blue and Chrome Rose on my wish list and for shade Chrome Gold I'm still not sure if it's unique enough to end up in my collection.

How do you like polishes from Colour Chrome collection? Thank you for reading!

Ocena v slovenščini.
Danes vam na blogu predstavljam dva laka, ki pa žal ne bosta povšeči vsem. Govorim o Models Own lakih Chrome Cerise in Chrome Silver iz najnovejše kolekcije Colour Chrome. Zanju je značilen poseben chrome finiš, ki vsem ne bo všeč, jaz pa ga obožujem. Poleg tega, da, vsaj meni, lepo izgleda na nohtih, so laki s tem finišem popolni za štempljanje.
Colour Chrome kolekcija vsebuje 10 odtenkov, pri nas pa jih lahko v spletni trgovini Click2Chic dobite 7. Njihova značilnost je, da so v svetleči okrogli steklenički v barvi posameznega odtenka, posamezna steklenička pa vsebuje 11 ml laka. Pri nas je cena enega laka 5,95 €.
Čopič v tej kolekciji je širok in ploščat ter omogoča lahek nanos. Laka nimata pregoste ali preredke formule, vendar pa potrebna določena pazljivost je pri nanosu, saj so po navadi pri lakih s chrome izgledom na nohtih vidne sledi čopiča. Seveda je to odvisno tudi od nanosa, debeline posameznega sloja ipd. Dejansko nikoli nisem imela problemov z nanosom obeh lakov, razen takrat, ko sem ju swatchala za ta post. Kot da bi se bogovi lepotnega sveta zarotili proti meni, lol. Models Own priporoča, da na nohte nanesete 2 ali 3 sloje posameznega laka iz kolekcije Colour Chrome brez podlaka ali nadlaka. Sama sem sicer navajena na obvezno uporabo podlaka pod katerimkoli lakom, tako da sem ga uporabljala tudi tule. Če ga boste uporabljale tudi ve, priporočam, da počakate, da se podlak zelo dobro posuši. Sama sem nanesla lak na nohte tri minute po nanosu podlaka, posledica česar so bile težave z neenakomernim nanosom, ker podlak ni bil dovolj dobro posušen. Če ne boste uporabljale podlaka, priporočam, da nohtno površino pred nanosom dobro očistite z acetonom, ki bo odstranil vso umazanijo in maščobo z nohta. Zavedati pa se morate, da laki  s chrome finišem poudarjajo vsako nepravilnost na nohtu, tako da če njegova površina ni ravna oz. imate kaj na nohtu, bo to zelo vidno. Ti laki pa seveda ne obarvajo vaših nohtov. Tudi uporaba nadlaka ni obvezna, ker chrome finiš izgleda sijoče in krasno že sam po sebi, vendar pa nadlak skrije nepravilnosti in tudi podaljša obstojnost laka. Pri meni sta oba odtenka, če sem ju nosila brez nadlaka nadlaka, okrušila v roku enega dne.  
Chrome Cerise je roza odtenek s chrome finišem, meni pa je posebej pri srcu, ker ne gre za tipičen Barbi pink odtenek, ampak ima malce rdečega podtona v sebi. Nanesla sem ga v dveh tankih slojih. Lak je sicer prekriven že po enem debelejšem sloju, vendar pa zaradi bolj enakomernega nanosa in manj vidnih sledi čopiča priporočam dva tanka. Chrome Silver pa je, kot že ime pove, srebrn chrome odtenek. Tudi za tega sem uporabila dva tanka sloja. Oba laka se zelo hitro posušita, ne glede na to, ali uporabim tanjše ali debelejše sloje. Ker sta super pigmentirana, sta odlična za štempljanje. Za vas sem pripravila tudi manikiro, s katero se lahko prepričate o mojih besedah. Kot podlago za njo sem uporabila črn Essence lak Black in Back, motivi pa so z Born Pretty Store BP26 plošče.
Lake iz Colour Chrome kolekcije priporočam vsem, ki vam je ta izgled všeč in vsem, ki iščete dobre lake za štempljanje. Mene trenutno mikata še Chrome Blue in Chrome Rose odtenka, za Chrome Gold pa še nisem prepričana, če bo pristal v košarici ali ne.
Kako sta vam všeč ta dva Models Own odtenka? Hvala za pozornost!
*I got these products for review purposes./Ta dva laka sem prejela v oceno.

