Review: Nani Longlasting Lipgloss 15

Because I'm a huge fan of matte lip products I was eager to try Nani Longlasting lipgloss, when Lady Queen contacted me and asked me, if I want to do a review for them. The colour selection is huge, and it took me quite a while to choose a shade. I decided for a shade 15, because it looked like a nice reddish nude shade on their swatches, but boy was I surprised when I received the lipgloss aka lip cream. Shade 15 is a bright, almost neon pink shade, so I warn you that if you’re going to buy their products, check swatches on internet before, because swatches on their site are not accurate (more accurate swatches here). 

Lip cream comes in a plastic tube that’s in the colour of the shade and has a black lid. It has a doe foot applicator, which is easy to work with. Although it’s says on the packaging that this is a lipgloss, it’s actually a lip cream. Its formula reminds me a lot on Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers, with the difference that it doesn’t feel as heavy on lips, although I can still feel it on my lips when I’m wearing it. The formula is creamy. Lip cream applies very streaky and uneven, so two coats are necessary to achieve better application. I usually apply a thin first coat, trying to be careful around the edges, because once this lip cream dries it won’t move from the place, and then I go over with a bit thicker second coat. The application still isn’t as smooth as for example by Essence lip creams, but it looks okay enough.
During application it looks glossy on lips, but after few minutes it dries and becomes completely matte. While it’s drying it feels tight on the lips, but once it becomes matte this feeling disappears. I expected that it’ll dry my lips because of the finish and formula, but it actually doesn’t feel drying at all, although isn’t nourishing/moisturizing either. 

As you can expect from a lip cream, it’s very longlasting. Once it sets on the lips it won’t move. The thing that bothers me the most by this products is the stickiness. Once it dries in matte finish it becomes sticky when you press your lips together. The stickiness won’t be noticeable when you eat or drink. It’s actually quite drink and food proof, although it will transfer a bit on a glass or service, but on lips it’ll still look untouched. The other thing I noticed is that it doesn’t fade away evenly. It actually starts disappearing from certain parts of the lips. I’m not sure if it’s because of the food I eat or because of the drinking (water, don’t get me wrong). But it doesn’t crumble as Makeup Revolution products. It’s actually hard for me to say how long it lasts. If I ignore the fact that it fades away faster on certain, it actually lasts on lips for quite a big amount of time. I also have to mention that it doesn't have any strange scent or taste

As I mentioned before, it’s a bright, almost neon pink shade. As someone who is a fan of fun and bright makeup looks I combined it with colourful look, but I have to say this is more of a summer appropriate shade. I also find it more appropriate for the summer because of the formula, which can emphasize dry parts on the lips and during colder months I have big problems with dry lips.

You can get Nani lip creams in Lady Queen store. If you’re going to shop there use my code WGGT15 for 15 % discount. The selection is huge, they offer 38 shades. The price is $6,97 (5,71 €). This product has its positive and negative sides, and I can't say I'm really impressed, there are better matte product (Bourjois), but I have a feeling that it’ll come handy in the future, especially by more bright and fun looks you can see a lot on my blog. But I would not recommend it to someone who has dry lips, because I’m not sure that the formula would suit you. 

How do you like this shade? Would you wear it? If you like this post, I would appreciate if you would share it. Thank you for reading!
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  1. Izgleda in zveni identično Me Now glossom. Tisti so isto tako lepljivi nekaj časa po nanosu, isto ne bledijo lepo in tudi toliko odtenkov imajo. Saj so ok, niso ravno najboljši ampak ok če želiš preizkusit določeno barvo za čisto poceni :)

    1. Sem se spomnila na točno tvojo oceno, ko sem dobila ta izdelek in dejansko se mi zdi, da gre za isto stvar, samo z drugim imenom, sploh glede na to, da tudi Lady Queen izgleda kot čista kopija Born Prettya. So pa ti npr. dražji kot Me Now.

    2. Res zvenijo čisto enaki, pa kot praviš LQ je čista kopija BP. So tudi mene kontaktirali, da sem jih zavrnila.

    3. Jaz pa sem razmišljala, če bi sprejela ali ne, pa sem potem našla eno barvno paleto, ki mi je takoj padla oči in ko so rekli, da jo lahko testiram, sem sprejela, :D

  2. Zelo lep odtenek in odlično ti paše :) Čisto tvoj roza izbor. Sem se že pri tem makeup looku spraševala kaj imaš na ustnicah, ker je tako dobro izstopalo iz makeupa :). Prvič slišim za to stran, je pa res zelo podobna Born Pretty Store :).

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