Manicure with Essence All That Greys (Blogmas 2015)

Today’s theme is in accordance with today’s weather – grey, but we’re going to add a bit of colour as well. On Friday I found Essence All That Greys collection in DM and I bought two polishes from it that seemed the prettiest to me. I thought I’d post swatches as soon as possible, because there are only two bottles of each shade and they do sell out quite fast. 

All That Greys collection is a collection with five polishes and many other products. Four polishes are grey and one is red. Polishes are packed in a square bottle and they have removable cap. The bottle contains 11 ml and the price in DM was 2,19 €. Polishes have different finishes, while formula is mostly okay. Both polishes have standard round brush, which is okay, although I do prefer flat brush, because I find application easier with it. 

Girl With a Pearl is a very bright cream shade that dries glossy. The formula is nice. It’s a bit thicker, but still easy to apply. I needed two coats to achieve full coverage. I took this polish, because it looks like an amazing base for nail art, and because this one is not a typical pink or brown nude, but grey.

Roaring Red is a dark shimmery red shade. I completely felt in love with it, when I saw swatches on Instagram. It’s just a perfect dark red shade. It dries satin or as they say in pearly matt finish. It has a bit runny formula, so I had to use thin coats for nice and even application, but two coats were still enough for a full coverage. I also applied glossy top coat over it and I have to admit, I like it better when it’s glossy. And don’t you agree that this is a perfect Christmas shade?

Of course I had to create Christmas manicure with these two polishes. When I’m going to wear it if not in December? I used Roaring Red as a base and Girl With a Pearl for stamping. I used designs from two stamping plates – MoYou Festive 06 and Born Pretty Store BP-01. I added a bit of sparkle with Constance Carroll Glitzy Aqua Sparkle nail polish. 

Did you get anything from All That Greys collection? What do you think about these two polishes? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Odgovori
    1. Res? Meni sta pa pre, prekrasna, sploh rdeč. :)

    Meni sta oba zelo všeč

    LP Zvonka

  3. rdeč lak je ful lep, drugače pa me ta kolekcija ni pritegnila. Kupila sem samo puder v prahu za obraz in telo pa še to samo zaradi embalaže.

  4. Roaring Red without top coat looks more like a leather effect to me. And top coat shows that hidden shimmer so it's good either way :D

  5. Oh, jaz sem pa kolebala med Girl With a Pearl in Back to black, odločila sem za zadnjega pa mi je zdaj prov žal :D Nisem ravno zadovoljna z njim, hitro se mi še okruši (že prvi dan), tako da ga bom podarila naprej sestri :)

  6. Tale rdeček je super! Nohtki pa super lepi!! :)

  7. Ta rdečko je res prekrasen. Mi je žal, da ga nisem uspela dobiti. :/ ❤