Review and Swatches: Essence Longlasting Lipliners

I adore products for lips. What I adore even more is trying new products for lips and telling you, my readers, what I think about them. Today I’m going to share with you my opinion about new Essence Longlasting Lipliners. Essence is constantly improving the quality of their lip products. If I just mention their longlasting lipsticks, few of the shades are true gems. I love their old lipliners a lot as well, because creamy and soft products are my thing, but these new lipliners are even better. I got four shades and I’m seriously thinking about purchasing other five shades as well. 

There are 9 shades of longlasting lipliners and I own four: Yummy Berry, Lovely Frappuccino, A Girl’s Dream and Plum Cake. I like the packaging, which is in a color of each shade and it's very sturdy. Longlasting lipliners have a twist up system, so you don’t need to sharpen them, which I personally like a lot, but there’s one catch. I do not support if someone opens a product in the store, but by lipliners and other pencils I suggest you to do that. First thing is that some girls often swatch a product that’s for sale and it can happen that you’ll buy a product that’s already been used (been there, done that, never again). The other thing is that some liners are badly made and their point falls out. I know Sara has mentioned she found few samples like that in the store and also I managed to buy one that falls out from the packaging every time I try to use it. 

The formula of longlasting lipliners is amazing. It’s creamy and soft, but then again not so soft that it would go over the line of your lips. It’s very pleasant to be worn on lips and it doesn’t dry them out, which is an important characteristic for me who tends to have dry lips often. Because lipliners have thin tip they’re easy to apply and their pigmentation is amazing. They cover the surface with one swipe. Unfortunately they aren’t that longlasting on my lips. If I wear them alone they wear off in two to three hours, considering I drink a lot during this time. They do transfer on a glass or a cup. They look matte on lips and they fade from lips evenly. Their formula does emphasize dry parts on lips, so I suggest you to use a peeling and a lip balm before application if you have problems like that.  

Interesting information: Although on my lips they don’t last that long, they stained my skin when I swatch them. I couldn’t remove the stain even with micellar water, so I used soap and then it went off. 

I often wear them in a combination with Bourjois Velvet Rouge matte lipsticks. Now, my darlings, this is a winning combination. Together they last hours and hours despite drinking and eating. After some time the combination fades away a bit and my lips start to feel dry, so I just re-apply Bourjois lipstick then. Combinations I like to wear are Yummy Berry + Pink Pong, Lovely Frappucino or Plum Cake + Nude-ist and A Girl’s Dream + Frambourjoise (sometimes I also try other combinations). 

Yummy Berry
On one side this is the prettiest shade, but on other the most disappointing. I adore pink shades on lips, as you know, and this one is perfect for spring and summer days when we switch darker shades for brighter. Well, the problem by this one is that I expected it’ll be as dark as in the packaging, but it actually looks brighter on my lips. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the shade anyway, but the same shade as the packaging is would convince me even more. The other thing is that its pointer falls out. That makes the application very hard, because I’m trying to keep the pointer in the packaging while I’m applying this product.

Lovely Frappuccino
Everybody and their mother know already that this shade is a dupe for Mac’s Soar. It’s always great when you find a dupe for expensive cosmetics I guess. This is a gorgeous brownish nude shade that’s amazingly pigmented which makes it a noticeable nude. Well, despite being nude I don’t really like to combine it with bolder eyes, but rather more neutral looks.  

A Girl’s Dream
A Girl’s Dream is an interesting shade, it’s like a muted pinkish red shade. Well, on me it looks red. On one hand I don’t mind that it looks red on me because I like red shades, but on other I wish it would look more like in the packaging, because it’s really a special shade.

Plum Cake
Plum Cake is not really a “me”, but surprisingly it’s my favourite of all four shades. This is also a nude shade, just that it has a purple undertone. I love how it looks on me. It suits me much better than Lovely Frappuccino. I think any of these two shades is a perfect choice if you like Kylie Jenner lip style, which is very popular lately, because almost every Youtuber and many blogger have done tutorials for her look. 

