My Holy Grail Volume Mascara(s)

It’s one of those weeks when I’m trying to put the words together, but I just can’t finish the post. Luckily I have prepared few reviews in advance and I hope this will help me to get back on track, because my blogging notebook is full of blog post ideas for few months. Today I’ll talk about the mascara that stole my heart immediately I tried it and that soon became my holy grail mascara. I’m talking about Essence Lash Princess mascara. It’s one of the most volumizing mascaras I’ve tried, and not just that, it’s also so cheap that you won’t regret throwing it away every three months and buying a new one. 

There are two versions of Lash Princess mascaras – the peachy Volume mascara that was released first and green False Lash Effect mascara. As soon as green one came out I had to get it to compare it with peachy one. Many bloggers have compared both mascaras and you wouldn’t believe how different these work for different bloggers, so I decided to compare them on my blog as well to tell you how both work for me.

Both mascaras have cute black packaging with different coloured writing and both contain 12 ml. Peachy mascara has a very interesting curved wand, which is quite big. At the beginning I had big problems with application because I wasn’t use to it, but later I got use to it and now it became one of my favourite brushes. On the other hand green mascara has a long plastic wand with shorter bristles. It’s very easy to maintain and with it you can reach all eyelashes, even those little ones in inner corner.

The formula of both mascaras is very similar or I could even say the same. Both are true black mascaras and at the beginning they are quite wet and the access of the mascara must be wiped off, otherwise they can stick your lashes together and give you a clumpy look (quick tip: use a dry wand of an old mascara or a brow brush and brush through lashes to separate them and get rid of the access mascara). After some time both mascaras get drier. Both mascaras give a huge volume to the lashes and they also make them longer. What they don’t do that well is holding a curl. If you’re going to curl your lashes with curler before applying these it won’t really work, because lashes will drop quite fast, probably because of their wetter and heavier formula. They don’t cause panda eyes, but they crumble a bit, so few black dots end on the cheeks (I noticed that green one crumbles a bit more than peachy one). Although these are not waterproof, they’re not the easiest mascaras to remove, but two-phased removers make wonders. If you don’t have any, micellar solution will work as well, but it’ll take a bit more time to completely remove them.  

I applied Volume mascara (peachy one) on my right eye and False Lashes Effect mascara (green one) on my left eye. When I compare them side by side I don’t see any difference between them. They are both great volume mascaras and none holds lashes curled very well. 

Although lately I’m more often using waterproof mascaras than any others Essence Lash Princess mascara (it doesn’t matter which version) is still my holy grail volume mascara. It gives an amazing volume to my lashes, it prolongs them and it’s also very cheap (3,59 €). I would recommend it to anyone who’s searching good but not expensive volume mascara, but if you want something that will hold your lashes curled, this mascara isn’t for you. 

Have you tried Essence Lash Princess mascaras? Do you find them the same as well? Which is your favourite volume mascara? If you like this post you can share it with your readers and followers on social media. Thank you for reading!