5 Favourite Makeup Instagram Accounts

I don't remember if I ever mentioned this before on my blog, but I get a lot of inspiration for makeup on Instagram. I follow a lot of accounts of ladies that post creative makeup looks and all of them are true artists. I could probably talk about more than only five favourite Instagram accounts, because I follow so many, but in the end of the day there are few people I just adore and check regularly to see what they have posted. So five of these Instagram accounts I'm going to mention are a true inspiration of mine and these ladies never stop to impress me with their imagination (or better said four ladies, because one is an account that features different talented makeup artists). 

Linda Hallbergs
Linda is my girl crush and my biggest inspiration. I don't remember anymore how I discovered her, but her Instagram account was one of the first makeup accounts I started to follow. No matter what she puts on herself it looks perfect, and also every single one of her makeup looks is perfection. She also has a Youtube channel, where she posts makeup tutorials (in the past she was doing videos in Swedish, but now she started to do English videos). I have to admit I love every single look she creates, simple or creative, but one of my favourites is the one where she wore purple eyeshadow with red eyeliner and eyelashes (click).

I started to follow Heather recently, but her imagination and sense for art blew me away immediately. I actually found her work on Facebook, I think one of my friends liked her photo, and I searched for her Instagram immediately, so I could track her work easier. Her snow lady look convinced me to follow her, because it proves how creative and original her work is. 

Sandra is another Swedish blogger with amazing makeup skills. She is not a makeup artist, but her makeup looks are so creative and professionally made that you would never guessed that. In the past she was posting new makeup looks almost every single day, so you have to imagine how much inspiration and imagination she had. Although she took a break from blogging, I still like to check her Instagram account, which is full of ideas for makeup looks.

Undiscovered Muas
This is not an account of a certain person, but an account that features different makeup artist and makeup enthusiasts. Through it one can find truly talented people to follow and the account itself it's also very inspirational.

The last account I'm going to mention belongs to Serbian blogger Ilona. For her I have the same impression as for Linda - everything she puts on herself looks perfect on her, and her makeup skills are also perfection. I found her blog through Facebook and since then I'm always looking forward to see what she will create next. One of my favourite looks she did is a teal look created with Sleek Ultra Matte V2 palette (click).

Do you follow any of the ladies (accounts) I mentioned in this post? Which makeup accounts that you adore would you recommend me to follow on Instagram? If you like this post you can share it with your readers and followers on social media. Thank you for reading!