Christmas Minions Nails (Blogmas 2015)

I think this is my fourth Minion manicure. Can you tell how much I love Minions? Today was such a busy day, having errands in the morning, then preparing material for Blogmas and doing some other stuff at home, that in the evening I was so tired of everything that I wasn’t happy with anything I wanted to post today. At 9 p. m. I though why wouldn’t I prepare a Christmas nail art for today. The other day I found Christmas Minions and I knew I have to do this design. That much I love Minions. I know what some of you might say – she’s doing her nails that late? Well, nail art is a way of relaxation for me and I’m often doing it before bed time (thank God for lightbox). Plus, you’ll have something fun and interesting to watch on my blog today. I have no idea whose idea are Christmas Minions originally, but I found them on Nail Deesignz’s blog and I decided to recreate hers.

They are actually very similar to original Minions, with the exception that they are wearing Christmas hats and that their clothes are red. The polishes I used are Essence Styled for Red Carpet, Essence Love is in the Air, Essence Black is Back, Essence Wild White Ways and silver Depend.

What do you think about my Christmas Minions nails? If you like them, you’re welcome to share them with your friends. Thank you for reading!

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