Essence Yummy Berry

Essence Lovely Frappuccino

Essence A Girl's Dream

Essence Plum Cake

Essence lipliners contain 0,23 g and they cost 1,49 €. They are available at Müller stores. I personally like them better than Catrice longlasting lipliners, because they aren’t as fragile and drying on the lips. They are also cheaper, if we compare the weight. 0,23 g of a product isn’t much, but enough for me, since I never really manage to end up a lipliner or a lipstick (lip balms are exception). 

Have you tried Essence longlasting lipliners? How do you like them? Thank you for reading!

Spring Nail Polish Choices

Spring has officially started and that usually means that girls start wearing brighter shades on nails. Well, I personally wear brighter shades all the time, but today I want to share with you my five favourite nail polishes that are perfect for sunny and warm spring days. I chose the same polishes as for spring tag that was going on on Instagram some time ago. The decision wasn’t even that hard, I have to say, probably because lately I was buying a lot of darker shades and I kind of stop wearing those and went over to brighter shades. 

Deborah Milano 10 Coral Flash
Coral is not one of my favourite shades only by blushes but also by nail polishes. Deborah Milano Gel Effect nail polishes have such a friendly formula to apply, not to mention the wide brush, and they leave a glossy finish. 10 is opaque in two coats. It dries a bit darker on nails than in the bottle, but it’s such a lovely shade.  

Models Own Chrome Cerise
Pink is not my shade, not at all, but the chrome effect makes Cerise completely unique and beautiful. I’m wearing it constantly on my nails, because it dries quickly and I don’t need a top coat. I usually apply two coats. This probably isn’t the most spring shade, but I really love to wear it.

Spring nail polish color sheme isn’t complete without a blue shade. I chose Crazy Beauty, which is a bright blue cream shade with an amazing formula that goes on nails smoothly and it’s opaque in two coats. 

Although its formula is not the nicest, (S)wimbledon is an amazing and noticeable shade. I always get compliments when I’m wearing this polish. It’s opaque in two coats and the new Catrice brush is also a good addition to this love in the bottle. 

This is the prettiest mint green nail polish with a nice pigmented formula. It’s opaque in two coats. I can’t wait to get more tanned skin because this polish will look amazing with it. This one was a part of LE collection, but in some DM’s you can still find it. 

Deborah Milano 10 Coral Flash

Models Own Chrome Cerise

P2 Crazy Beauty

Catrice (S)wimbledon

Essence Always on my Mint

Which are your favourite shades for spring? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Creating with Sleek

Two of my favourite palettes from Sleek are Acid and Curacao. Why? Because they contain colorful eyeshadows and they allow me to create crazy and bold looks. It's been a long time since I last created something crazy, so I decided to play with two of my favourite colors, turquoise from Curacao palette and yellow neon from Acid palette, and in the end I created the look you see on photos. 

With the exception of eyes I was mostly using products that I chose for my 2015 makeup challenge. My creativity inspires me to use makeup products I want to use up or hit the pan on, otherwise I'm not even sure I'd wear makeup so often. 

Have you noticed, how photos always expose those little mistakes you do but you don't notice in person? I only see now, how crazy bold my eyebrows are and that my eyeliner line looks drunk. Anyway, I love this look, although always when I do something like that I listen at home what the hell is wrong with me and why am I again that colorful? Family, you don't understand the power of makeup. Makeup equals happiness. 

Products I used:
- Fleur de Sante makeup primer
- Makeup Revolution The One 01 foundation
- Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory foundation
- Artistry Exact Fit Cream
- Catrice Velvet Finish Velvet Ivory concealer
- Maybelline Anti-Age Effect Fair concealer
- Sleek Face Form kit (bronzer)
- Catrice Mandy-rine

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- NYX Milk
- Sleek Curacao palette (Martini, Blue Hawaiian, Espresso Martini)
- Sleek Acid (neon yellow, dark blue)
- Essence Liquid Ink High Shine eyeliner
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Born Pretty Store false lashes
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes for brows)

- Catrice Beautifying lip smoother Apricot Cream

Tell me, what do you think about my yellow and blue makeup? Thank you for reading!

