Nanshy Masterful Collection Brush Set (Blogmas 2015)

Some time ago Lič asked me if I want to test a set of Nanshy brushes. Because I was very pleased with their makeup sponge, I said yes. I expected a set of face or eyeshadow brushes, but in the end, I got a set of 12 brushes for both face and eyes, which is completely insane and amazing. Thank you so much, Lič and Nanshy.

I received Masterful Collection Pearlescent White set with five face, six eyes and one lip brush. Brushes have white holders, and each has engraved the purpose for which it was made (although we all know that many brushes can be multifunctional). Bristles are synthetic, non-scratchy and so soft – if I compare them for example with Real Techniques, Nanshy has much softer bristles. I was surprised because the quality of brushes is really good. I washed them few times till now and none of the brushes lost any bristle while all kept the shape (but we’re going to see if this will last after longer usage of few months). Nanshy’s brushes are cruelty-free, 100 % vegan and antibacterial.

Face brushes

Powder brush
This is the fluffiest and the softest powder brush I’ve tired. The bristles pick up the powder nicely and apply it evenly on face. The brush is quite big, which I like because it enables me a quick and easy application.

Blush brush
Blush brush is very similar to powder brush, just that is smaller. It’s soft and fluffy and it really blends the blush nicely. It reminds me a lot on EcoTools blush brush, just that is less dense, but because of this reason I actually like EcoTools brush a bit better. Just a personal choice. I think this one could work great for powder as well.

Stippling brush
Stippling brush is a multipurpose brush, but I mostly use it for blending products, especially creamy, for example when I’m contouring or when I’m doing creative looks. I tried to apply a foundation with it, but I didn’t like it because it took me too much time to blend foundation nicely without visible brush strokes. It’s true that the final result was great, but I own at least three brushes that help me apply and blend foundation faster. As other brushes this brush has very soft bristles – they are like 100 times softer than those from Real Techniques stippling brush.

Contouring brush
Together with powder brush, this is my favourite brush from this set. It’s denser than powder or blush brush, but the softness is the same. It’s angled brush and it’s fluffier than Body& Soul brush I was using for contouring till now. But on the other hand, it’s bigger, which means it’ll probably be too big for some people, but I like it because it really blends nicely the bronzer and building up it’s easy with it. This brush would probably work nicely as a blush brush as well.

Foundation brush
This is a small flat angled brush. It’s dense, which means that it picks up foundation nicely, but since it’s small it takes forever to apply foundation with it. The same goes for blending because it leaves brush strokes and it takes more time to blend the foundation out to get a nice precise and smooth application. I also tried to use it for other purposes, like for applying highlighter since it’s small enough to fit the highest point of my cheek, but, unfortunately, is too dense and it applies too much product without blending it out nicely. Unfortunately, for me, this isn’t very useful brush.

Eye and lip brushes

Shader brush
I use this brush to apply eyeshadow on lids. It works well with powder and creamy eyeshadows. Because the bristles are dense and not too long, it picks up eyeshadow nicely and applies it evenly on lids. But on the other hand, I miss smaller flat eyeshadow brush that would fit in inner corner better. Also, some people have smaller eyes with not much space on lids and this brush might be too big for them.

Blending brush
This is a small blending brush that blends eyeshadow really nicely, but it’s too small for me, so I mostly use it to intensify the colour in the crease or above the crease (if I’m doing a creative look). It also fits nicely on my brow bone area, so sometimes I use it to apply highlighter under my eyebrow. If I compare it to Ebelin or BH Cosmetics blending brush, this one has shorter bristles and it’s less fluffy. But I think this brush would be perfect for people with smaller eyes.

Pencil brush
This brush is perfect to blend harsh lines, for example, to blend out eyeliner when I use kajal pencil or eyeshadow, to apply highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, to apply or smudge eyeshadow on lower lash line. Until I didn’t try my first pencil brush I thought that these are completely useless, but now I know that pencil brushes are very handy and useful.

Eye crease brush
This is like a smaller version of blending brush, just that is denser. I use it to apply eyeshadow in the crease and outer V.

Angled Detailer
As well as pencil brush this one is a multipurpose and very handy brush. I use angled brushes to fill my eyebrows, but unfortunately, this one isn’t soft enough for nice application without harsh lines, so I never use it for that purposes. I find angled brushes the best for applying eyeshadow as an eyeliner or a gel eyeliner on eyes because it’s easy to make a nice straight line with it (since this one is really thin and small, it does the job perfectly). This brush is also perfect to outline the crease and to apply concealer in the outer part of the eye to achieve a straight line.

Liner brush
This is a brush for applying gel eyeliner on eyes. It works good, but telling the truth I very rarely use liner brushes. I actually like angled brushes for applying gel eyeliner better.

Lip brush
Lip brushes are not brushes I’d use often. I mostly use them with bolder lipsticks, when I want to achieve a more precise look. This brush works okay because I can easily outline and fill my lips with it.

Overall I think this is a nice set, which can be amazing gift for Christmas, if anyone still doesn’t know what to get for a makeup lover. There are some brushes in this set that are useless to me (like foundation brush or liner brush which I almost never use) and I do miss some brushes, like smaller flat eyeshadow brush or bigger blending brush (because I have a lot of space on my lids) and a concealer brush, because none of these works as a good concealer brush to me, but the set mainly covers the brushes every beginner needs and if you don’t own many brushes, this set will be a nice addition to your collection, especially because of good quality. The price of this set on Lič is 69,90 € (£49.95 on Nanshy site). The price seems high, but if you consider that you get 12 brushes in a set, you pay around 6 € for one, which is not that much for one brush. I personally prefer buying brushes separately, because that way I can get brushes I really need. I have to admit I like face brushes in this set much better than eye brushes. My favourites are powder and contour brushes, which I now use with every look I do, and I also like blush brush a lot. Eye brushes are often in usage by me, because I’m often playing with makeup and these all come handy at one point, especially because sometimes I’m too lazy to wash my eye brushes after every usage and when I’m doing two or three creative looks in a week, using mainly bolder colours, having bigger selection of brushes is always a plus, because then I can use clean brushes with every new look and then on Sunday I can wash them all at once.

Have you tried Nanshy brushes? What do you think about them? If you like this post, you’re welcome to share it with your readers and followers. Thank you for reading!
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    Zelo lepo in uporabno

    LP Zvonka

    1. Hvala. :) Taki seti so super sploh za začetnike, ki še nimajo velike zbirke, ker z njim pokrijejo že kar precej področij. :D

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