FOTD: The Three Wine Fairies (Collaboration with Adjusting Beauty and Chunky Cheeks)

Hi, ladies. Today I have a very exciting post for you. It's a collaboration makeup looks with two amazing and talented ladies Petra from Adjusting Beauty and Vesna from Chunky Cheeks. Today is Martinovo (St. Martin's Day) in Slovenia, which is a holiday when the grape juice is turning into a wine, and I thought we ladies could do a makeup on this theme. To me this was definitely one of most interesting collaborations, because it's interesting to see how much our makeup ideas can be different, although the theme is the same. Both ladies did an amazing job and you have to quickly click on their blogs and follow them, because you will love their creativity as I already do. 

My inspiration were red and white wine, so I was using plumy and golden shades. In my head this look looked a bit different, but during the process I couldn't figure it out what is still missing (I was thinking about red or purple glitter, which I didn't had). Well today I was trying to create something different on the same theme, and I discovered that what I could add to this look is some golden glitter on both sides of my temples and cheeks. I think golden glitter would make the look more interesting, but instead I added a red necklace on my head to spice up the look. I think I followed this year's trend and we can say that my look is a perfect marsala look, don't you agree? :)

I started with priming my eyelids with eyeshadow base and then I applied matte brown eyeshadow in crease. All over the lid I applied shimmery brown creamy eyeliner as a base for my eyeshadow. On inner and outer third of the lid I applied red eyeshadow, while in the middle I used golden shimmery shade, and they I blended harsh lines between both eyeshadows. In crease I applied bright plumy shade and I made a flick in outer part of my eye. Then I took a blending brush and I blended harsh line on brow bone. Under my eye I used the same eyeshadows as on upper lid in the same way as before - on inner third and outer third of lower lash line I applied red eyeshadow and in the middle golden one. Then I took darker purple shade and applied it in crease over plumy shade to deepen the look. In inner corner of my eye and under my eyebrow I used champagne shimmery shade to highlight both areas. Then I applied eyeliner and black pencil on waterline. I added few golden dots above my inner corner and under the eyeshadow on lower lash line. In the end I just applied mascara and false lashes and the look was done. 

For contouring I used Sleek plumy shimmery blush in the shade Pomegranate. I contoured hollows of my cheeks and my temples. In the middle of my forehead I applied golden metallic highlighter to give the look more glow. On cheeks I didn't use any blush, but I applied golden highlighter on them. For the lips I used purple lipstick (Essence Let's the Berry-tales Begin) and in the middle I applied golden shimmery eyeshadow, so that the lips were a perfect match for eyes.

Products I used:
- Essence Even Skin Tone 010 Even Vanilla
- MeMeMe Flawless concealer Porcelain
- Bourjois Silk Edition 51 Porcelain powder
- Sleek Pomegranate
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighter

- NYX High Definition eyeshadow base
- Essence Mother Earth is Watching You
- Deborah Milano Smokey Eye Nude Rose palette
- Sleek Storm palette
- Sleek Sunset palette
- Sleek Vintage Romance palette
- Oriflame The One Stylo eyeliner
- S-he Stylezone Dip eyeliner waterproof Black
- Sleek Glitter eyeliner Hollywood
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Essence I Love Extreme waterproof mascara
- Lady Queen false lashes
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette (Love Brunettes)

- Essence Let's the Berry-tales Begin
- golden shimmery eyeshadow from Sleek Sunset palette

What do you think about my look? Do you celebrate St. Martin's Day? Definitely don't forget to check Petra's and Vesna's look as well and if you like our collaboration, you can share it with your readers and followers on social media. Thank you for reading!

17 komentarjev

  1. Joooj, kok ste vse 3 faaajne! Res super ideja je bila tole, sama obozujem ta blogerska sodelovanja. :)

    1. Hvala. :) Ja, meni so ta blogerska sodelovanja res zakon. :D

  2. A potem smo imele res kar vse tri neke komplikacije z izvedbo mejkapov :D No, pa so kljub temu vsi super izpadli. Zelo lepo si uskladila barve, pa tisti grozdek na zadnji sliki mi je res prisrčen :)
    Pa res hvala, ker sta me povabili k sodelovanju, upam, da bomo še kaj ustvarile v prihodnosti <3

    1. Očitno je res pri vsaki nekaj šlo narobe. :)
      Ni problema, z veseljem in tudi jaz upam, da v prihodnje še kdaj sodelujemo. :D

  3. Ti si res izbrala čisto vinske odtenek in definitivno vidim marsalo :). Ful lepo :) Eyeliner on point kot vedno in ustnice z zlatim dodatkom so mi zelo všeč. Razmišljam, da bi to kar tako nosila :D.
    Super mi je bilo sodelovat in sem prepričana, da bova še večkrat kaj skupaj spesnili ;).

    1. Hvala. <3
      To pa lahko staviš, da bova v prihodnosti še kaj sodelovali, priložnosti bo veliko. :)

  4. Nebesa ko vidim tole eyeliner črto:), krasne ste in še biiiii gledala vaše looke:)

  5. Čudoviti make-upi, kako ste šle vsaka v smojo smer in ustvarile nekaj unikatnega

    1. Hvala. <3 Jaz sem bila prav presenečena, ampak mi je to ful všeč, da je vsaka naredila nekaj svojega. :)

  6. Ful mi je všeč ta oblika eyeliner-ja :) Ste pa vse tri čudovite, kot vedno! <3