The Prettiest Purple for Fall

In the past I was a huge fan of purple nail polishes, but with time they stopped being so interesting to me, except if I really found a gorgeous and special purple shade. When I found Alessandro Purple Passion polish in my bag on Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp, I admit I wasn't really excited, because I wasn't sure if I'm going to like this kind of purple or not. I admit, if I would found this shade in the store I'll probably leave it there. Why am I writing this intro? Because, my dear readers, I cannot believe, how much I fell for this polish. In the past three weeks I wore mostly this shade. Sometimes I used different polish for a day, but then I returned to this little beauty. 

Purple Passion is a shade from Glam Rock collection, which is actually a winter collection, but for me this deep purple shade is a perfect fall choice. It contains tiny purple and pink shimmer that makes this polish looking gorgeous on nails. The formula is very nice, not too thick or runny, and the application is a dream. The polish has small, but flat brush, which I like. It's opaque in two coats. I can't really talk about longevity, because it depends from different circumstances - it happened to me that it chipped after one day, but I also wore it for three days without chipping. It's shiny when it dries, but with the application of a top coat it becomes really glossy and even better looking. I used this polish as a base for my Halloween manicure, because I already had it on and I didn't want to remove it. Also, the removal of this nail polish is also easy, and it doesn't stain nails or cuticles.

You can get Alessandro products in online store I know Nama in Ljubljana and some Müller sell this brand as well, although unfortunately not our Müller in Murska Sobota anymore (I remember Alessandro was available here few years ago.). The polish contains 5 ml and it costs 5,50 €
Although I don't think Alessandro nail polishes are the cheapest, I always liked their minis. They usually have amazing formula, and in limited edition collections they can surprise with gorgeous and unique shades (anyone still remembers Belle Mademoiselle or Lucious Brocade?). When I was still studying in Ljubljana I was buying these all the time, but shopping on internet isn't as appealing to me as it was shopping in person in drugstore. And I have to say I was quite surprised that I liked this shade so much, because I really didn't expect that. 

Another thing I wanted to mention here is that I bought Alessandro advent calendar. I haven't open it yet, because I will open each window on a certain day in December, and I'll show you what's inside on Instagram and Facebook, so definitely follow me there. But I'm mention this, because I wanted to let you know that this calendar will be soon for sale on, so stay tuned if you want to get it. The price is around 50 €, but for nail polish addicts is totally worth it, because you get few polishes and a lot of products for nail care. 

So, what do you think about Purple Passion polish? Will you buy Alessandro calendar? Thank you for reading!
*I received this product on BBMU (Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp).