Born Pretty Stamper

A quality plate is not the only important thing by stamping, because having a good stamper can make your stamping process much easier. Born Pretty Store is constantly coming out with new stampers, and when they released a big stamper with huge stamping surface, I was immediately interested in. Stamper comes in a package with cute scraper that has pretty flower design on, and with a nail file. The file is not really useful to me, because it's too rough for me, but the scraper does its job perfectly.

Born Pretty Store stamper is a two sided stamper with surfaces big 2,8 and 3,2 cm (for comparison, Konad's surface is big 2,3 cm). When I first tried this stamper I wasn't really impressed, because the design didn't transfer nicely, but then I went on their site where it says that you have to file the surface before the usage. It had some kind of protecting glue or something on, which it went off after I filed the surface. Then the surface became sticky and now nail polish sticks better on it. After I stamp the design on my nails, I remove what's left on it with nail polish remover and it's good to go (aka ready to be used again).

The stamper is really huge, I don't think I ever saw such a big stamper. People have different sizes of nails, so some don't get a whole design on nails with some stampers, but with this one you definitely can't go wrong. This stamper has very soft silicone, so at the beginning I had to get used to it, because I was pressing really hard on my nails, because I was afraid that the design won't transfer, but that sometimes meant that I smudged the designs, so if I press it a bit more gently on the nail it works as well. What more can I say about it than that this is a great stamper that transfers designs really nicely and it will cover up a whole nail, no matter how small or big the nail bed is. I personally am really satisfied with it. Many stamping manicures I did for 31 day nail art challenge, were made with it. 

This stamper is available on Born Pretty Store for 5,70 € ($6,25), but currently you can get it for 3,99 € ($4,38). Don't forget to use my code DFL91 for 10 % discount. 

Have you tried Born Pretty Store stampers? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
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