Essence Merry Berry TE Collection

Essence Merry Berry collection was definitely one of the most expected Essence collections of this year. I personally have a special bond to Essence Christmas collections, because I always get something from them, even if other collections during the year don’t convince me. This year they draw my attention with lipsticks. Purple lips are lately an obsession of mine and I had to try these from Essence TE. This collection hit Müller stores right when I had the busiest week and I would totally miss it if Petra from Adjusting Beauty wouldn’t get it for me, so I want to thank her for picking up all products I wanted for me, she is definitely one of the kindest and nicest persons I know. 

Essence Merry Berry Highlighter 01 I Love My Golden Pumps
Ever since Essence released Metallic Glam Gold Digger highlighter, bloggers were eager to see new golden highlighter in one of their TE’s, and finally, they released something similar. The packaging is nothing special; it’s a typical Essence powder/highlighter plastic transparent packaging that contains 9 g of product. The design of the highlighter are 3D starts in different sizes, which are on one side very simple, but on the other so cute and they remind me more of the night than Christmas, but yeah, I like them a lot. The texture of highlighter is very soft and silky, and the colour payoff is amazing. If I compare it to Gold Digger is not as brownish golden shade, because it’s much brighter. It’s actually more of a champagne golden shade. The golden shimmer in it gives a gorgeous glow to the cheeks and on me, it lasted for a whole day with minimal fading away. It can be also used as a highlighter under eyebrows or in the inner corner of the eye. The price is 3,59 €.

Essence Merry Berry Nail Polishes
Essence rarely surprises with interesting nail polish shape and I’m really glad that this time they released something different. Five nail polishes from this collection have a round bottle with a round golden cap that makes them look so pretty (Catrice already had a similar shape, just that the cap was smaller). The cap itself is very easy to hold and it doesn’t make the application harder. Polishes have round brush which isn’t my favourite, but the application of a polish is easy with it, probably also because of a formula that’s not too runny or too thick. All three shades I own (Purple with Purpose, The Masked Ball, Pink&Perfect) have nice, pigmented formula. Each polish contains 8 ml and it costs 1,49 €

01 The Masked Ball is a deep purple creamy shade that looks almost black under the certain light. I used two coats for the swatch.

02 Purple with Purpose is a violet shade with pink shimmer. Although I think this is a pretty shade, it’s not one of those shades that would steal my heart immediately. I used two coats for the swatches. 

03 Pink&Perfect is a fuchsia shade with a creamy formula and it’s a match for Pink&Perfect lipstick, although they don’t look the same once applied to nails and lips. I have a feeling that besides golden top coat this is one of the most popular shades from Christmas collection. I used two coats for the swatches.

Essence Merry Berry Lipsticks
This year I’m in a purple lipstick mood, so I had to get two lipsticks from Essence Merry Berry collection. I decided for Let’s the Berry-tales Begin and Pink&Perfect. I didn’t want the third one (Red Rocks), because it looked too red on promo photos, although if you’ll check Mateja’s swatches you’ll see that this is a nice magenta shade. The packaging is a typical Essence lipstick packaging, and each is in the shade of the lipstick. One lipstick contains 3,8 g and the price is 2,49 €.

01 Let’s the Berry-tales Begin is a nice deep purple shade, while 02 Pink&Perfect is a beautiful fuchsia shade. Both have an amazing lightweight creamy formula that doesn’t dry the lips. Since both are bolder shades, a bit of carefulness is needed by the application, but it’s not problematic. What I noticed by Let’s the Berry-tales Begin is that despite its nice creamy formula it can emphasise the dry parts of the lips. I was a bit surprised because that doesn’t happen with Pink&Perfect. The colour payoff is okay, although it’s not as amazing as by other Essence lipsticks from trend edition collections because I have to layer them to achieve higher intensity, especially if I start applying them with a lipstick brush. They look shiny on lips, which is a bit disappointing to me because I admit, I wanted them to be matte or semi-matte, as is usual for Essence. On my lips they don’t last really long, but I noticed that both stain the lips. The stain is even, but it also disappears quite fast. 

I compared them with a bunch of lipsticks from my collection, for which I assumed that they look similar, but I didn’t find any dupe, which is great. All purple lipsticks I own have more red or more pink undertone in them as Let’s the Berry-tales begin, and the same goes for fuchsia shades I compared with Pink&Perfect. 

Essence Merry Berry Hair Fragrance
The last thing I got is hair fragrance. I wanted it because it contains golden glitter, which is visible in the bottle and it was visible on my skin when I swatched it as well, but unfortunately, it’s not visible on hair. The scent itself is amazing. It’s a strong sweet scent that’s just up my alley. I would describe it to you if I wouldn’t suck at describing scents. On the packaging is says that it matches the scent of Essence eau de toilette like The Party of My Life.
It’s supposed to be used on dry hair to give them a gorgeous scent and a caring effect, but the latest doesn’t really appeal to it. It actually reminds me a lot on hair spray, because it feels a bit sticky while it’s drying, but it’s less heavy and it doesn’t hold the hair in place. Once it dries you actually don’t feel it on hair anymore, but the scent stays for quite some time. 100 ml cost 3,79 €

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