NOTD: Essence Winter? Wonderlful! A Winter'sTale

Essence's new winter collection is called Winter? Wonderful! and it's already available at Müller. Although blush and highlighter looked amazing because of the gorgeous design I decided to skip them, because I must not buy another blush or highlighter just because of the beautiful design. But the product that I couldn't skip and leave in the store was top coat 01 A Winter's Tale.

01 A Winter's Tale is a glittery top coat with orange shimmer and small and big hexagonal glitter that changes from orange and yellow to green. It's one of those glittery polishes that applies like a dream. With one coat shimmer nicely covers a whole nail and the glitter also sticks nicely on it. As a base I used black cream shade Essence Back to Black, because by my opinion this top coat looks the best over darker shades. I also tried it over brighter shades (neon yellow, to be exact) and the glitter and shimmer were barely visible. So if you want this polish to shine in all of its beauty, use dark nail polishes underneath. Because this is a glittery top coat the removal wasn't as easy as by other finishes, but then again it went off easier as many other glittery polishes. I usually use foil technique to remove glittery polishes, but here I just rubbed a bit harder and the glitter went off without being stuck on my nails (and no, I didn't damage my nails with rubbing).
The top coat comes in a standard Essence round bottle that has the cutest cap with snowflakes. The only thing they should change is the colour of the writing on the bottle, because the silver writing is very hard to read. White would be better, if they wanted to keep the spirit of the winter. The bottle contains 8 ml and the price is 2,19 €. 

What do you think about this top coat? Did you get anything from Winter? Wonderful! TE? I would appreciate every share of this post on social media. Thank you for reading!