Hit the Pan or Use Up (2015 Makeup Challenge)

I admit I'm a hoarder. I have way too many cosmetics. I constantly buy new makeup products, but I rarely manage to finish any. Slovenian blogger I admire much, Sara from Passing Fancy, has done the project pan last year and she also finished a lot of makeup products in a half a year. Her posts were inspiration to me to do the same (especially the post How much makeup can a woman use up in a half a year? Makeup empties). At the beginning of March I chose products I want to hit pan on or end up till the end of the year and started to use them. Unfortunately March was a crazy month for me (don’t even get me started with everything that happened) and I didn’t manage to take photos and write a proper post before. But it’s never too late. I choose a lot of products, maybe a bit too much (can I even finish so many lip products?), but I’ll try to do my best. If I consider that I don’t wear makeup every day that will be an interesting challenge for me. I’ll probably inform you how my challenge is going on social media (Instagram, Facebook), but in the end of the year or better said at the beginning of next year I’ll do a special Empties/Recap post and let you know how I did it.

I set myself two categories in this challenge: products I want to hit the pan on or products I want to use up. For some I know I won’t be able to use them till the end of the year, so my goal is to hit the pan and to use them as much as possible.


Use up: At the moment I’m mostly using two foundations – Yves Rocher Youthful Glow 100 Beige and Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory. Both are nice, medium coverage foundation. I don’t wear foundation every day, but I think I can do a pretty good job using these two up till the end of the year. I also added Makeup Revolution The One Foundation, because I own few foundations that are two dark and mixing them with white foundation makes them brighter and more matching for my skin tone. This foundation is very liquidy and it’s using up quite fast, so it won’t be a problem to finish it soon and that’s the reason I added it in this challenge. The one of the products I’m neglecting while doing my makeup is a primer. I got Fleur de Sante primer some time ago and I think it’s already time that I finish it. It’s a silicon based primer and it makes a nice base for foundation. 

Use up: On my list of products I want to finish are three concealers: Maybelline Anti-Age Effect in Fair which I mostly use to brighten up my under eye area, Catrice Velvet Finish Velvet Ivory and Essence Stay All Day 16 h Longlasting Natural Beige concealer, which I use to cover my under eye area and to define my brows. All three concealers are already half empty.

Hit the pan: My favourite powder at the moment is Artistry Exact Fit Cream. It’s a mattifying powder with good coverage and yellow undertone. There’s 12 g in the packaging and I doubt I can finish this powder in few months, but my plan is to hit the pan. 

Use up: Essence Ballerina Backstage Prima Ballerina is an old blush that’s half used already. It has a bit strange formula, since it’s not the easiest to blend, but it’s creamy and it’s perfect shade for summer.

Hit the pan: I haven’t hit the pan on any of my blushes yet. I guess I have them way to many. Peach and coral blushes are my favourite lately, so I chose Catrice CoralMe Maybe and Essence Sweet as a Peach to hit pan on. I use Catrice on a daily basis now and Essence I’ll use more on hotter days in summer, since this is a cream blush and I prefer cream blushes for summer. Both are very lovely shades, although Essence isn’t the most longlasting.
I use Sleek bronzer from Face Form kit for almost a year now and I have a feeling I haven’t use it any. My goal is to hit the pan on it this year. It’s a very nicely pigmented bronzer that’s easy to blend and I really love how it looks on me. I choose only one highlighter and that’s P2 High Beam. It’s one of most natural looking highlighters so it’ll look good with any of the blushes I’ll use. 


Hit the pan: Catrice Absolute Matt palette is the palette I like to use on a daily basis lately, so I decided to include it in this post. I reviewed it recently, so read more about it here. If I’ll hit the pan on four from six eyeshadows I’ll be a happy hippo.

