Mac Lady Danger (Blogmas 2015)

Mac was the first high end brand that caught my eye and it’s still the one that interests me the most, because it has beautiful black packaging and a huge selection of products, not to mention interesting limited edition collections, but since the prices are quite high I was always looking their products from far and doing a WL, so that I would know exactly what to get once I’ll have a job. And on the top of my wish list was lipstick Lady Danger, which is such a lovely and bright shade that immediately stole my heart. Last year I bought it during my trip to Graz, and I was so excited that I finally have something from Mac that I had it on my desk where I store products I have to swatch and review yet for few months before I tried it. Crazy. Very crazy, because this is the prettiest lipstick in my collection and it needs to be worn, so that everyone can see it.

I already mentioned that I adore Mac’s black packaging, because it looks so elegant and chic. The packaging definitely has a great quality, as it should have for the price it costs. I paid 19€ in Mac store in Graz for her. It contains 3 g.

Lady Danger is a matte lipstick with amazing creamy formula that doesn’t dry my lips and it doesn’t emphasize dry parts. It’s not the most lightweight lipstick, but still it doesn’t feel too heavy. The shade is a lovely red with orange undertone, which I adore, because I was hoping that it won’t look like a classic red shade on me. When I drink or eat, it does transfer on a glass or service, but it doesn’t disappear completely from the lips – it actually looks pretty untouched. I actually haven’t measure how long does actually lasts on my lips, but I wore it on Beautiful Bloggers Meetup we had in October and it looked intensive for few hours, while I re-applied it here and there when I felt that it doesn’t look as nice as it should (we were drinking and eating quite often there ;)).

The pigmentation of this lipstick is so amazing. One swipe is enough to cover my lips completely. Because it’s a bolder lipstick I have to use lip brush to apply it nicely on edges of my lips (frankly, I’m not precise enough to do that with the lipstick). But otherwise it glides on lips very nicely. Lately I’m not wearing it much, because in winter my lips get dry a lot and for past few weeks I have problems with herpes, which means I need very moisturizing lip products for my lips (and that's why it looks shinier on my swacth on upper photo, because my lips are really in a horrible condition at the moment).

I am very happy with this lipstick and now I’m convinced that I need more Mac lipstick. I’m always checking Mateja’s blog when it comes to Mac, because she swatched many Mac lipsticks and we all know her swatches are perfect. I think I need one nude lipstick from them and also Mac Heroine (it looks amazing on Eva).

Have you tried Mac Lady Danger? Which Mac lipstick and other products would you recommend me to try? If you like this post, you’re welcome to share it. Thank you for reading!