Hydrated Skin with Artistry (Blogmas 2015)

Artistry is a brand that offers makeup and skin care products. This is not the first time I have try Artistry. I’ve tried their Exact Fit powder before and was highly impressed. Recently they released a new skin care collection HYDRA-V with products for all skin types. I got a chance to test Fresh Foaming Cleanser and Replenishing Moisture Cream for dry and normal skin. Since Artistry is quite expensive brand I had high hopes for these two products and I wasn’t disappointed.

Fresh Foaming Cleanser
The cleanser comes in a blue metallic tube, which is so pretty, and it’s appropriate for all skin types. It’s actually a clear thick gel that changes into a white foam once I put it on my face and wet it. The feeling of it on my face is very pleasant and it feels refreshing, while it cleans my skin very nicely, and even if I don’t remove my makeup with micellar water completely, this cleanser removes everything what’s left. What I like the most about it is the fact that it doesn’t dry my skin and it’s very gentle. I actually have a feeling that it has slightly moisturizing effect and after I wash it off, my skin is so soft and smooth. This is probably the best cleansing product I’ve tried, although the price isn’t the nicest, because this gel costs 23,42 € (150 ml). For a product that I use up in three or four months, this isn’t the friendliest price, but it’s definitely a product that I would get to spoil myself. For ingredients click here.

Replenishing Moisture Cream
The first thing that surprised and blew me away by this cream is the packaging. I know high end brands mostly have nice, fancy packaging, but this cream has the prettiest packaging ever. It’s metallic blue like by cleanser (I love blue!), it has inclined lid with the name of the brand on and inside the cream isn’t protected with foil as is usual, but with white plastic covering that you take off when you use cream and after the usage put back on. This is definitely the best thing I ever saw by cream packaging. The cream itself has a white light, but rich formula that sinks into the skin quite fast and it leaves a gentle shiny effect on it. I didn’t find information if this is a day cream or its meant to be used as a part of a daily and as well a night routine, but I think it’s meant for the second usage (it actually should provide hydration for 24h, but I think most of us clean the face twice a day). I was mostly using it as a day cream and it provided me hydration for a whole day. My skin didn’t feel tight and it looked so healthy. It also worked amazing as a makeup base. The price for 50 ml is 45,52 €. For me this is a great cream to use it now in winter on my dry skin, because it really provides high level of moisture, but the price is just, uf, high. For ingredients click here.

I would definitely recommend both products to people with dry skin, you’re going to love them (in case that the price isn’t a problem). Cleanser really cleans the skin nicely and it’s gentle to the skin, while face cream provides moisture to the skin for a whole day and it also works well under the makeup. Artistry product are available on www.amway.si.

Have you tried Artistry Hydra-V collection? What do you think about their products? If you like this post, you are welcome to share it. Thank you for reading!
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