Use up: I adore eyeliners, but they tend to get dry quickly, so I decided to finish all eyeliners I own now before buying a new one. Alverde gel eyeliner Extreme Black is one of my favourite lately. It has more liquid formula than Essence or Catrice gel eyeliners, but it’s easy to apply and it lasts all day. From Essence Liquid Ink eyeliners I own both, a matte and a glossy version. These eyeliners have nice thin brush, are very nicely pigmented, but formula of Essence eyeliners can get thick and hard to apply quickly, so I want to use them up as soon as possible. The last eyeliner is a black eyeliner from Eye Care Black that isn’t as pigmented as Essence ones, but it’s also easy to apply due to its thin brush.
The product I also included here is Essence Big Bright Eyes. I kind of doubt I’ll use it up completely, but I want to encourage myself to use it as much as possible. I really like this pen, because it’s great pigmented, easy to apply on waterline and it makes my small eyes look bigger. 


Hit the pan: Shade Love Brunettes from Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette has become my favourite quite quickly and although I use it constantly I still haven’t hit the pan. Well, my plan is to hit the pan and use it as much as possible till the end of the year. I don’t use that much other shades, although I think they would be great to use on eyes as well, since all three shades are matte nude shades and would be perfect for daily looks. 


Use up: I went big by lip products. Lip products are products I love buying, but those I rarely use are lipglosses. I want to finish them as much as possible: Catrice Lip Smoother Apricot Cream, Catrice My Cherry Berry and Cherry-ty lip balms from Pure Shine collection, Catrice Peach Boy lipgloss, Clarins lip perfector Rose Shimmer, Deborah Milano 08 lipgloss. The good think by lipglosses is also that when I feel I have dry lips I use a lipgloss instead of a lip balm and it also moisturizes my lips. And if I’m at home and I don’t wear makeup I don’t look so strange with coloured lips. :P  From lipsticks I choose few of older products I need to use up: Essence All About Cupcake (coral shade), Essence Urban Messages It Peace (peachy shade) and Alverde Nude. Alverde is actually one of my favourite lipsticks of all times. I also added Makeup Revolution Love a Hug, a moisturizing lipstick.

I went big with this challenge. I’m afraid I maybe went too big. But Sara finished even more products, so I’m hoping for the best. I’ll let you know the results of this challenge after 10 months. Now I’m also planning to do something similar with nail polishes. Maybe to choose 15 or 20 nail polishes that I need to use up this year. This actually shouldn’t be as hard as with makeup, because I often change my manicure (daily, every second day) and I often wear nail art or do stamping and there I use more nail polish than for a normal manicure. 

Let me know, have you done the same challenge already? Thank you for reading!

NOTD: Cute Owl

I’ve joined the “owl hype” pretty late. You all probably know this hype – they were on jewellery, clothes, bags etc. Everyone had at least one thing with an owl. Well, I always adored them on nails (I even did a tutorial a year and a half ago). I think owls are very cute animals, not to mention that every year they nest on the larch on our backyard.
When I was choosing products I wanted to review from Born Pretty Store, plate Qgirl-036 quickly stole my heart. It’s a plate that has many different owl designs. I went with a simple, golden-nude manicure. As a base for stamping I used OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh and for stamping I used Essence Black is Back. On my pinkie and thumb nail I applied P2 Precious that is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. Designs were easy to transfer on nails, because they are very well engraved. My favourite design is the owl in the middle, but my nails were too small to transfer it whole, so I used the one on her left. Maybe that’s the only problem with this plate – designs are big and if you have smaller nails you won’t get them whole on your nails. 

If you’re going to shop at Born Pretty Store don’t forget to use my code DFL91. You can get Qgirl-036 plate for $2.99.


What do you think about my manicure? Thank you for reading!

Changes (Few Words About My Hair)

There comes a point in your life when it’s time for changes. It can be a small change or a drastic one. I have to admit I’m the person who hates changes, who has to think everything through before changing/doing/trying something. But I think it’s time that I step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Last week many mayor changes happen in my life and because of that I decided to try something I’ve been thinking about for a longer period now. I thought that it was finally time to cut my very very long hair.  As a young girl I could never grow long hair because they were damaged all the time. When I started to blog I learned how to take a proper care for them and they grow so much. But ends became quite destroyed after some time and they needed a cut. Telling the truth my hair started to get on my nerves this winter, I didn’t know anymore what to do with them, and I was constantly having them in a pony tail or a bun, so I decided to cut them. Not just the ends, but more than a half of my hair. Some would/have say/said that this is a drastic change, but I have to admit I love it and I’m so happy I took this decision. My hair looks healthier now, my head feels lighter and I feel happier with my new haircut. 

