Review and Swatches: Freedom Makeup Pro Glow Purr

I admit I was really excited when Makeup Revolution brand was announced to the world. It was a new inexpensive brand with a big selection of products, but when Freedom Makeup brand started to appeal on social media, it went pass me ...  nor unnoticed, but it didn’t seemed so interesting to me. Main reason is because it looks completely the same as Makeup Revolution. Okay, I understand, it’s a sister brand of Makeup Revolution, but creating another brand with almost exact packaging, similar price and the same types of products is just not the most understandable thing. For example, just look at Catrice and Essence. They are sister brands that look completely different and although they offer similar types of products (blushes, foundations etc.) they never copy one another, not the packaging and not the exact shades (we can leave limited edition collections our, okay).

Some time ago Lič surprised us bloggers with few products from this brand. I got palette Jelwels&Riches, bronzer Pro Glow Purr and lipstick Candy Sweet. For the beginning I’m going to review bronzer Purr, for which I actually can’t decided if I like it or not. I mean, I’m not saying it’s a bad product, because for the price the quality is good, but I’m not really sure if this is my type of product. If you want to know more, read further.

The packaging is nothing special, it’s just a simple plastic round packaging with a transparent lid that contains 4 g. What’s cute is the leopard print design of the bronzer itself. This bronzer contains three shades: light brown, dark brown and pink. Although the description on Lič says that you can use each shade on its own, don’t let them fool you. Individual shades are just too small to be used on their own, so you have to mix them. And here we come to the fact that surprised me, although I can’t say very pleasantly. I checked the swatches of this bronzer on many blogs when I got it and on all of them it looked completely brown. And then I swatched it and what I got? When I mixed all shades together I got a brown shade with a strong pink undertone. Something I didn’t expect and I though there must be a mistake. Or I’ve been watching swatches of a wrong bronzer or I didn’t swatch it right. No, it was the same bronzer and yes, I did swatch it right. I don’t know how those girls manage to pull it completely brown, because on my swatches and on my face it looks more pinkish, although the undertone is more noticeable in person than on photos (I suggest you to compare my swatches with the swatches on Lič to see the difference).

This is their middle bronzer. They have darker and lighter as well. Maybe this one works well on darker skin tones, but it looks quite pink on me. And that’s the reason I mostly use it instead of a blush on cheeks (at least when I was testing it for the review) or in a combination with a blush. I started testing it when I was more tanned than I am today, but the pink was still very visible. And here you can see my reason why I can’t decide if I like it or not. I’m not sure pink bronzers are really my thing.  Because otherwise this is a great product. It has a silky texture, the colour payoff is great (also of individual shades), and it doesn’t dust too much. I usually start applying it gently and then I build it, because you can quickly apply it too much. It also contains tiny glitter, which isn’t overwhelming on the face, but it gives a nice glow to the cheeks. This bronzer is supposed to be a dupe for Too Faced Pink Leopard, but that one seems more shimmery than Purr.

Although this bronzer has good quality, it’s pigmented and it lasts for a whole day, I can’t really say its strong pink undertone convinces me. It doesn’t really give me a sun kissed look (I look pink only on my cheeks) and it also can’t be used as contour bronzer (too pinkish and shimmery). For me it works only as a blush, which you can see on my swatches. I intentionally applied it more intensive so you could get a better picture (because as we all now camera always makes colours less intensive). Btw, on swatches on upper photos I'm wearing only this bronzer. On Lič you can buy it for 3,95 € and on Freedom Makeup site for £3,50. I would recommend you this product only if you like pink bronzer, otherwise it probably won’t be for you.

Have you tried Freedom Makeup bronzer? How you do like them? Thank you for reading!
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