Hair Care with Aussie (Blogmas 2015)

Who's Aussie? Aussie is my best friend for hair for about a year and a half now, ever since I discovered 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. It’s Australian boy with philosophy: “There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start.” Maybe hair really isn’t the most important part of our lives, but every girl definitely feels better with silky, soft and shiny hair. Many people actually don’t like Aussie because of the silicones their products contain, but those actually work great for me. When you’re getting compliments for your hair, you know you found a perfect hair care rutine. 

Aussie Miracle Shine
Miracle Shine is a collection with shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment that contain Australian ginseng and pearl powder. It’s designed for dull, tired hair that need shine. I can’t say I have tired hair, because my hair was actually never as healthy as it is for the past year or two, but since this line is promising shine I had to test it, because I rarely believe in that kind of products. I’m always using products from the same line together, I haven’t tested them with products from other brands, because I found out that the combination of shampoo and conditioner or shampoo and deep treatment from this line works amazing for my hair. Aussie products have very strong sweet scent and at the beginning I didn’t like this one much (it quite differs from 3 Miracle Reconstructor scent), but now I got used to it. I usually wash my hair twice a week, and I did notice that when I use these products my hair looks nice on a second day as well, just that it loses a volume, but on a third day it becomes greasy. The scent stays on hair for quite some time, and this collection doesn’t dry my hair, while makes is soft, silky and very shiny. I have to say I’m really liking this collection and shampoo works better for my hair as for example shampoo from Miracle Moist collection. 

Aussie Repair Miracle and 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
Repair Miracle is a line with shampoo and conditioner that contain macadamia nut oil, jojoba-seed oil and avocado oil. This line is appropriate for all hair types, because it has a hair-repair formula that should bring your hair back to life. This line has similar sweet scent as Miracle Shine line. I have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed by this line. My hair is nicely soft after the usage of shampoo and conditioner, but they become greasier faster as when I use Miracle Shine line. Maybe they are just too much for my hair because my hair currently doesn’t need heavy products and these would probably work better on really dry and damaged hair. 3 Miracle Reconstructor is a miracle in a bottle. I already wrote about it here, but this is definitely the best Aussie product. It saved my dry ends and it made them look healthier and better. And what I wish for is that all Aussie products would have its amazing bubble gum scent.

Aussie products are recognizable by white/bright brown plastic packaging with a purple lid on the top (shampoo and conditioner) or a big white lid at the bottom (deep treatment), and a little kangaroo on the label. Shampoos give rich foam once you put them on your wet hair. Shampoos contain 300 ml, while conditioners and deep treatments contain 250 ml. Aussie made few different collections, although many girls are complaining that there isn’t any collection appropriate for greasy hair. Their products cost around 6-7 €. Beside my holy grail hair product 3 Miracle Reconstructor I’m also a fan of Miracle Shine collection, because I believe that it gives a nice shine to my hair. 

Have you tried Aussie products? Which one are your favourite? If you like this post, you’re welcome to share it. Thank you for reading!
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5 komentarjev

  1. Za mastne lase, bi bil verjetno najbolj primeren Aussome Volume. Ampak meni osebno ni preveč všeč, ker mi preveč izsuši lase in imam občutek kot, da imam slamo na glavi. Mi je pa Miracle Shine super in res naredi lase gladke, mehke in svetleče. Reconstructor je pa itak, meni osebno, njihov najboljši izdelek :)

  2. Ah ja... tale Aussie! Saj ne vem točno kaj naj si mislim... Meni je res naredil veliko škode! :( Upam da mi rata čimprej se znebit tega srbečega občutka! Tvoja objava je pa itak super! 3 minutni reconstructor tudi jaz uporabljam sem ter tja... malo se še vseeno pregrešim!

    Bere se dobro ,bilo bi za preizkusit

    LP Zvonka

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