Sorry for bad quality of these two photos. My hairdresser took them with my phone and they weren't really sharp. :(

One of positive sites is also that shorter hair is easier to take care off. It’s easier to wash, it dries faster and it also doesn’t get in my way when I’m doing something. I hesitated to cut my hair because I was afraid I’m going to miss having long hair, but telling the truth I don’t miss it at all. I’m a happy hippo now. And everybody (except my boyfriend) says that shorter hair looks better on me. 

Back in December I bought Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Million Gloss set that held a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. At the moment I’m using a combination of these three products and I have to say I like them all. Shampoo cleans my hair well and it doesn’t dry it out, the conditioner gives it a shine and makes it are soft and silky after usage and the oil nourishes it nicely. I know this isn’t a proper review, but I wanted to mention quickly, how I like these products. 

How do you feel about changes? Also, tell me how do you like my new haircut. Thank you for reading!

Review and Swatches: Essence Cinderella TE (+ Giveaway)

Cinderella is a new Essence trend (limited) edition in our stores. Its release matches with the release of the movie Cinderella, which I can't wait to see. I adore fairy tales, what can I say. If at promo photos this collection wasn’t that interesting to me, I changed my mind in the store. I got three nail polishes, both nail stickers and a highlighter.

If I start with nail stickers, which I got to use on my lazy nail art days, these are very easy to use. You just remove them from the plastic and place them on your nails (nail polish must be completely dry). There are two different nail sticker designs – It’s More Than I Ever Hoped For that shows Cinderella and things connected with her when she went on a ball and The Stroke of Midnight that shows Cinderella as a servant and creatures connected with her. Each set costs 1,39 €.

In the collection there are four nail polish shades (purple metallic, golden metallic, pink shimmery, lilac shimmery) and a glittery top coat. Nail polishes contain 8 g and top coat 10 g. All polishes have nice flat brush with long bristles that usually enables an easy and even application. Nail polishes and a top coat cost 1,49 €

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo is a pastel lilac nail polish with tiny shimmer. This polish dries satin, which surprised me a bit. I don’t know why I expected it to be glossy. But that can be quickly arranged with one coat of top coat. Its formula is okay and it needs two coats to be opaque. This is very lovely polish for spring and I already see it as a base for nail art. I have to say I prefer it in a glossy version. 

Prince Charming is a purple metallic nail polish. It’s opaque in two coats and application can be tricky because of visible brush strokes. The reason I took this polish isn’t in the fact that I like the shade (which I do), but because metallic polishes are usually great for stamping and this one isn’t any exception. I often notice that top coat can soften brush strokes and make the surface looking more smooth and nice.

The Glass Slipper is a top coat with tiny purple shimmer and big and small hexagonal silver glitter. It applies nicely and evenly on nails. This top coat looks nice over any polish, but it looks the best over black base, which shows it in all its beauty. One coat over any base is enough to cover up a whole nail with glitter. 

Highlighter wears the same name as top coat – The Glass Slipper. Its color payoff is amazing. It applies evenly, blends nicely and last for a whole day. The formula is creamy and not too dusty. The shine that it gives to a face is so pretty. Not to mention the design of the highlighter itself. Essence always does a good job in this matter. The packaging itself isn’t anything special, it’s a plastic transparent packaging, but the highlighter is gorgeous and for 3,59 € you get 9 g of products, which is a bargain.  

Now one of you have the chance to win a polish Sing, Sweet Nightingale, a top coat The Glass Slipper and nail stickers It's More Than I Ever Hoped For from Cinderella collection. All you have to do is to fill Rafflecopter form. It's open to anyone and it ends on 29. 3. 2015. Good luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you got anything from Essence Cinderella TE? Thank you for reading!