DIY: Snowflake Ornament

This post was planned to be published during December, and there should also be more than one DIY tutorial, but things didn’t go by plan, because my DIY projects didn’t really succeed, plus I was ill for some time, so I just didn’t manage to write and finish this post before. But because I really like these snowflake ornaments, I decided to post the tutorial for them anyway, maybe it’ll come handy next year if not this one.

What you need for this DIY project?
- acorn
- 6 acorn’s cupule
- toothpick
- hot glue gun
- golden spray

The process itself it’s not as hard as it may look like, but it takes a bit of time to do one snowflake, because the glue has to dry to hold everything well together. First we take an acorn and acorn’s cupule and we start to glue acorn’s cupule around acorn one by one. Then we leave it on a piece of newspaper to dry, and we create snowflake’s points. I created them with toothpicks. I was using two sizes of toothpicks – bigger ones for the main line and smaller ones for side lines (I cut each toothpick on half). I glued smaller halves of toothpick on a bigger half of toothpick and waited for the glue to dry a bit, because otherwise they would fall off. I made 6 points for one snowflake. Then I glued each point between two acorn’s cupule. I left the snowflake for some time on a piece of newspaper that the glue completely dried and then I sprayed the snowflake with golden spray. When the spray dried I tied a golden string around it and put it on my DIY Christmas tree.

This year I didn’t want just a classic Christmas tree, but I wanted to do a DIY Christmas tree as well. I found a photo of a simple, but amazingly looking Christmas tree created from branches on Pinterest and I knew immediately I have to do it in my room this year. It was so easy to do. I cut few branches in different sizes in the forest near my house, tied them together with a string and put some DIY and other ornaments on it. I have two different fairy lights on it, because the ones I bought for this tree were too short (I knew I should get two). I’m so sorry that I don’t have better photos, because my camera really didn’t want to catch it better (probably because of a green background), but I assure you that it looks amazing in person.

Do you also like to do DIY ornaments for a Christmas tree? Two years ago I made nail polish ornaments, check them out here. If you like this post, you’re welcome to share it. Thank you for reading!  

5 komentarjev

  1. I love your tree:) i went for red ones like usual but this year clear ones caught my eye bcs some were filled with glitter,others with little animals and cute:)

  2. Meni so vedno všeč taki nenavadni DIY projekti iz Pinteresta. In tvoja jelka je super :). Snežinke so prav tako odličan ideja. Pa še poceni jih lahko narediš. Super izgleda kot celota ;).

  3. Jaaaa, kako mi je všeč!!! LEPO!

  4. Kako lepo, prav preprosta ideja. Samo sprehodiš se po gozdu in sproti še malo želodkov nabereš. Moram svoji mami povedat, ker obožuje takšne ideje