40 Blogmas Post Ideas

Hello, ladies! I was thinking through the whole November if I should do Blogmas this year or not, but in the end the decision was made, and yes, I'm doing Blogmas for the second year in a row. Last year I was hosting a Christmas challenge, which I won't do this year, so I had to find and write down 31 blog post ideas. First, because planning is very important by Blogmas, because I'm posting a new content every day and since it can quickly happen that something comes in between, I want to be prepared in advance, and second, because I don't want to post only nails, makeup and reviews in December I wanted to find more interesting Christmas beauty blog post ideas. While I was writing them down I thought why not to share them with you and create a list of few blog post ideas that can be inspiration for you as well. 

1. Christmas gift ideas for her/him
2. Festive makeup tutorial
3. Christmas nail art tutorial
4. Hairstyle ideas for a Christmas party
5. Christmas FOTD or/and NOTD
6. Five places you want to visit in December
7. DIY Christmas gifts ideas
8. Christmas decorating ideas
9. Favourite Christmas movies
10. Christmas playlist
11. Christmas wish list
12. Your Christmas tradition 
13. Festive/Winter pampering essentials*
14. Christmas haul
15. Things you love about Christmas*
16. Winter skin care routine
17. Favourite festive beauty products (nail polishes, makeup)*
18. Find a Christmas tag and answer the questions
19. Makeup or nails inspired by a Christmas movie or song*
20. DIY Christmas cards
21. Christmas baking recipes
22. Get ready with me for a Christmas party
23. Favourite Christmas inspired blog posts from other bloggers (share the love!)
24. What you got for Christmas
25. Christmas outfit of the day
26. Inexpensive Christmas gifts/Secret Santa gift ideas
27. Healthy snack/food ideas for Christmas
28. Winter hair care*
29. DIY advent calendar/write a post about advent calendars you're opening this year
30. Christmas themed collaboration post
31. How to organize blogging in December (we all know December can be a very busy month)
32. Tips and tricks for holiday shopping
33. Blogmas blog post ideas
34. Favourite winter fragnances
35. Favourite stores to buy Christmas ornaments/decoration
36. Christmas wrapping ideas
37. Christmas wishes (your hopes for the future)
38. Christmas/winter candle collection
39, Recipe for your favourite winter beverage
40. Recap of the year 2015 on your blog (I'm doing these kind of posts every year)*

Some of these I did last year (those posts are marked, just click on the star) and few of these I'll do this year. If you have any request, which of these posts you'd like to see on my blog let me know. If you like this post, you are welcome to share it with your readers and followers! Thank you for reading!