The Christmas Gold (Blogmas 2015)

Beside red gold is one of my favourite colours for Christmas. Last year I made a post The Christmas Red, in which I presented my favourite makeup and other products in red colour, and already back then I was thinking to do the same for gold colour, but in the end there just wasn’t enough time for everything. So I decided that I’ll prepare post with golden products this year, and I’m glad I didn’t do it last year, because this year I got quite few products in gold colour I’m happy to show you today.

Golden nails
Metallic nail polishes are the prettiest in golden colours. Usually they are combined with pretty shimmer that makes them shine on nails. Beside metallic golden nail polishes I also adore golden toppers. They can variegate every manicure, because they look pretty over bright and dark shades.
Few of my favourite golden nail polishes and toppers are: Oriflame Rose Diamond, Catrice Champaign Rain, Manhattan 29Z, Essie Jiggle High Jiggle Low, P2 Precious, S-he Stylezone 230, Essence The Huntsman, Essence Steel-ing the Scene, Milani Jewel FX Gold, Essence Make it Golden. 

Glowy skin
Although I do like all shades of highlighters, golden highlighters are my favourite. Ever since I bought Essence Gold Digger two years ago, I’m completely hooked and I haven’t found as perfect highlighter as this one is. Essence I Love My Golden Pumps is a new attempt of golden highlighter as Gold digger is, just less metallic in more yellowish, but still pretty. The brand that also knows how to make a pretty golden highlighter, is Terra Naturi, which hit the spot with Shimmer Powder 01 Golden Highlight

Golden skin and hair care
Golden packaging definitely looks very elegant and pretty. Some of my favourite products come in golden packaging, for example Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil, which has become a staple in my skin care routine. The other dry oil I like to use is Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti. I like nicely scented and nourishing shower products, and that’s why I included Dove Purely Pampering cream oil, Yves Rocher Cocoa&Orange and L’Occitane Amande shower gels in this post. All products are really nicely and my skin loves them. No less important is also a hair care. Beside Avon Advance Techniques oil, which I don’t have any more but I have to repurchase I nourish my hair with Afrodita Serum 10 in 1. I like to use it on dry hair, and it really makes hair soft, while the scent is amazing. 

Golden accessories
When it comes to accessories, silver colour was my go to colour for the longest period of time, but for the last year or so I’m in love with golden things. I don’t wear jewellery often, so I don’t have a huge selection of golden pieces, but my favourites are knuckle rings and a white-golden flower necklace. Big, chunky earrings I wore for most of the time during high school and study were replaced with small earrings that I wear here and there now. Since I started doing creative makeup looks, golden studs and foils are a must-have for me, because the can make every makeup look more interesting. I also included MoYou Festive 07 plate, which comes in a pretty golden packaging and is full of festive designs that made my nails prettier many times.  

Golden eyes
Golden eyeshadow is the one that can be used by natural everyday look or by more creative look. While almost every palette contains golden shade, not everyone makes a good quality golden eyeshadow. My favourites are golden shades from Sleek palettes – they are usually amazingly pigmented, don’t crease and last all day. My favourite eyeshadows are from palettes Storm, Sunset and Vintage Romance. One of my favourite eyeshadows is also Essence A Piece of Forever from Breaking Dawn TE because of the glitter it contains. It’s perfect for festive looks. Makeup products that are a must for me, are also golden eyeliners. They can be used for a simple everyday look or for something more for those more creatives. I like to use two types of eyeliners: metallic (Catrice Golden Grace) and glittery (Sleek Glitter eyeliner Hollywood). 

Makeup looks
I had to include few makeup looks in this posts, because there are many makeup looks I’m proud of, and I gladly share them every time I can. 

Which are your favourite gold/festive products? If you like this post, you’re welcome to share it. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Tisti Golden Goddess look je itak awesome :) V Sleekov eyeliner Hollywood sem se zagledala. Izgleda mi popolna zlat barva.

  2. All those golden things are fabulous! But most of all I'm obsessed with polishes) Once great mobile nail technician put something like that Essie polish on my nails and I really liked that.